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Road News

Bus crash in southern Pakistan kills 57 people: Officials

Khairpur - At least 57 people, including 18 children, were killed Tuesday when a bus collided with a goods truck loaded with coal in southern Pakistan, officials said.

At least 38 killed in fiery China road accident: Xinhua

Beijing - At least 38 people were killed when a van carrying inflammable liquid hit a bus on a highway in central China early Saturday, state media reported.

Dead body falls out of van onto busy roadway in Pennsylvania

A body fall right out of a coroner's van, and into the middle of traffic near Feasterville, Pennsylvania. A passerby called the incident the "the most bizarre thing."

U.S. actor Tracy Morgan critically hurt in car crash

Washington - U.S. actor Tracy Morgan, known for his Emmy-nominated turn on television comedy "30 Rock," has been critically injured in a six-car crash in New Jersey that killed one of his friends.

Pakistan bus crash leaves 42 dead

Sukkur - A speeding passenger bus smashed into a tractor-trailer in southern Pakistan Sunday, killing 42 people including 14 children and injuring more than a dozen others with many in critical condition, police said.

Biker shot dead in road rage attack, motorist wounded

Johannesburg - A motorist and a biker were involved in a road rage confrontation on Friday whilst traveling on Malibongwe Drive. In the course of the argument the motorist was wounded and the biker shot dead.

Colombia gets tough on drunk driving

Bogot - Colombia is cracking down on drunk driving, imposing a fine nearly 50 times the country's minimum monthly wage as it tries to set an example for Latin America.

Video captures large section of street swept away by river

Abaetetuba - Footage captured from a CCTV security camera show the moment when part of a street in northern Brazil was swallowed up by a large crater, sending people scurrying for their lives.

Video: Russian BMD-2 tank hits streetlight in road accident

Ryazan - You have to love these dashboard cameras, especially when they pick up funny road accidents like this one, as a tank crashes into a streetlight in Russia.

Video: Driver gets a fright as tank crosses road in front of him

A driver got quite a fright in Russia when a heavy armored tank suddenly appeared out of nowhere on a busy road and drove across in front of his car in Nizhniy Tagil in the Urals. He caught it on his on-board video camera.

Beating the icy winter roads with beet juice

With the declining supply of road salt and the higher prices, many communities are switching to a more cost efficient, and yet environmentally friendly solution.

Video: Honey the dog catches salmon swimming upstream on road

Seattle - The video shows a salmon swimming upstream on a flooded road in Seattle, Washington. A dog walks up and picks it up in its jaws with such practised ease that you may think picking up a live fish swimming in water is that easy.

Green light given to 'glow in the dark' road concept

By mid-2013, driving on the highways at night time in the Netherlands will get a bit brighter, with new, fluorescent lane markers that will remove the need for overhead lighting.

Fur seal is sleeping it off after being rescued twice in one day

Melbourne - A fur seal is resting up at the Melbourne Zoo after stopping traffic on a busy beach road, being escorted back into the water and then making his way back to the street, falling asleep on a cycling path instead.

Video: Road-dividing fence collapses like dominoes in China

Jinhua - China's state broadcaster has released this amazing surveillance video, which shows a road-dividing fence literally falling like a giant row of dominoes.

Subway work unearths ancient road in Greece

Archaeologists in Greece discovered a 230-foot section of an ancient road that the Romans built. The road was uncovered in Greece's second-largest city.

Montana child killed in road accident

Billings - Road accident kills child and injures another child and woman in Montana. Two boys and a woman were thrown from the vehicle as she lost control.

Heavy snowfall and strong winds causing travel chaos in Austria

Innsbruck - Many areas across Austria are under 1.2 metres (4ft) of snow since Thursday causing chaos on roads and railways in several areas of the central European nation.

Road Conditions Make Spokane School District Apologize to Parents

Spokane - With the snowfall slowing down in the Inland Northwest and temperatures causing slush and ice on the roads, even buses are getting stuck.

Zebra joins traffic on busy South African road

Johannesburg - Motorists along a busy Johannesburg highway were surprised to see a zebra walking along near the traffic Thursday morning.

