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Robotics News

Smarter robot vacuum cleaners in development

Imagine being able to control when your office is cleaned, via a robot vacuum cleaner, controlled from an app like Outlook? Such technology is not far away.

3M partnership will use drones for wind turbine maintenance

Santa Cruz - To reduce wind turbine downtime that can affect annual energy production, 3M has announced an agreement with Camp Six Labs to apply 3M products to wind turbine blades using soon-to-be-developed robotic applicators.

Can robots be prevented from harming us?

Hatfield - Can robots be taught ethical behaviors and, most importantly, prevented from harming us? As artificial intelligence advances what is needed to prevent a machine from turning on a person? The answer is a concept called Empowerment.

People prefer slightly faulty robots to perfect ones

The race to perfect robots continues, with weekly advances in robotic science reported. But do we want the perfect machine? New research suggests otherwise.

Father of Afghan robotics girl killed in mosque attack

Herat - The father of an Afghan girl who represented her country in a robotics competition in the United States died in this week's Herat mosque attack, her family said Thursday.

Op-Ed: Robots and economics; the next trade war and real war?

Sydney - The theory goes that the U.S. must be able to manufacture everything required by the military for a future war. That means robots, and a reworked economy.

Researchers use robotics and AI to make a wheelchair autonomous

Toronto - A collaboration between the academic world and industry has led to the development of a self-driving wheelchair that will be a game-changer for the more than five million power wheelchair users in North America, simplifying their lives.

AI learns to run, with a wobble

A new research project from Google’s DeepMind supercomputer has pushed the boundaries of machine learning further. It has used artificial intelligence to teach a simulated humanoid how to navigate a parkour course.

Essential Science: Meet the soft-robot that grows like a plant

A new prototype soft robot has been designed, and it the researchers behind the development took inspiration from plants. The robot 'grows' in order to explore its environment.

Robotic advances for MedTech

Medical technology looks set to be transformed by robotics, with several innovative projects underway. Among these are Google's forays into digital surgery platforms.

Citigroup staffing up for new center to unleash robotics

Citigroup is staffing up for the robotic revolution. The New York-based financial services giant has plastered online jobs boards advertising roles at a new automation center that will deploy new robotic technology throughout the bank.

Reimagining work: What robots can do for us

The use of robots has tended to be reserved for tasks people either don't want to do or which are considered dangerous. This is set to change, according to a new report that considers how emerging technologies will change the future.

Tech companies have joined the fight against mosquitoes

Technology companies in the U.S. are using automation and robotics to engage in the age-old fight against mosquitoes in an attempt to halt the spread of the Zika virus.

Construction robots will be building it big

Boston - The world of construction and building is changing fast thanks to the use of robotics. Robots have the potential to build faster and more accurately than people, and they signal the digital transformation of the industry.

Humans will disappear from building sites by 2050

Most builders could disappear from building sites by 2050 according to a new industry survey. Already robotic bricklayers are being tested out, and to good effect.

Op-Ed: Robo-burgers to go? The very mixed message robot burgermeister

San Francisco - A fully functional commercial burger making robot will trash fast food industry employment. Particularly if you have a robot that can do 400 burgers an hour.

Clearing up space junk with lizard inspired grippers

Houston - An unusual development in robotics: a new gripper system designed for clearing up space junk, with the inspiration drawn from gecko feet. We investigate.

Robot uses deep learning to write its own music

A robot, designed by the Georgia Institute of Technology, has used deep learning, artificial intelligence and big data to write and play its own music.

Technologists calculate how many jobs will be lost to robots

It’s an open ended question, but how many jobs, currently carried out by humans, will be lost to robots and other innovations with technology? According to Carnegie Mellon University policymakers will only know if big data analytics are improved.

Top Silicon Valley investor weighs in on the robot revolution

In San Francisco, you can order food from your favorite taqueria and have it delivered by a self-driving bot, or grab a latté from a robot-powered coffee kiosk.

Wearable robotic tools developed for surgery

Bristol - Wearable robotic implements and devices are being developed to aid surgeons when performing complex surgical techniques. The latest developments relate to keyhole surgery where accuracy and precision are key.

Rat heart muscle used to make robot stingray

An artificial stingray has been made by technologists and its ‘heart’ is cardiac muscle extracted from a rat. Light is used to cause the heart muscle to contract, thereby creating movement.

