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'Legendary' Notre-Dame roof astounded Middle Ages: carpenter

Paris - The charred roof of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris was once a legend that "astounded the Middle Ages" and still fascinates master carpenters, Thomas Buechi of the Charpente Concept group told AFP.What does the roof represent for master carpenters?

Plane drops frozen excrement, smashes house roof

Nepean - One of the odder stories of the week: 'frozen excrement' is dropped from an airplane and it crashes through house roof at high speed.

U.S. to seek death penalty for South Carolina church shooter

Washington - U.S. officials said Tuesday that they would seek the death penalty in the trial of a young white man who killed nine black parishioners at a South Carolina church last year.

Moment firefighter falls through burning roof caught on video

Fresno - The Fresno Fire Department in California released to local media a graphic video recorded on a cell phone showing the moment that a veteran firefighter fell through the roof of a burning building while working with his colleagues to put out the fire.

Security alert prompted as man spotted on the roof of Parliament

An arrest has been made after a man was spotted pacing around on the roof of the houses of Parliament in London late last night, prompting negotiators, police and the fire service to attend the scene in England's capital.

Man dies clearing snow, first responders return to finish the job

Manchester - Last week a man in Manchester, Connecticut, died while clearing snow off of his roof. The man was not saved, but his roof ended up being cleared off by the first responders.

Police reveal details of mysterious tunnel in Toronto

Police in Toronto are seeking the help of the public to find out who is responsible for digging a huge 33-feet long, six-feet high tunnel in the grounds of the Toronto's York University.

Snow-free roof leads to marijuana bust

Haarlem - In the Netherlands, some cannabis growers were arrested after neighbors noticed that their roof had no snow on it, which was due to the lamps heating their marijuana plants.

San Francisco window-washer survives 11-story fall

San Francisco - A San Francisco window-washer appears to have survived an 11-story plunge off a downtown office building after landing on a moving car and tumbling onto California Street.

Video: Reindeer on roof made kids think Christmas came early

Verneuil-sur-indre - Children in the little town of Verneuil-sur-Indre in the Indre-et-Loire department of central France can be forgiven for thinking Santa had arrived early, when the reindeer appeared on a garage roof in the center of town.

Car goes airborne, hits one house, somersaults onto another

Houston - Residents in one Houston, Texas neighborhood were awaken by loud crashes and an unbelievable sight early Sunday morning, finding a car stuck upside down in the roof of a home.

Single-A player gets the call, shines in Triple-A debut Special

Tucson - Jonathan Roof knows how much a person’s life can change in a single week. Just a Saturday before, the Tucson Padres outfielder manned the hot corner for the Lake Elsinore Storm, Single-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres, and went hitless at the plate.

Man found on top of a Waffle House in Georgia Special

Augusta - A man found on top of an Augusta, Georgia Waffle House is lucky to be alive according to the local fire department. The man was found by a repairman on the roof who called for help.

Snow slides off roof, traps children inside car

Parrsboro - Two 11-year-old girls were trapped inside of a car after snow slid off of an arena roof in Nova Scotia, burying the vehicle.

Woman jumps from 23rd floor of a hotel, survives

A 33-year-old Argentine woman jumped from the 23rd floor of a hotel in Buenos Aires and landed on the roof of a taxi below and lived.

Wind blows roof off of NS retirement home during storm

Thirteen seniors were evacuated from an assisted-care home in Nova Scotia after high winds tore a section off the roof from the building.

Taser goes missing after officer forgets it on roof of car

London - A Taser and four cartridges went missing after a London police officer drove off with the items on the roof of a police vehicle.

Strippers upset after blog publishes semi-nude rooftop photos

Toronto - A group of strippers and waitresses who took breaks on the roof of Toronto’s Zanzibar Tavern say their privacy was invaded when pictures of them wearing very little clothing were taken and published in a popular blog.

Woman falls through roof in the nude in UK

Aberdeen - A woman was taken to the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in an ambulance after falling through a roof in the nude in the middle of the day.

Lady On The Roof Wants Another Beer

It's not everyday that a woman demands more beer to get off of a stranger's roof but in Fort Pierce, Florida Wednesday night that was the scene.

Tiny wind turbines coming soon to a roof near you

A British company has created tiny turbines that generate enough electricity to power two homes or a small office of 20 persons. The tiny turbines can be easily installed on roofs, and are ready for distribution through German energy giant, RWE.

Metal chunk crashes through N.J. roof

It crashed through a rook in New Jersey and had Nasa and the Federal Aviation Administration stumped. Here's a gem from the Nasa official at JPL, "It didn't look "very space-y"

Elderly Man Accidentally Glues Himself To Roof

German police had to rescue a 91-year-old man who slipped while repairing his roof and ended up sticking fast to the tar "like a beetle on its back."

House near Midway hit by piece of plane

Early morning roof crash causes women to call 911

Roof of B.C. Place stadium collapses

The roof at B.C. Place stadium collapsed shortly after noon during a storm that brought wind and heavy, wet snow to the area.

Huge Solar Roof at Akademie Mont-Cenis

Kudos for their efforts. Now if they can get the efficiency up about 50% this could be the way to go.

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A man was arrested after spending the night on the roof of Parliament
A man was arrested after spending the night on the roof of Parliament
W8Media/Splash News via Daily Mail
This car went airborne  landing upside down on this roof.
This car went airborne, landing upside down on this roof.
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