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Robot News

Sonar loaded underwater robot to hunt for MH370

Sydney - A torpedo-shaped mini-sub could provide conclusive proof that missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 crashed into the Indian Ocean, but the task is set to push the machine to its limits.The Bluefin-21, a 493 centimetre (16.
In the Media by AFP

Japan robot suit firm lists on stock market

Tokyo - Cyberdyne, the maker of a battery-powered exoskeleton robot suit, made its stock market debut on Tuesday, as the firm looks to raise money to boost its research.The Japanese robot venture provided 10.85 million shares, which did not trade in the early ...
In the Media by AFP

Marius Macrobius creates 'ever-changing' motion picture EENDAG Special

Has it been a while since you watched your favorite movie because you already know every scene by heart? A South African artist decided to create his own favorite motion picture that will keep "transforming" for many years to come.
Digital Journal Report by Matthew Hendricks

South Korea plans to open a new robot theme park in 2016

Seoul - A massive world robot theme park project is underway in South Korea, a family friendly amusement park that will also double as a robotics grad school.
In the Media by Megan Morreale

Japan robot astronaut talks Santa in first chat with spaceman

Tokyo - The world's first robot astronaut has begun chatting to the Japanese commander of the International Space Station, in what was being billed as the first conversation of its kind.
In the Media by AFP

Wall-climbing robot inspired by a Gecko

The European Space Agency (ESA) together with Canadian scientists has designed climbing robots that mimic the stickiness of gecko lizard feet in order to work in space.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 1 comment

Japan's robot astronaut docks at International Space Station

A robot launched into space last week from Japan safely docked at the International Space Station on Friday. The robot named "Kirobo" will now get to work.
In the Media by Leigh Goessl - 7 comments

Video: Wired's giant robot befriends 10-yr-old girl at Comic-Con

San Diego - Wired's giant robot "WIRED Mech" is creating a stir at San Diego Comic-Con. The robot, built at the Stan Winston School of Character Arts in collaboration with Legacy Effects, forged a defense alliance with a little superhero Zooey after a chance meeting.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus

Video: BionicOpter, a robotic dragonfly that can smoothly fly

Automation company Festo shows its technologies and expertise by creating robot versions of animals. Festo is a leading world-wide supplier of automation technology and the performance leader in industrial training and education programs
In the Media by Eko Armunanto

Robotic Mantis: A two-ton turbo diesel hexapod you can drive

Micromagic Systems has been working steadily over the past four years to design and build a walking robot that's big enough to carry a human passenger.
In the Media by Eko Armunanto

Rapyuta, Roboearth's collective brain for robots goes live

It’s not quite the Borg Collective of Star Trek fame but this week, the prospect of sentient, reasoning robots took a step closer as the European Roboearth project deployed its alpha version of a standardised knowledge base for robots.
In the Media by Robert Myles - 2 comments

Video: In Japan, robots are your friends

Osaka University Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro talks about the importance of robotics in modern day Japanese culture. Ishiguro compares and contrasts robots in regards to western culture vs. eastern culture.
In the Media by Can Tran

Driver not required: How robot cars will revolutionize our roads

Every day, millions of people of every age and background put themselves in an incredibly dangerous object and operate it at high speeds around masses of other people.
In the Media by Chris Stewart - 2 comments

Robot bartenders to serve your favorites 30,000 miles in the air

What would you like to drink today? Don't tell me, tell it to the droid that's serving it to you! Thanks to the latest technological advancements, robots are projected to serve drinks on planes.
In the Media by Milton Este - 2 comments

EcoBot-III turns human waste into electricity

Bristol - In a collaborative effort between Wessex Water and Bristol Robotics Laboratory, scientists in Great Britain have developed a robot capable of transforming human waste into usable energy.
In the Media by Greta McClain

Is robot sex and 'longevity orgasms' the new health craze?

The "health benefits" of sexual intercourse is a topic that has long been discussed, but a new study says that having sex with robots can extend a woman's lifespan even longer.
In the Media by Greta McClain - 5 comments

Robot used to assist heart surgery

London - The most advanced robotic assisted heart surgery has taken place, using a remote controlled robot. The robot was used to help to repair a hole in a woman's heart.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 1 comment

Video: Watch RoMeLa's CHARLI-2 robot dance Gangnam Style

The Robotics & Mechanism Laboratory (RoMeLa) at Virginia Tech. recently posted to YouTube a video of their latest humanoid robot of the CHARLI series, CHARLI-2, doing "Gangnam Style."
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 2 comments

RoboThespian delivers science lesson to Israeli kids

Technology is making a bigger and bigger impact in the classroom and this summer, RoboThespian, a robotic actor, got a summer job as a guest science teacher for a group of grade 5 and 6 students in Israel.
In the Media by Darren Weir - 1 comment

