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Scottish hospital pioneers robotics for keyhole surgery

Edinburgh - A hospital based in Scotland has become the first in Europe to use a robot to perform keyhole surgery. The first trial using a machine for surgery is reportedly a success and may lead to further use of surgical robots.

Super-sensitive robot can now hold a jellyfish

The ability of robots to sense and touch, long held as one of the main limitations with the advance of robotics, has been boosted by new research. A robot has been developed that can safely pick up a jellyfish, with harming the aquatic creature.

Bringing the human touch to robot technology

To take robotics to the next level, considerable research has gone into developing artificial skin, designed to enable a robot to better sense and react to the surrounding environment. The technology is based on artificial ionic skin.

Flexible robots get new metal material for extra movement

Robotics engineers have developed a material which is lighter than paper and also very flexible. The materials also has excellent electrical conductivity, heat generation, and it is capable of wireless communications.

New technology can help to combat stealth attacks on drones

To test out different vulnerability scenarios, scientists have run a series of stealth attacks on robotic vehicles (cars and drones). These attacks show how vulnerable these forms of automation are to external threats.

How artificial intelligence will revolutionize work

AI is the technology that enables computers to think and act like human beings. However, knowledge of the technology and the benefits that it can deliver for the workplace are often under appreciated by society, according to a new report.

How flies land upside down inspires future robotics

A detailed exploration of fly landing maneuvers by biologists has inspired technologists to seek to advance a new generation of robots, incorporating the finesse and precision of the fly's acrobatics.

Artificial skin improves robots' sensory abilities

A new study demonstrates how a biologically-inspired skin improves robots' sensory abilities. This development is seen as a stepping stone towards developing robots that are able to interact more closely with people.

Artificial Intelligence driving the ‘next generation’ of jobs

The adoption of artificial intelligence employers will significantly change the U.K. job market over the coming years. More widely, it is expected that AI will create 133 million new jobs globally.

Employees are in need new training to work with robots

Many modern economies are looking at an increasingly automated future. While advances are progressing with machines, a new survey finds businesses are concerned about inadequate workforce training.

Understanding animal brains to improve robotics

Researchers have been considering evolution and animal brains as the basis for making improvements to machine learning, as the basis for helping to improve the way robots operate. especially when performing tasks that seem simple to people.

AI: More than Human exhibition challenges our preconceptions Special

London - Artificial intelligence is infiltrating every aspect of waking life and out relationship with this powerful technology is becoming more complex. An interactive exhibition at London's Barbican Centre seeks to explore where is our world’s future headed.

Q&A: Companies can retrain employees as the workplace automates Special

Companies can support their employees amidst automation changes, according to Sean Chou of Catalytic. He says that companies which invest in retraining employees can keep pace with the future of work.

Toyota aims to automate the 2020 Olympics with robots

Toyota are aiming to bring automation to the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games by showcasing robotic technology. The focus is on mobility, offering solutions for both competitions and ticket holders.

6D process aims to improve robot vision and coordination

Robotics continue to advance but the development is often limited by the extent that robots can 'see' and then process visual imagery in order to coordinate movements. A new '6D' process aims to overcome this.

New technique aims to teach robots exactly what humans want

Technologists are developing processes to ensure robots understand better what humans want. This involves coming up with more accurate and faster ways of providing human guidance to improve the decision making and responses of autonomous robots.

Robot arm learns how to taste with engineered bacteria

Biologists working with engineers have developed a robotic gripping arm which makes use of engineered bacteria in order to 'taste' for certain chemicals. This represents a new development in soft robotics.

20 million factory jobs will be lost to robots by 2030

There are different models to assess just how many jobs will lost to robots. The latest makes for stark reading: some 20 million manufacturing jobs could be replaced by robots globally by 2030, based on analysis by Oxford Economics.

Some Walmart employees are not happy working with robots

Some workers at Walmart are uncomfortable working alongside robots, due to the types of work tasks that the robots have taken away from the humans and the monotonous work environment the deployment of robots has created.

Sensor-packed glove learns to grasp like a human

Boston - On a mission to improve robotics, researchers have developed a sensor-packed glove that can learn the signatures of the human grasp. The sensors will work with a neural network to identify objects by touch.

