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Rob Ford News

Rob Ford's family 'beside him' as rumors of his death denied

With rumors swirling that Rob Ford had died, late Thursday afternoon his family issued a statement to say he is still alive and fighting his cancer. The former mayor of Toronto is in the city's Mt. Sinai Hospital "with his family beside him."

Doug Ford says brother Rob has 2 new tumours on bladder

The news Rob Ford was given in late October was doubly bad as doctors at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto found two new tumours on his bladder. Yesterday Doug Ford told media his brother is back in hospital for an extended stay.

Rob Ford tumor shrinks, will undergo life-saving surgery May 11

Toronto - Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, stricken last fall with a rare cancer, has received good news — he has a chance. His cancerous tumor has not shrunk as much as doctors had hoped but it is operable and they now intend to remove it.

Rob Ford may be terminal, MRI seeks to learn size of tumor

The former mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, is awaiting news on whether he will undergo surgery to have his cancerous tumor removed. If doctors discover that surgery won't help him, Ford told media Friday it will mean that "they can’t do any more for me."

Doug says brother Rob Ford faces surgery in effort to beat cancer

The cancerous tumor that sits in Rob Ford is not getting smaller, his brother Doug Ford told the media on Thursday. Rob is expected to undergo a fifth round of chemotherapy before moving on to other treatment options.

Rob Ford hints brother Doug could run for Ontario PC leadership

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford thinks his brother Doug Ford should run for the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party. Rob jokingly told media his brother "dithers" too much and has been doing just that on the subject of a PC leadership bid.

Despite cancer, Rob Ford to speak at cenotaph on Remembrance Day

In what may be the last public appearance as mayor by Rob Ford, he will attend, and speak at, a Remembrance Day ceremony Tuesday. The mayor, ill with cancer, will leave his hospital bed to do so.

Rob Ford attacks councillors expenses, though they've underspent

Every Toronto area councillor spent well under the ceiling of their allowable constituency services and office expenses for this year but that hasn't stop outgoing Mayor Rob Ford from railing about it. Ford did so on Thursday from his hospital bed.

Toronto's Ford era is over; John Tory elected mayor

Toronto - Toronto decided to elect long-time politician John Tory to lead the city. Tory took 40 percent of the votes, with Doug Ford (Rob Ford's brother) finished second and Olivia Chow in third.

Rob Ford breaks campaign rules, kicked out of advance polls

It does not appear to matter what befalls Rob Ford, he seems incapable of staying away from controversy; indeed, not even his grave illness can stop him from making headlines. This time it was Ford's repeated failure to comply with election rules.

Rob Ford has Toronto join 'Recovery Day in Canada' celebration

Thanks to two ambitious women and a filmmaker, each from the community of recovering alcohol and drug addicts, September 20, 2014, was Canada's 3rd Annual Recovery Day. The city of Vancouver leads the movement but Toronto is also involved.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford diagnosed with cancer

Toronto - The lead doctor from Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's medical team announced that the mayor is facing a battle with a very rare cancer. Ford will undergo chemotherapy as soon as possible.

Rob Ford withdraws from Toronto's race for mayor

Toronto - At the last minute Friday Mayor Rob Ford's director of communications Jeff Silverstein put in the paperwork for resignation at Toronto's City Hall. Ford's brother Doug name has been added to the list of mayoral candidates.

Op-Ed: Rob Ford in second place in Toronto mayoralty race

Toronto - John Tory, a former leader of the Progressive Conservative party of Ontario, is far in the lead for mayor of the city of Toronto. However scandal-ridden Rob Ford the present mayor is in second, and Olivia Chow of the New Democratic Party is in third.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford diagnosed with abdominal tumor

Toronto - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been admitted to a hospital due to a tumor. While Ford has dealt with abdominal pain for three months, it became much worse in the last 24 hours.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford addressed the National Franchise Show Special

Toronto - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford gave the Opening Address at the 2014 National Franchise and Business Opportunities Show which was followed by Bruce Croxon's inspirational Keynote Address that inspired attendees to 'Get in the Game of Business Ownership'.

Man charged with offering free beer to throw things at Rob Ford

A Toronto man has been charged in that city for trying to solicit people to throw things at Rob Ford. It's the latest in a string of controversy that follows the Toronto mayor, some, like this one, not of his own doing.

Can Rob Ford win? Poll has Ford tied for lead in race for Mayor

A new poll conducted in Toronto on Monday, July 21, has Mayor Rob Ford in a statistical tie with his two top rivals in the mayoral race. Toronto's municipal election doesn't go until October 27 but these results suggest the embattled Ford has a chance.

