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Robotic News

Artificial skin promises enhanced perception

For robotics to advance sufficiently to undertake a number of roles performed by humans, the ability for the robot to ‘sense’ the external environment needs to improve. As part of this, a ‘super-sensitive’ artificial skin has been developed.

Robotic café chain raises $9.4 million

San Francisco - A robotic coffee bar startup powered by robots raised $9.4 million, and has plans to continue fundraising until they hit their goal of a $12.01 million venture funding round.

Rise of the robotic journalist: Welcome to the future Special

For reporters on the business or sports beat, some stories can be boring, monotonous, and stressful all at once. The stories can seem rather…robotic. As well they might, because some stories are being written by robots.

Mind-controlled robotic prosthetic arm gets FDA approval

A team led by the US Defence Department's advanced research agency has been granted permission by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to begin producing a robotic prosthetic limb.

Video: Mind-controlled robots, they somewhat exist now

Researchers from France and Japan have collaborated on creating mind-controlled robots for various medical applications. This is still a work in progress.

U.S. students hitch a ride on NASA's Grail mission to the moon

Tours, multi-media events, and education programs for the youth are nothing new for NASA. Science is relevant to the entire world; NASA’s desire to incorporate it into the everyday lives of children and youth from the United States is commendable.

Op-Ed: Danny Williams could have had surgery in Canada

London - This opinion piece is a little late but relevant nevertheless. Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams could have had his heart surgery in Canada rather than going to the U.S. I know. I had it done in London, Ontario.

Canadian astronaut lifts off

Canadian astronaut Robert Thirsk is on his way into space aboard the International Space Station in a Soyuz rocket today. Also traveling with Thirsk are Russian cosmonaut Roman Romanenko and European Space Agency astronaut Frank De Winne.

Robotic Sniper Will Soon Be Used in Iraq

A new robotic head called the "RedOwl" will soon be putting it's power to use in Iraq by aiding soldiers in taking down snipers. The RedOwl is controlled by a laptop which can read a name tag from across a football field.

Students Come Alive When Inventing A Number Five

It may not be like the film, 'Close Circuit,' yet this weekend will set the wheels in motion even so, when a student robotic competition featuring competitors from around the world takes centre stage.

Robotic Insects.

If you feel something crawling on your neck, it might be a wasp or a bee. Or it might be something much more dangerous.

Got milked? Robot puts cow in control of milking

DeLaval of Tumba, Sweden has created an automated system for milking cows that requires no human aid and can decrease farmers' labor costs by tens of thousands of dollars per year.

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Is the future a little too close for comfort?
Is the future a little too close for comfort?
YouTube screen grab Top Media
Taken at the DARPA National Qualification Event  October 24 - 31  2007. The Google vehicles do not c...
Taken at the DARPA National Qualification Event, October 24 - 31, 2007. The Google vehicles do not carry as much hardware on their roofs as this car does.
Picture of RobotLand
Picture of RobotLand
The robotic arm that serves customers at a Cafe X coffee bar.
The robotic arm that serves customers at a Cafe X coffee bar.
Cafe X Technologies, Inc.

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