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Former Canadian PM Brian Mulroney serenades President Trump

Palm Beach - At a fundraising gala held at Mar-a-Lago, former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney serenaded President Trump with “When Irish Eyes are Smiling.” It was reminiscent of the time Mulroney and Ronald Reagan sang the same song in Quebec City in 1985.

Will Ferrell to play Ronald Reagan; late president's kids angry

Will Ferrell is about to take on what might be his most controversial role yet — playing Ronald Reagan. Two of the former U.S. president's children have expressed anger about it, saying the script is in poor taste and makes fun of Alzheimer's Disease.

Review: Power of the people: 'Cesar Chavez' — Time for a national holiday Special

"Cesar Chavez" is a must-see movie about a man who spoke for all the people and showed us we can win. America has celebrated genocide and genocidists with holidays. It's time that there was an official national holiday for the people - Cesar Chavez Day.

Op-Ed: The Queen's 'World War III' speech that, thankfully, never was

Newly-released British government documents reveal that UK officials had written a speech to be delivered by Queen Elizabeth II in the event of a nuclear war between the United States (and, by extension, Britain) and the Soviet Union in the early 1980s.

National Ice Cream Day in America's Best City for Ice Cream Special

Savannah - Readers of Travel + Leisure magazine ranked Savannah as the best city for ice cream and Leopold's Ice Cream is the main reason why the city got the top spot. Many celebrated National Ice Cream Day by stopping-in at Leopold's for a tasty scoop, or two.

Op-Ed: Spain has an economic plan, it looks vaguely familiar

Madrid - Spain is moving in a different direction now, although the Spanish economy is still faltering, they do have a plan. It looks nothing like the American plan for recovery.

Former Sen. Lugar to be knighted by the British

Former senator Richard Lugar (R-Indiana) will be knighted by Queen Elizabeth II of England. Lugar retired from the senate earlier this year.

Op-Ed: Great Britain's Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher dies at 87

Margaret Thatcher, Great Britain's first woman Prime Minister, like her or not, saved Great Britain from economic collapse and irrelevance! Thatcher was an Adam Smith type of free market economic conservative governed by conviction, not consensus.

Op-Ed: Can Argo’s Best Picture win stop war with Iran?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has thrown down the Gauntlet to the Merchants of War and Death by presenting the Best Picture Award to "Argo," a movie reminding us that peace is the best way to save American lives.

Former US-backed Guatemalan dictator to face genocide charges

Guatemala City - A former US-backed Guatemalan military dictator will be tried for genocide and crimes against humanity in connection with the slaughter of thousands of his people.

Dec. 6, 1982: Guatemalan troops massacre 200 Dos Erres villagers

December 6, 1982 marks the 30th anniversary of the Dos Erres massacre, in which US-backed Guatemalan elite troops tortured, raped and slaughtered 201 men, women and children with the tacit approval of the Reagan administration.

Op-Ed: Obama 'first time' ad no first- Reagan popped that cherry in '80

Conservative pundits-- cut from the finest moral fiber with American-made scissors-- are up in arms over an Obama campaign web ad starring Lena Dunham in which she compares voting for the first time to losing her virginity.

Gay marriage activists 'flip off' Reagan's White House portrait

Washington - Gay marriage activists invited to the White House to mark the gay pride month were photographed giving the middle finger to a portrait of the late President Ronald Reagan.

Vial for auction allegedly containing Ronald Reagan’s blood

London - The Ronald Regan Foundation and family are outraged that blood traces found in a vial are supposedly those of the late President of the United States. An auction house in the Channel Islands has online bidding in progress.

Reagan named best president since WWII; second in history

One was born in Illinois and the other made the state his home. They are Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln, and both polled the highest in the latest Harris Interactive Poll of presidents.

Op-Ed: Look for that little bit of Ronald Reagan that lives inside you

Tampa - While stumping for Newt Gingrich today, right wing radio talk show host Michael Reagan (you might remember him as the Reagan child from his first marriage that nobody actually wanted to touch at Reagan's funeral) said something quite profound.

Op-Ed: Dear NBA — Take a cue from Reagan and fire the players

In 1981, President Reagan fired nearly 12,000 illegally-striking air traffic controllers—the 85-percent of government workers who, after being told their strike was in violation of law, still refused to go back to work. The NBA needs to follow suit.

Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto comes out as a gay man

Hollywood actor Zachary Quinto has spoken publicly about being a gay man during an interview with a New York publication.

Christie wades in, criticizes Obama for class warfare agenda

Speaking at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum on Tuesday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie chastised President Obama for resorting to class warfare politics in his bid to get re-elected.

Ron Paul releases new television ad contrasting with Rick Perry

Ahead of the Republican presidential debate on Wednesday evening, Constitutional Conservative Ron Paul released a television commercial differentiating himself from GOP front-runner Rick Perry.

Welcome mats for pet emergencies, travel and disasters Special

For those who need to travel with pets, finding a motel to accept them can be a challenge. Super 8 has a national policy to accept animals at $10 fee each, and for many people who don't want to leave pets behind in impending danger, this is good news.

Op-Ed: Obama's humor at correspondents dinner tapped Reagan-like charm Special

At the White House Correspondents Dinner this past Saturday night, President Obama was in rare form, tapping into a charm and a humor that would appeal to any voter: his 2012 strategists should seek the permanent return of this man.

Op-Ed: The Conservative Manifesto — Now with 50% more bull

All life on Earth was created, fully clothed and equipped with renewable subscriptions, by the blessed non-sexual union of Our Ronnie and Our Maggie in 1980. It was from this hallowed point that the Great Return To the Womb began.

Nancy Reagan's Secret Service agent shoots self in hip

Camarillo - A Secret Service agent assigned to protect the wife of former President Ronald Reagan accidentally shot himself in the hip Friday during a firearms training session at a shooting range owned by the Ventura County Sheriff's Department.

Celebrations mark Ronald Reagan's Centennial Year Special

February 6, 2011 would have been Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday and to mark the centennial the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation is sponsoring a series of events.

Ronald Reagan motion picture in the works, no cast announced

Los Angeles - A biopic of former United States President and Hollywood actor, Ronald Reagan, has been given the green light. Although a cast and direct have yet to be named, Jonas McCord will pen the script.

Op-Ed: To Be Republican or To Be a Democrat

Often people are tagged by their political affiliation. I like most people in this country associate with one party more than another, and that might just be part of human nature. In the end it is okay though for everyone.

Nancy Reagan: Ted Kennedy, Ronald Reagan were 'quite close'

While most people differ over Democrat and Republican, or Conservative and Liberal, Ronald Reagan (R) and Edward Kennedy (D) were good friends, according to the former First Lady Nancy Reagan.

Op-Ed: The First 'Tell' of an Obama Presidency

Throughout the election process, image is everything. Now, post-election, the Electorate looks for signals of capacities beyond the ability to get elected. We peer in, looking for "tells" of what an Obama Presidency will mean. Has there been a "tell?"

The Crash of 2008: How Wall Street Lost Its Groove

Wall Street gyrations have got investors worried. And as stocks drop, credit has tightened, making it more difficult for businesses to operate.
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A YouTube screengrab of the 1984 election coverage by ABC News.
A YouTube screengrab of the 1984 election coverage by ABC News.
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Reaganbook is the latest attempt at a conservatively minded social media site.
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