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Roses News

Op-Ed: Adam Lambert releases 'Roses,' the greatest single in February

With February of 2020, nearing to a close, it is evident that Adam Lambert released the greatest single of the month — "Roses."

Review: Adam Lambert and Nile Rodgers release hypnotic single 'Roses' Special

On February 4, international pop star Adam Lambert released his hypnotic new single "Roses," where he collaborates with Nile Rodgers of Chic.

Adam Lambert teases new song 'Roses' with Nile Rodgers

Grammy-nominated pop star Adam Lambert teased his new song "Roses," where he collaborates with veteran music star Nile Rodgers of Chic.

Guns and roses: Afghan farmers enjoy sweet smell of success

Jalalabad - Standing in a field of roses in eastern Afghanistan, former poppy grower Mohammad Din Sapai quickly but carefully plucks the delicate petals that will be turned into rose water and oils for sale around the world.

ROZES talks 'Where Would We Be,' The Chainsmokers and Nicki Minaj Special

Singer-songwriter, Elizabeth Mencel, better known as ROZES, chatted with Digital Journal about her latest collaboration, "Where Would We Be," and her smash hit "Roses" with The Chainsmokers.

Interview: ROZES talks 'Under the Grave' and The Chainsmokers Special

ROZES chatted with Digital Journal about her new music video for "Under the Grave," as well as the success of "Roses" with The Chainsmokers.

Review: Viral videos claims your poop can smell like roses Special

Ever hear something like "She thinks that as the head cheerleader that her shit doesn't stink and smells like roses?" Well it just might be true. A viral video and is about to change all that and will make your crap smell like roses.

Making roses smell good again, enzymes at play

In the summer, the smell of roses, especially as the evening draw in, is one of the highlights. Once the smell fades, the aroma is gone forever. However, a key enzyme may be able to kick-start the distinctive scent.

Fart pills can make your farts smell like roses and chocolate

Gesvres - Christian Poinchevalhas, from France, created a pill that he says is designed to make your farts smell like roses and chocolate.

Op-Ed: The thorny issue of Valentine’s Day rose pricing

Valentine’s Day is the day you give your love a handful of red roses that speak louder than words; and, every year, when we put down our cash we get sticker shock knowing that same set of flowers cost almost half just two months prior.

Photo Essay: Beauty and Serenity at Savannah Botanical Gardens Special

Savannah - The Savannah Botanical Gardens is a 10-acre oasis in the middle of the City of Savannah, Georgia offering fountains, gardens full of flower and ferns, and one of only two pre-Civil War farmhouses in the Savannah area.

Scientists: Roses are red to deter, not to attract

The common myth that roses are red because the colour attract flies, birds and mammals is wrong, researchers say. Rather, it is used to deter its predators. The red color is due to the petals' high cyanide content.

South Carolina: Turn in Your Fun Get a Rose

If you wanted a rose for that special someone in South Carolina today all you had to do was turn in your gun. This was an effort to get guns off the streets.

Cheap Roses Have an Environmental Cost

Dr David Harper, who has conducted research for over 25 years at Lake Naivasha in Kenya, today warned that cut-price Valentine roses exported for sale in the UK were ‘bleeding that country dry’.

United Kingdom: Buy A Kenyan Rose For Valentine's Day

Currently, Britain’s government has encouraged romantics to buy flowers from Kenya for their lovers for Valentine’s Day. This is an initiative to help Kenya which is in a state of trouble and create more jobs for its flower industry.

Armed Guards Accompany Kenyan Roses to Market

Kenyan roses are still reaching the European market despite the violence that plagues the country; this may be because the growers are using emergency airlifts and armed guards to get their product to the marketplace.

Blue roses for Valentine's?

Lovers will now have the option of giving blue-colored roses to their partners in Japan. The Japanese company that produced these blue roses after 14 years of research will offer them to the public next year.

Dutch man invents rainbow roses

Natural Rainbow roses invented

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Churchhill Downs - Louisville  Kentucky
Churchhill Downs - Louisville, Kentucky
Kentucky Derby
Adam Lambert s new song  Roses  with Nile Rodgers
Adam Lambert's new song 'Roses' with Nile Rodgers
Adam Lambert's 'Roses' cover art
Portland s beauty is reflected in its roses  walkability and going green.
Portland's beauty is reflected in its roses, walkability and going green.

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