Chrome extension plays clown music when you read about Rob Ford

Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, has made numerous news headlines, and now there is an extension in Chrome that will play clown music whenever you read a news story or article about him.

Op-Ed: Rob Ford: Toronto's first black mayor

Toronto - An opinion piece in defense of Toronto's most divisive and infamous mayor Rob Ford, and the city's brutal treatment towards him.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford returning to work from rehab on Monday

After two months in a rehab facility to deal with substance abuse issues, Mayor Rob Ford is returning to Toronto city hall on Monday morning. He told city clerk Ulli S. Watkis over a week ago, via a letter, about the date of his intended return.

He'll be bacckkk: Hey, T.0., Mayor Rob Ford week away from return

The entire world seems to know that a large part of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's term in office has been, to be kind, a bit of a circus. Ford returns from rehab a week from today so the question becomes — will their Mayor lead Toronto to crazy town again?

David Soknacki — Unafraid to talk policy in Toronto mayoral race Special

Toronto - If you’re outside of the Toronto area – or you don’t follow municipal politics – then it’s likely you have not heard of 2014 mayoral candidate David Soknacki. It’s not surprising since he has yet to be covered by Jimmy Kimmel or CNN.

Rob Ford crack video will be shown in court - after election

There's little doubt the crack video featuring Toronto mayor Rob Ford, currently reported to be on leave in a rehab, will be shown in a Toronto courtroom. It will shown as part of the trial of Sandro Lisi, Ford's close friend. But when?

Op-Ed: Media has a Rob Ford obsession and it's kinda getting tiresome

In the past few days we have read that many do not believe Rob Ford is in rehab, and some media reported that he was at a Tim Horton's. His brother Doug said it was him at Tim's, though few believed that until the store checked security tapes.

David Sparrow urges Torontonians to 'vote wisely' in election Special

Toronto - Although the municipal election has taken a back seat for more than a month due to the provincial election, some candidates for Toronto’s city council are still bringing forward important issues for voters to consider. David Sparrow is one of them.

Rob Ford is 'sick,' says Toronto mayoral opponent Olivia Chow

Toronto - Former MP and current Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow has declared the city's mayor, Rob Ford, has a sickness that seriously impacts his ability to lead a major metropolis.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to seek help for substance abuse

Toronto - Rob Ford, the controversial mayor of Toronto, says he’s “ready to take a break” from the mayoral election campaign to “go get help” after media outlets released new recordings allegedly showing him intoxicated.

Mayor Rob Ford sees Leafs lose, creates minor stir at hockey game

It is often not the fault of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, the hoopla he creates that is. It's just that everywhere he goes his unusual reputation follows and citizens want to touch him, to shout hello, to get a photo with him. To be a part of it all.

Run Away! Run Away! Mayor Rob Ford literally runs from media

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford might have become the first mayor of a major city in the world to literally run away from the clutches of media. The Big Guy did so while on his way to his office on Wednesday.
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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford speaking at a media event.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford speaking at a media event.
Toronto City Councillors
Toronto City Councillors
Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty
Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his brother  Councillor Doug Ford.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his brother, Councillor Doug Ford.
Stop Rob Ford
Stop Rob Ford
Members of Toronto s Police  Firefighters  emergency medical services  Armed Forces  Toronto Transit...
Members of Toronto's Police, Firefighters, emergency medical services, Armed Forces, Toronto Transit Commission and others take part in a military parade during the D-Day commemoration at city hall.
Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty
Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty
Etobicoke Councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby pointing her finger at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford as he laughed...
Etobicoke Councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby pointing her finger at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford as he laughed and criticized her position on transit.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford  alongside retied military veteran John Hadley  delivers a proclamation comme...
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, alongside retied military veteran John Hadley, delivers a proclamation commemorating D-Day.
Councillors Mike Layton and Shelley Caroll listen to a deputation.
Councillors Mike Layton and Shelley Caroll listen to a deputation.
Toronto mayoral candidate  Rob Ford.
Toronto mayoral candidate, Rob Ford.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford (L) and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford (L) and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty
Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty with a Canada Company scholarship recipient.
Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty with a Canada Company scholarship recipient.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford speaks at the Workforce Development launch in the city s east-end to help pro...
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford speaks at the Workforce Development launch in the city's east-end to help promote youth employment and partner with the private sector.
Davenport Ward 17 City Councillor Cesar Polacio
Davenport Ward 17 City Councillor Cesar Polacio

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