Amazon's new robots pushing employees toward package deliveries

Robots in Amazon's warehouses are taking on a new role of boxing up orders, which they do faster and more efficiently than humans. However, some employees they replace can take advantage of Amazon's program to start a delivery business.

Robots begin doing forest jobs that humans find boring

Sweden, home to vast acres of woodland, is developing robots to carry out many of the forest related tasks that humans find boring and repetitive, focused on monitoring and counting.

Amazon edges closer to robots unloading trucks

Amazon is preparing to eliminate the human element of unloading trucks by pushing ahead with trials involving robots. The technology is based around Siemens and Honeywell robotic devices.

Walmart assembling army of thousands of robots to work in stores

Walmart is doubling down on adding robots to its stores. These machines include autonomous floor cleaners, shelf-scanners, conveyor belts, and "pickup towers."

Robots track moving objects with new levels of precision

An advancement in robotics and artificial intelligence has enabled machines to operate with levels of precision not seen previously. This a new application of robotic dexterity could assist the retail sector.

Essential science: Tagging technology can improve robot movements

Boston - New technology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, based on RFID tags, can assist robots to gain greater precision for moving objects and also for increasing the speed of responses.

Amazon's 'collaborative' robots offer peek into the future

New York - Hundreds of orange robots zoom and whiz back and forth like miniature bumper cars -- but instead of colliding, they're following a carefully plotted path to transport thousands of items ordered from online giant Amazon.

Call to ban autonomous killer robots

It may seem like the scene from a sci-fi movie, but future conflicts could be fought using killer robots, with artificial intelligence giving robots free reign. For this reason, a new campaign is calling for a global ban on developing such machines.

'Ambidextrous' robots can accelerate speed e-commerce

A test study has shown how so-termed 'ambidextrous robots' can significantly speed e-commerce. By applying artificial intelligence, the robot is capable of grasping a diverse range of object shapes without training.

Robots aren't taking our jobs — just yet

A robot may take your job one day but so far there is little sign of this happening, according to analysis from the World Bank. While predictions about machines taking more jobs associated with humans, the pace is relatively slow.
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Last year  robotics and AI entrepreneurs -- including SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and British astrophysicis...
Last year, robotics and AI entrepreneurs -- including SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking -- petitioned the United Nations to ban autonomous killer robots, warning that the digital-age weapons could be used against civilians
Infineon s Sub1 Reloaded Rubik s Cube record holding robot
Infineon's Sub1 Reloaded Rubik's Cube record holding robot
Many of the key aspects of digital transformation  including robotics and automation. On display at ...
Many of the key aspects of digital transformation, including robotics and automation. On display at Accenture in London.
The "Campaign to Stop Killer Robots" was launched in London in 2013
The "Campaign to Stop Killer Robots" was launched in London in 2013
Carl Court, AFP
Robonaut2 – or R2 for short – is the next generation dexterous robot  developed through a Space ...
Robonaut2 – or R2 for short – is the next generation dexterous robot, developed through a Space Act Agreement by NASA and General Motors
“There’s twelve people onstage all running around ” San explains of the live  Nufonia  present...
“There’s twelve people onstage all running around,” San explains of the live 'Nufonia' presentation. “It’s proper chaos, but what is reflected hopefully on the screen is a fully-realized, tranquil cinematic experience.”
AJ Korkidakis
An Aibo robotic dog.
An Aibo robotic dog.
Sven Volkens
Infineon s Sub1 Reloaded Rubik s Cube record holding robot
Infineon's Sub1 Reloaded Rubik's Cube record holding robot
Actroid-DER  developed by KOKORO Inc for customer service  appeared in the 2005 Expo Aichi Japan. Th...
Actroid-DER, developed by KOKORO Inc for customer service, appeared in the 2005 Expo Aichi Japan. The robot responds to commands in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English.
A picture of two  android newscasters  responding to a crowd.
A picture of two "android newscasters" responding to a crowd.
LG CLOi commercial robot
LG CLOi commercial robot
Mercedes-Benz S-Class Assembly Line.
Mercedes-Benz S-Class Assembly Line.
A delivery rover developed by Starship Technologies.
A delivery rover developed by Starship Technologies.
Photo: Mardus
Picture of RobotLand
Picture of RobotLand
Small Robot Company
The different robots used by TEPCO in the basement areas.
The different robots used by TEPCO in the basement areas.

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