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Rosetta News

The last thing comet probe Rosetta saw

Paris - Robotic comet explorer Rosetta sent home a last-gasp photo of her target's rocky facade before crashing into its surface to end a 12-year deep-space odyssey, ground controllers said Thursday.

Comet orbiter films deep-space landslide

Paris - Landslides are not unique to Earth, researchers revealed on Tuesday.In 2015, Europe's Rosetta spacecraft witnessed -- and photographed -- a big one on the surface of a comet in deep, dark space, they reported in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Rosetta spacecraft bound for comet tomb

Darmstadt - Europe's Rosetta spacecraft was heading Friday for a mission-ending crash into the comet it has stalked for two years, a dramatic conclusion to a 12-year odyssey to demystify our Solar System's origins.

Rosetta: The end of a space odyssey

Paris - Europe's trailblazing deep-space comet exploration for clues to the origins of the Solar System ends Friday with the Rosetta orbiter joining robot lab Philae on the iceball's dusty surface for eternity.The 1.4-billion-euro ($1.

Missing comet lander Philae spotted at last: ESA

Paris - Europe's Rosetta spacecraft has finally spotted the tiny lander Philae stuck in a dark crack on the surface of its comet home -- the first glimpse since the robot lab crashlanded in 2014, ground controllers said Monday.

Goodbye Philae: Earth severs link with silent comet probe

Paris - Ground controllers bid a final farewell Wednesday to robot lab Philae, cutting communications after a year-long silence with the tiny probe hurtling through space on the surface of a comet.

Rosetta comet set to crash-land

The European Space Agency has announced the countdown to the end of the Rosetta Comet space probe. The probe will be crash-landed on Comet 67P on Friday, September 30, 2016.

Rosetta, Philae to reunite on comet for Sept 30 mission end

Paris - Europe's trailblazing Rosetta spacecraft will end its mission on September 30, reuniting with robot lab Philae on the surface of a comet hurtling through the Solar System, mission control said Thursday.

Rosetta hits 'milestone' in comet's run past Sun

Paris - The European space probe Rosetta captured a range of scientific data as it trailed an ancient comet past the Sun which could help scientists better understand the origins of life on Earth.

Rosetta comet-chasing mission extended to September 2016

Paris - The European Space Agency announced Tuesday that its historic comet-chasing mission Rosetta had been extended until the end of September 2016."The adventure continues," the ESA declared.

'Hello Earth!': Comet probe Philae wakes up

Paris - Europe's tiny robot lab Philae, hurtling through space on the back of a comet, awoke overnight and sent home its first message in nearly seven months, mission officials said Sunday.

Mysterious radio signals coming from Rosetta comet

The European Space Agency (ESA) has released a tape of mysterious radio signals coming from the “Rosetta comet,” or more precisely, comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on which its probe will land.

Europe sees five possible sites for first-ever comet landing

Paris - The European Space Agency (ESA) on Monday said it had drawn up a shortlist of five possible sites for carrying out the first-ever landing on a comet.

Rosetta probe makes space history in rendezvous with comet

Paris - The space probe Rosetta made a historic rendezvous with a comet on Wednesday, climaxing a 10-year, six-billion-kilometre (3.7-billion-mile) chase through the Solar System, the European Space Agency (ESA) said.

Rosetta spacecraft in hibernation ready for 2014 date with comet

Controllers in Germany have put the spacecraft Rosetta into hibernation in readiness for its encounter with the Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in 2014.

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Rosetta Image

Rosetta probe
Rosetta probe
Scientists superimposed images taken with three different filters to capture the comet as it would a...
Scientists superimposed images taken with three different filters to capture the comet as it would appear to the human eye.
ESA/Rosetta/MPS for OSIRIS Team

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