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PÆRISH, a Paris-based alternative rock band Special

You may not know the name, but chances are you soon will. The French rockers' riff-roaring debut single, "Undone," has been streamed over two million times - with no promotion whatsoever - on Spotify. Digital Journal spoke to band member Martin Dupraz.

Review: Robin Williams moves and inspires in his last role in ‘Boulevard’ Special

In Robin Williams’ last dramatic role, he portrays a closeted gay man who imprudently pursues a relationship with a younger prostitute in ‘Boulevard.’

Tanya Tucker: Interview with a celebrated country icon Special

Digital Journal caught up with the charismatic superstar ahead of a tell-all TV interview set to air on Friday, July 10 on PBS. She also discussed her current tour and her struggles with addiction.

Interview with Australian comedy legend, Kevin Bloody Wilson Special

The Lovable Larrikin talks to Digital Journal about his upcoming national tour, the amusingly-titled 'First of the Final Farewell Tours – Perhaps.'

Margaret Cho talks new tour, New York shows and Robin Williams Special

Three-time Grammy, Emmy nominee and acclaimed comedian Margaret Cho chatted about her latest endeavors and future plans in 2015.

Review: Magic abounds in ‘Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb’ Special

‘Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb’ goes global to give its beloved characters the send-off they deserve in the third and final installment.

Op-Ed: The silent majority becomes the loud-mouthed

Denver - What Richard Nixon wouldn’t have given for an outcome like this? Record numbers of voters stayed home, and the silent becomes the loud-mouthed majority.

Robin Williams suicide: Autopsy finds no drugs or booze involved

The coroner in Marin County, Calif. released the results of an autopsy on the late-actor and comic Robin Williams today and said there were no illegal drugs and no alcohol found in his system. Williams committed suicide on August 11.

2014 Emmys: 'Breaking Bad' and 'Modern Family' win top awards

Los Angeles - UPDATE: "Modern Family" and "Breaking Bad" took home the last two awards of the night as the Emmy Awards just wrapped up in Los Angeles.

Blizzard's tribute to Robin Williams may have been revealed

Blizzard Entertainment may be honoring the late Robin Williams in the upcoming expansion pack for the 'World of Warcraft.'

Twitter to delete images of dead people at families' request

San Francisco - Twitter has announced it will remove photos and videos of critically injured or dead people if their relatives request such deletions.

Fans petition to have Robin Williams featured in next Zelda game

Following the announcement that Blizzard Entertainment will honor the late Robin Williams with a Non Playable Character (NPC) in 'World of Warcraft,' fans are asking Nintendo to do the same in the upcoming 'The Legend of Zelda.'

Review: Robin Williams becomes 'douchebag' to avoid being loved too much

Robin Williams didn’t even give the world the 90 minutes notice his character got in “The Angriest Man in Brooklyn,” still on video kiosks.

Op-Ed: Robin Williams could play any character, including a woman

Los Angeles - On Monday, the world lost a beloved Hollywood legend. Robin Williams made us laugh and could play any role he wanted, including an elderly, unattractive British woman. Yes, I am talking about Mrs. Doubtfire.

Robin Williams: Merry Friggin' Christmas first-look clip (VIDEO)

A first-look trailer has been released for the Robin William's "Merry Friggin' Christmas", a comedy and one of the late actor's final projects.

Robin Williams remembered: Koko the gorilla mourns loss of friend

The so amazing Robin Williams is being mourned by all around the planet Earth, even touching his friends in the animal world. News of Williams' death touched his gorilla friend, Koko, who took the news in somber reflection.

Radio host: Prozac to blame for Robin Williams' death?

In a recent report, a popular radio host suggested that prescription drugs might have contributed to actor/comedian Robin Williams' tragic suicide.

Learning from Robin Williams: A new tune of hope for depression

The sudden and shocking death of Robin Williams has reverberated around the world this week as millions struggle to grasp a reality that seems almost too impossible to believe. But, sadly, it is.

Fans create Robin Williams memorial at 'Good Will Hunting' bench

After Robin Williams passed away groups of fans came out to leave presents and caring messages on a park bench from the movie Good Will Hunting, which is remembered as one of his best roles.

Op-Ed: Robin Williams' death should prompt help for men with depression

The tragic loss of famed actor and comedian Robin Williams has left many wondering how such a vibrant, funny man could have been depressed. While most examine comedy and depression, we should examine masculinity and depression.

Robin Williams's children, Zak, Cody, Zelda speak about their dad

Following the death of their father, Robin Williams's three children have issued a statement, describing him as their best friend.

Limbaugh claims Williams' suicide due to 'leftist worldview'

Comments made by the often-maligned conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh have sparked disbelief and ire from people around the world.

Blizzard to honor Robin Williams with 'World of Warcraft' tribute

Inspired by a fan petition, Blizzard Entertainment will honor the late Robin Williams in the 'World of Warcraft' with an in-game Non Playable Character (NPC).

Robin Williams set up 3-part trust fund for his kids amid money trouble

Robin Williams reportedly didn't leave a note before taking his own life Monday, but the actor did have his finances in order.

Op-Ed: That was a great game Robin

Too often the media, at the mercy of its handlers, turns minds away from real tragedy and dire problems that need attention. But today the media is flooded with a story about pop culture that needs to be making headlines.

Op-Ed: Robin Williams was imperfect like the rest of us

California - Robin Williams’ sudden demise has left his fans sad, desolate and incomplete. While he left a prodigious body of work that made people laugh, his apparent suicide leaves behind a disturbing legacy.

Op-Ed: Silence is the killer

Toronto - Social Media went wild last night as the news that it appeared that Robin Williams took his life. The world was in shock that a man so talented would end his life. Williams was not alone.

Op-Ed: The ignorant reaction to suicide

Malibu - Suicide is the coward's way out, killing yourself is a selfish act. Those two sentences hit my news feed when I got off of work and heard about the death of Robin Williams. If you are a person who believes those things, you are a heartless fool.

Actor Robin Williams dead at 63 of apparent suicide

San Francisco - American comedy icon Robin Williams was found dead of an apparent suicide at his northern California home on Monday morning.

Actor Robin Williams dead in apparent suicide

San Francisco - Authorities in northern California say comedian Robin Williams, always a square peg in a round hole, has died at the age of 63 at his home in Tiburon in Marin County. There were unconfirmed reports of a suicide.
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Kathy Baker and Robin Williams in a scene from  Boulevard
Kathy Baker and Robin Williams in a scene from 'Boulevard'
Starz Digital
US actor Robin Williams  shown November 15  2005  has died from suspected suicide after a battle wit...
US actor Robin Williams, shown November 15, 2005, has died from suspected suicide after a battle with depression, triggering an outpouring of anguished tributes
Tiziana Fabi, AFP
Robin Williams frequently performed for US troops abroad. Here he yuks it up with U.S. Army Lt. Gen....
Robin Williams frequently performed for US troops abroad. Here he yuks it up with U.S. Army Lt. Gen. John F. Campbell, commanding general, Combined Task Force 101, after a USO show in Bagram, Afghanistan.
Now the bench is a gathering spot for many of his fans.
Now the bench is a gathering spot for many of his fans.
A scene from  Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
A scene from 'Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb'
Twentieth Century Fox
Robin Williams and Koko
Robin Williams and Koko

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