Serengeti road would mean disaster for wildlife say scientists

A proposed road through Serengeti National Park would result in the collapse of an ecosystem which includes huge herds of wildebeest and zebra, warn scientists.

Workmen paint around dead badger on road rather than remove it

Workmen painting white lines on a road left a gap when they came across a dead badger in their path. They painted up to near where the badger lay, then moved around it and continued painting.

How Viggo Mortensen survived a post-apocalyptic world on The Road Special

As the father, Viggo Mortensen delivers another phenomenal performance in The Road (on BD/DVD). The Oscar-winner reveals how he and his Road son fought to survive in a devastated world where food is scarce and men have resorted to cannibalism to live.

Viggo Mortensen's intense, Oscar-worthy journey along The Road Special

In The Road, Viggo Mortensen delivers an award-winning performance as a father desperate to keep he and his son alive in a dying civilization. Viggo talks about preparing for his part, nudity, co-star Charlize Theron and rating his own survival skills.

Kerouac’s On The Road, 50th anniversary

I’d just been reading some real tripe, and I had to go get something to clean out the filters in my head. I saw On The Road, cheap. I’ve always been meaning to read it. I have a list that'd fill a library, but I'm honest enough to grab what I can find

32,000 quarters lost on Wisconsin roads

Imagine the ringing noise of 32,000 quarters hitting the pavement. An armored car lost $8,000 in quarters in 2 counties in Wisconsin last month. About half of them were returned.

Infant Left in the Road for Satan

A seven-week-old baby was left in the street early Saturday morning in Lebanon. The 911 call said that a naked woman was carrying a baby in the road and that the woman said she was taking the infant to Satan.

You take the high road and I’ll take the low

In Biblical studies the term “Christology” is shorthand for how much of Jesus was “God” and how much was man.

Israeli Motorists drove around dead body on road

In an Israel highway, cars and trucks drive around a dead body lying on the road.

Woman Fires Handgun In Road Rage Fit

You think your drive to work was rough this morning? Nobody tried to blast your tires out with a 9mm.
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Road Image

A photo by Erik Johansson
A photo by Erik Johansson
Courtesy Erik Johansson
Photo by Andrew Bossi
A destroyed road in Vermont  due to Hurricane Irene
A destroyed road in Vermont, due to Hurricane Irene
A section of the B1083
A section of the B1083
Unpaved roads everywhere. In the background the majestic Himalayas. South of Kathmandu.
Unpaved roads everywhere. In the background the majestic Himalayas. South of Kathmandu.
By ralukiancu
Sweep panorama of road close to Queen Elizabeth Road
Sweep panorama of road close to Queen Elizabeth Road
 Over East Broadway   Lower East Side. 
Vivienne Gucwa began posting her photos of NYC in 2010  re-d...
"Over East Broadway", Lower East Side. Vivienne Gucwa began posting her photos of NYC in 2010, re-discovering her hometown on foot.
Vivienne Gucwa
sometimes being a trucker  you can get some neat pictures.  This one was early morning in a trucksto...
sometimes being a trucker, you can get some neat pictures. This one was early morning in a truckstop, the clouds were hanging low, so i took picture, and then climbed in truck and down the road working.
South Dakota has quite a lot of unspoiled natural areas up for sale.
South Dakota has quite a lot of unspoiled natural areas up for sale.
Andrew Filer
Trees along the road...a huge contrast from Kuala Lumpur
Trees along the road...a huge contrast from Kuala Lumpur
“The excitement  the hype-ness of (New York City radio)... the internet can t replace that   says ...
“The excitement, the hype-ness of (New York City radio)... the internet can't replace that," says Pemberton. "It’s not the same as, “Oooh, so people downloaded this mp3 today!“ Like, okay...”
Malawi  road side impressions along the M1 between Blantyre and Lilongwe
Malawi, road side impressions along the M1 between Blantyre and Lilongwe
Hansueli Krapf
The sacbe or white road  shown here with a drainage canal on the left and several corn plants preser...
The sacbe or white road, shown here with a drainage canal on the left and several corn plants preserved by ash on the right, is roughly 1,400 years old and was found near El Salvador
Photo courtesy Payson Sheets, University of Colorado


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