Newly designed life-sized WALL-E loved by all ages

It took over two years for Mike Senna to build a working life-sized robot --- a lovable WALL-E trash compactor robot --- simply for the joy of his children. It ended up becoming an adorable working robot who could say his own name, loved by all ages.
In the Media by Nancy Houser - 6 comments

Meet Bina48, 'mindfile' digital clone of a real person

One the world's most sophisticated humanoid robots at the moment is Bina48. The robot, built by Terasem Movement Foundation in Bristol, Vermont, is described as capable of independent thought and emotion.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Robot hand wins rock-paper-scissors via super-fast cheating 

Japan's Ishikawa Oku Lab has come out with the Janken robot hand that can never be defeated at rock-paper-scissors. Even so, this next glimpse into the future seems if anything, bittersweet.
In the Media by Abigail Prendergast

Video: DARPA robot can climb stairs, do push ups

A DARPA funded project has tested a robot that can climb stairs and do push ups. The robot, according to its designers, can "balance itself, move freely; walk, do a variety of suit-stressing calisthenics during exposure to chemical warfare agents."
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus

Robot created with real muscles to help scientists study humans

The expectation that robots and humans will interact closely is common, but predictions about how robots and people will relate and experiments testing the shapes future bots might take continue to proliferate. Will mechanical helpers look like ECCERobot?

Dick Tufeld, voice of 'Lost in Space' robot, dead at 85

For those of a certain age, he was always there to warn his human friend of "Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!" Now, Parkinson's disease and cancer survivor Dick Tufeld is gone at age 85.
In the Media by Bill Schmalfeldt - 5 comments

German researchers invent car steered by human thinking

Berlin - Scientists at the Free University of Berlin in Germany have made progress on designing a car that will be steered by the driver's thoughts.
In the Media by Ernest Dempsey - 5 comments

Boy, 15, given artificial heart

A 15 year old boy from Rome has become the first child to have a permanent artificial heart implanted. The boy, who has not been named, had the ten-hour operation last week. The procedure had previously only been carried out on adults.
In the Media by Jane Fazackarley

Technology firm develops robot to work with autistic children

High-tech company Interbots are working with the Autism Center of Pittsburgh to supply some robot style therapy to children.
In the Media by Jane Fazackarley - 1 comment

Robot marries couples in Japan

A couple in Japan have been married by a robot. This was the first ceremony of its kind and the robot, know as the I-Fairy, was the first to ask the happy couple to kiss following the service.
In the Media by Jane Fazackarley - 1 comment

Man makes robotic replica of himself

A recent edition of Spectrum Magazine writes of a man who has made a robotic copy of himself, but what is this like and why does he do it?
In the Media by Carol Forsloff
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Robot Image

Jibo can record information and  if the video is to be believed  control parts of your home such as ...
Jibo Project, YouTube
Jibo can record information and, if the video is to be believed, control parts of your home such as the lights.
In the International Space Station s Destiny laboratory  Robonaut 2 is pictured on Jan. 2  during a ...
In the International Space Station's Destiny laboratory, Robonaut 2 is pictured on Jan. 2, during a round of testing for the first humanoid robot in space
Picture of RobotLand
Picture of RobotLand
WALL-E robot
WALL-E robot
Jade Robot  designed by Mimetics
Myke Predko
Jade Robot, designed by Mimetics
One of the Abigaille wall-crawler robot s six feet is shown  with six degrees of freedom for agile c...
Simon Fraser University
One of the Abigaille wall-crawler robot's six feet is shown, with six degrees of freedom for agile climbing and dry adhesives on its footpad to keep it stuck to surfaces
Two K-9 models  the Doctor s robotic dog.
Two K-9 models, the Doctor's robotic dog.
Tony Thompson shows his hand made robot.
Tony Thompson shows his hand made robot.
The two powerful fingers on the device are used to hold a variety of items.
YouTube, MIT
The two powerful fingers on the device are used to hold a variety of items.
Picture of RobotLand
Picture of RobotLand
PhotonQ-Bicentennial Man
PhotonQ-Bicentennial Man
Clip from the film Endhiran
YouTube screenshot
Clip from the film Endhiran
RoboThespian robot teacher teaches class in Israel
RoboThespian robot teacher teaches class in Israel
Muhammad Ali of BattleBots destroys everything in Its path with a spinning hammer-blade
Muhammad Ali of BattleBots destroys everything in Its path with a spinning hammer-blade
An amazingly lifelike robot that evokes a psychological effect that many refer to as the  uncanny va...
An amazingly lifelike robot that evokes a psychological effect that many refer to as the "uncanny valley".

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