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Roma baby case highlights community's plight in France

Paris - The tragic case of a dead Roma baby refused burial in a Paris suburb has underscored the plight of the community in France, where supporters say they are a scapegoat for the country's ills.

France probes uproar over Roma baby burial

Paris - The French human rights ombudsman launched an investigation Sunday into an uproar over a mayor's alleged refusal -- which he later emphatically denied -- to allow burial of a Roma migrant's baby.

Bayern Munich's Pep Guardiola's attention to detail outwits Roma

Bayern Munich’s 7-1 thrashing of AS Roma was fairly similar to Germany’s semi-final triumph over Brazil at the World Cup. From the personnel, to the score-line, to the pattern of the match, the reigning Bundesliga champions were vastly superior.

Hungarians march to celebrate 'Roma Pride'

Budapest - Hundreds of Hungarians took part in a "Roma Pride" march in Budapest on Sunday to celebrate the country's largest ethnic minority, a community scarred by widespread prejudice.Around 500 people walked through the city centre chanting "Opre Roma!

Outrage in France over vigilante attack on Roma teen

Paris - The brutal beating by vigilantes of a Roma teenager who is now fighting for his life has shocked France, with President Francois Hollande on Tuesday decrying an "unspeakable and unjustifiable" act.

Europe failing to protect Roma from violence: Amnesty

Paris - European states are failing to protect their Roma communities, many of whom live in precarious conditions and are the victims of hate crimes sometimes perpetrated by police, Amnesty International warned Tuesday.

New party tries to woo Hungary's Roma

- With elections looming on April 6, a new party is trying to win over Hungary's largest ethnic minority, the Roma, a community scarred by deep poverty and racism and disillusioned by traditional politics.

Roma's Serie A title challenge over, says Garcia

Milan - Coach Rudi Garcia said Roma's Serie A title challenge is virtually over after a 1-0 defeat to Napoli left his side 14 points adrift of leaders Juventus.Roma have a game in hand after a recent fixture with Parma was rained off.

Another French Roma camp in flames as 8-year-old mourned

Marseille - Fire raged through a Roma camp in Marseille on Sunday, just days after a blaze in a Paris area Roma camp killed an eight-year-old girl.No one was hurt in the fire on Sunday morning, but all 15 makeshift homes near the Marseille port were completely des...

Rise of far-right sparks fear amid Slovak Roma

Brezno - Five little Roma boys braving the February chill in just T-shirts kick around a football in front of a ramshackle building in Brezno, central Slovakia, as their worried parents look on.Dasa Bucekova, a 40-year old mother of two, has had trouble sleepin...

Hollande defends France's controversial Roma eviction policy

Paris - President Francois Hollande on Tuesday defended France's policy of forcibly evicting Roma migrants from temporary camps, after a report said a record number were kicked out of the often squalid settlements last year.

Greece issues appeal over abducted 4-year-old girl in Roma camp

Greece has launched an international appeal to identify a four-year-old girl found at a Roma camp in Farsala. Police have determined the blond, blue-eyed child was abducted in 2009.

Animal welfare group warns tourists puppies used as begging tools

The animal rescue group "Paws and Claws" is warning tourists to the Greek island of Rhodes to stop giving money to beggar children that are using abused and drugged puppies as tools for cash.

French branded 'notoriously criminal' by Norwegian politician

Oslo - Per Sandberg, a Norwegian member of parliament has caused a stir in France by calling for his country’s borders to be closed to what he termed ‘organised groups’ of Roma, Bulgarians and French who, Sandberg considers, are ‘notoriously criminal’.

DARE-Net: An initiative aiming to combat Roma school segregation

A new initiative aiming to tackle the multifarious problems regarding educational provisions for Roma minority and to promote Roma school desegregation in several European countries was recently launched.

Roma fans arrested for violent attack on Tottenham Hotspur fans

Two Roma fans have been arrested in connection to the recent violent assault against Tottenham Hotspur (England) fans, who were visiting Rome, to watch their side take on Lazio FC in a Europa League encounter.

Op-Ed: Germany inaugurates Roma memorial in Berlin

German Chancelor Angela Merkel inaugurated a memorial site commemorating the Roma victims of the Nazi era. The memorial’s inauguration comes three years later than scheduled, due to disputes regarding its design and cost.

Op-Ed: Hollande disappoints on Roma integration

In August-September 2012, the recently elected French government launched a mass expulsion on Romani people from France back to their countries of origin, Romania and Bulgaria.

Roma mob attack public bus in Athens

Athens - An angry crowd of 150 Roma violently attacked a public bus carrying passengers in Ano Liosia, Athens, outside their Gypsy camp. Six policemen were injured in the ensuing violence.

Italian gypsy camp burned down by vigilante mob over rape claim

Turin - A 16-year-old Italian girl who claimed she had been raped by two men from a local gypsy camp has admitted she made the story up. Her claim sparked the burning of the gypsy camp by a vigilante mob.

Report: Italy must act to end racist and xenophobic violence

Rome - A shift of intolerance in Italy toward immigrants and minorities, reflected in politicians’ use of hateful speech, violence against vulnerable groups, and political discourse are leading to increased racism and xenophobic violence, a new report shows.

Lyon Museum features exhibition on Roma Special

Lyon - The Museum of Resistance and Deportation in Lyon is hosting an exhibition on Roma called "Pendular journeys. Roma in the heart of Europe."

Basescu: ‘The travelling Roma are those in need of integration’ Special

Brussels - The Romanian President, Traian Basescu, told journalists on Thursday that there needs to be made a clear distinction between the whole Roma community and the travelling Roma.

Op-Ed: France's Roma issue tinged with hypocrisy

Ottawa - France is far from perfect when it comes to its treatment of the Roma minority. However, other governments have little right to lecture Paris on its handling of this issue. Some instead, wisely remain silent.

Op-Ed: Roma - an isolated France lashes out over EU, UN and US attacks

There is an almost palpable siege mentality in France after repeated and ever-more virulent worldwide criticism of its expulsion policy for Roma, and the latest salvo – from the United States – has also hit a nerve.

Roma expulsions may see France face legal action by the EU

The European Commission is considering taking legal action against France over it's deportation of Roma (gypsies) according to Viviane Reding, the EU Justice Commissioner.

Op-Ed: The French, the Roma, the Church and the Nazis

If there is one group of European clergy who should not be comparing the French government’s policies on the Roma to those of the Nazis, it’s the Catholic Church. After all, they are very badly placed to give anyone any lessons on the subject.

Op-Ed: Roma expulsions: The total lack of French political opposition

With national protests against the expulsion of Roma today one would think that the President’s law and order policies were unpopular, But they are not. On the contrary, polls consistently show public support for the crackdown. Why is that?

Op-Ed: Is France lying about Roma crime rates?

The French Interior minister recently released figures on Roma crime rates which suggested they had rocketed in the past few years. There are no official statistics to support his statement, but there are several to contradict it.

Aurescu: France deported Roma for 'future crime'

Brussels - Bogdan Aurescu, State Secretary in the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that France has deported Roma people not on the basis of crimes they have committed, but on the basis of the possibility that they will commit crimes in the future.
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