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COVID-19 patients can remain infectious for weeks after recovery

Patients with the new coronavirus keep the pathogen in their respiratory tract for as long as 37 days, a new study found, suggesting they could remain infectious for many weeks.

RNA used to make ‘living computers’ for nanotechnology

Phoenix - Researchers from Arizona State University have demonstrated that living cells can be induced to carry out complex computations in the manner of tiny robots or computers.

Essential Science: Small molecule, big future in food security

This week’s Essential Science looks at how scientists are using molecules to stop a corn-infecting fungus from producing a potent toxin and running crops. The fungus poses a major risk to food security, especially in the developing world.

Has a sixth DNA base been discovered?

Most textbooks talk of four DNA bases. Later research has shown there to be five. No, wait, cross that out, there could be six. Scientists suggest that the methyl-adenine is the sixth base and that it is medically important.

Scientists successfully 'delete' HIV virus from human DNA

Over the decades, HIV has remained elusive, meaning a cure couldn't be found. A wizard at installing its genome into human DNA, it is impossible for our immune system to get rid of it.

Genes linked to Alzheimer’s disease

Boston - Scientists have identified abnormal expression of genes, resulting from "DNA relaxation," that can be detected in the brain and blood of Alzheimer's patients. This offers a clue of a genetic link to the degenerative disease.

Citizen scientists aim to solve complex RNA structures

A new online competition provides an opportunity for citizen scientists to design RNA molecules to generate a target structure for new medicines.

Op-Ed: Genetic mutations challenges Darwin’s evolution theory

The death of Darwin's evolution theory continues due to the evidence found in genome deterioration, sickle cell anemia mortality, beneficial mutations elusiveness, disease proliferation, and recent genetic mutations.

Retrovirus historical discoveries may help modern-day outbreaks

As modern-day Australian koala bears face extinction from an AIDS-like retrovirus, scientists discover that retrovirus families and varieties have been operating among mammalian populations for 100 million years.

Nature study shows synthesis of RNA building-blocks is possible

A team from Manchester University have been able to synthesise two of the four building blocks of Ribo-Nucleic Acid (RNA), the self-replicating molecule that is widely believed to be the original molecule of life.

Missing MicroRNA is Key to Breast Cancer Spread

US researchers announced on Wednesday that by restoring missing genetic material from breast tumors in mice they were able to stop the spread of the tumors.

Birth Control Pill Without Hormonal Side Effects Coming

An American Society for Reproductive Medicine has been informed that a new type of oral contraceptive is in the works without the side effects that are associated with current brands.

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