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Robber News

Pastor tackles robber during sermon

Melbourne - Police in Melbourne arrested a man who they say tried to rob people during a sermon, but was stopped by the church pastor.

Inept robber blurts out name, accomplice confesses on Facebook

Edinburgh - These alleged robbers might want to think of new careers after robbing a bookmakers by using a fake gun and a hammer. Oh sure, they pulled the robbery off without a hitch. Almost.

Video: French bakery worker fights off armed robber with broom

Caught on a CCTV surveillance video, a worker from a bakery near Paris had a close call when an armed robber tried to rob the business, pointing a gun in her face. She lost her temper and attacked him with a broom.

Mobile phone saves life of Florida man in botched robbery attempt

Orlando - An Orlando gas station worker had a lucky escape when his mobile phone blocked a bullet fired at him by a robber. The attempted robbery took place last Monday morning at a Hess station in Winter Garden, Orlando.

Video: Storekeeper chases armed robber with machete

New York - When an armed robber tries to rob his store, this storekeeper wasn't having any of it. He bent down, picked up a machete, and chased the criminal down the street.

Brooklyn robber stopped by saggy jeans

Brooklyn - Joel Donaldson, who allegedly assaulted a woman and stole her phone, was caught – thanks to his poor choice of clothing.

Woman unmasks intruder's bandana to find grandson, police say

Albuquerque - A woman in New Mexico was the victim of a break-in recently. She had confronted an intruder who had entered her home. When she unmasked the man, she found the prowler was none other than her own grandson. Later, he confessed his intent to commit robbery.

Video: Shop worker fights off robber with bottle of Toilet Duck

A shop worker, Kili Moorthy, 24, fought off a needle-welding robber in a balaclava with the only weapon available––a bottle of toilet cleaner. He used a bottle of Toilet Duck bleach to chase off the robber.

Robber gets spanked on buttocks with closed fist

Gatineau - Two armed masked robbers who thought they would take a day’s earnings away from Zhen Yang while he was closing his convenience store in Gatineau, Que., were repelled by bear spray and one got his butt pounded, Tuesday.

Forgetful bank robber busted because of the urine he left behind

Copenhagen - More like a joke than reality, two Swedish bank robbers have left DNA evidence at the scene of their crime in the form of nicely collected urine samples.

Cover blown as robber takes mask off too early

Manchester - Lorenzo Mason, a 21-year-old from Burnage, is now facing a 5-year sentence after foolishly removing his mask a split second too early after an armed robbery, revealing his identity to a CCTV camera.

Bank robber forgets to pull mask up over his face

Eden - A man who decided to rob a bank in New York was prepared to hide his face with a dust mask, but he forgot to pull the mask up over his face.

Robber with sweet tooth ignores money and takes cheesecake

The desserts must have been just too good to resist when a robbery took place in a small Nova Scotia community. Thieves ignored jewellery and money but absconded with a cheesecake.

Robber unhappy with the amount of money he got from Wendy's

Atlanta - A Wendy's in Atlanta Georgia was robbed Saturday night by a masked gunman. His problem was he didn't get enough money and called them to let them know.

Robber gets clobbered by chair wielding gambler, caught on CCTV

An armed robber makes a huge mistake when he orders a hulking gambler at a bookmakers establishment in England to open the door for him after he raided the place.

Police hunt man who robbed elderly woman in the street

Dalkeith - Lothian and Borders police are hunting a man who stopped an elderly woman in the street and robbed her in broad daylight.

Robber disguised with toilet-paper caught as case unravelled

Police called the armed thief the "toilet-paper robber" after the crook wrapped his head in toilet paper as a disguise. Running from the scene of the crime, the robber left behind a trail of TP.

Caucasian alleged robber disguises himself as African-American

A serial bank and pharmacy robber has been arrested in Springdale, Ohio. Conrad Zdzeirak, a short dark-haired Caucasian with facial hair ,always wore a disguise that made him look like a clean-shaven African-American.

Christmas tree lot robber apologizes

A man armed with a gun apologized while committing a robbery at a Christmas tree lot in Southern California, police said.

'Exchange Bandit' Sentenced to 6 Years in Toronto

Over a period of six years, Kevin John Pinto, 38, robbed at least ten banks in the Greater Toronto Area and Peel Region. Yesterday, his six-year spree netted him a six year sentence. With credit for time served Pinto is facing another 46 months in jail.

'Bad Breath' bank robber sought in Florida

Florida police may never catch an alleged bank robber if he goes to the dentist for a good cleaning or brushes his teeth and pops for a bottle of mouthwash.

Shootout with ninja-look-alike robber, resident wounded

It’s well after Halloween, nonetheless a Sherman Oaks, California, resident shot it out with a ninja-look-alike robber who broken into his home, police said.

Robber repents, breaks into tears

An Indianapolis cash advance store robber was so overcome with guilt during a robbery that he dropped to his knees in tears and prayed for the teller's forgiveness.

Robber Asks Victim for a Date

Double chutzpah! Not only did a trio of robbers hold up a couple in their home, but one of the men came back two hours later and asked the female victim out on a date.

£40 million London jewellery heist

LONDON- It was reported that during a robbery in London two men have made off with 40 million pounds worth of jewellery.

British train robber Ronnie Biggs to be released

LONDON- He was only a minor player in The Great Train Robbery, the biggest and most famous heist in modern British history.

Great Train robber wont get parole

The Justice Secretary Jack Straw has decided against giving parole to Ronnie Biggs, one of the Great Train robbers, it was announced today.

Clerk refuses to give store money but gives own for robber

A store clerk refused to open the cash register for an armed robber, but gave the man $40 from his own money to the robber, who needed it for insulin.

Bank robbery suspect leaves his address on threatening note

A man successfully robbed a bank but left a threatening note on the back of his bank check with his full address. The man faces 20 years in prison for robbing the bank.

Careful of who you rob, it could end up costing you out of your own pocket

A man was robbed as he walked along a busy highway in Warren, Michigan. He ended up receiving $30 more than the robbers "take." Who paid, well that is what the story is about.
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A New Zealand kebab shop owner who ignored a pistol-wielding  would-be robber and continued to serve...
A New Zealand kebab shop owner who ignored a pistol-wielding, would-be robber and continued to serve his customers has insisted "I'm not a hero" after footage of his actions went viral.
AFP / YouTube
Shop worker fends off robber with bottle of Toilet Duck
Shop worker fends off robber with bottle of Toilet Duck
A buxom bandit robs service station in Queensland
A buxom bandit robs service station in Queensland
Security camera screengrab
An armed robber points a gun at a Canadian tourist
An armed robber points a gun at a Canadian tourist
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