Amazon's Picking Challenge challenges the limits of AI robotics

Amazon has crowned the winner of its second Robot Picking Challenge, a competition that sees intelligent robots pitched against each other in a bid to be the fastest to pick products from shelves. The winner can pick over 100 items per hour.

Essential Science: Robot insects powered by static electricity

Harvard - Scientists are examining tiny robotic insects in a quest to find new ways to power robotic devices. The basis of the research is to improve the efficiency for search and rescue operations.

Science and technology will make it possible to garden on Mars

An aerospace engineering student at the University of Colorado, Boulder has been making the stuff of science-fiction into reality, inventing two robots that can grow fruits and vegetables as well as monitor human health in space.

Google X makes strides with 'Atlas' robot

Boston Dynamics, a subsidiary of Google X, has released new footage of the 'Atlas' robot performing more difficult tasks than previously released footage.

10 ways robotics is transforming the healthcare industry

Robots are becoming more mainstream, especially in the healthcare industry. From helping the elderly to assisting with dental care, robotics is fast becoming a hot trend affecting millions. Here are 10 things you should know about robotics and healthcare.

Why R2D2 is one of Star Wars' most beloved characters Special

On Dec.18, we’re getting another taste of the Star Wars franchise, so it only seems appropriate to revisit one of the series’ most beloved characters, R2D2, from the robotics experts who created him in 1977.

Disabled man controls robot arm with his mind

California - A group of researchers has helped a paralyzed man gain control of a robotic arm with the power of his mind — all thanks to a chip implanted in his brain.

'Cicadas': U.S. military's new swarm of mini-drones

Washington - U.S. military scientists have invented a miniature drone that fits in the palm of a hand, ready to be dropped from the sky like a mobile phone with wings.
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Robotics Image

Shimon  the robotic marimba player  can listen to  understand  collaborate with  and surprise his hu...
Shimon, the robotic marimba player, can listen to, understand, collaborate with, and surprise his human counterparts.
Georgia Institute of Technology
The team behind the winning robot in Amazon s 2016 Robot Picking Challenge
The team behind the winning robot in Amazon's 2016 Robot Picking Challenge
Delft University of Technology
Ekso Bionics robotic skeleton.
Ekso Bionics robotic skeleton.
Ekso Bionics
Picture of RobotLand
Picture of RobotLand
A new soft robot takes inspiration from natural growers. In the lab  researchers tasked it with navi...
A new soft robot takes inspiration from natural growers. In the lab, researchers tasked it with navigating a maze, as well as other challenges
E.W. Hawkes, L.H. Blumenschein, and J.D. Greer
Real pets can t always used in long-term care facilities  due to fear  infection or other restrictio...
Real pets can't always used in long-term care facilities, due to fear, infection or other restrictions, he (or she!) can be a complementary therapeutic companion. Obviously, Paro is not meant to replace caregivers or real pet therapy, it is simply a therapeutic tool.
Jason Barcomb
The Digital Construction Platform (DCP)  an automated construction system capable of customized on-s...
The Digital Construction Platform (DCP), an automated construction system capable of customized on-site fabrication of architectural-scale structures using real-time environmental data for process control.
Keating et al, Science Robotics 2017
Here the robot itself stands up after being given the signal to activate.
Here the robot itself stands up after being given the signal to activate.
YouTube, New Scientist
The winning robot in Amazon s 2016 Robot Picking Challenge
The winning robot in Amazon's 2016 Robot Picking Challenge
Delft University of Technology
Robots being developed at the Salford Institute for Dementia
Robots being developed at the Salford Institute for Dementia
Flickr, Creative Commons
Robonaut2 – or R2 for short – is the next generation dexterous robot  developed through a Space ...
Robonaut2 – or R2 for short – is the next generation dexterous robot, developed through a Space Act Agreement by NASA and General Motors
RoboCup 2014 featured an amazingly diverse lineup of robots.
RoboCup 2014 featured an amazingly diverse lineup of robots.
Robocup Federation with Permission
Robonaut2 surpasses previous dexterous humanoid robots in strength  yet it is safe enough to work si...
Robonaut2 surpasses previous dexterous humanoid robots in strength, yet it is safe enough to work side-by-side with humans. It is able to lift, not just hold, this 20-pound weight (about four times heavier than what other dexterous robots can handle) both near and away from its body.