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Rising News

Lisa Polizzi wins 2018 Josie Music Award for 'Female Rising Star' Special

Long Island's very own Lisa Polizzi has a major reason to be content. She was the recipient of a major award at the 2018 Josie Music Awards ceremony.

Op-Ed: Elizabeth Lyons deserves to become the next country superstar

Rising country singer Elizabeth Lyons is one of those artists that deserves to be played more on contemporary country radio stations due to her immense talent.

Kenya drought crisis leads to starvation, soaring food prices

Nairobi - Kenya's worst drought in 60 years has left millions of people desperate for food and water as food prices skyrocket, hundreds of thousands of head of livestock have died, and lack of basic sanitation needs have led to the world's worst food crisis.

Rising cost of college tuition leaves students weighted in debt

Washington - As a new semester begins, college student loans are approaching the $1 trillion mark, more than all US households combined owe on their credit cards, and colleges are encouraging the vast student debt as a lingering recession compounds the problem.

Obama administration to form new agency to monitor climate change

Washington - The Obama administration has proposed the formation of a new federal agency that will study and report to the goverment on the changing climate.

U.S. officials report rise in militia groups

Throughout the 1990s, right-wing militia groups were growing at a rapid rate and now, again, they are growing in mass amounts, according to a new U.S. report.

It's summertime and gas prices are rising

Summer is almost upon us and people are hitting the highways. Gas prices are rising just as the miles we drive increase.

Higher Gas Prices Save Lives

Gas prices got you down? Don’t despair. There is, at least, one benefit to rising gas prices, say the authors of a new study released this month—fewer auto fatalities.

Sleeping With The Enemy: How Kids Won't Heed the Safe Sex Message

It would appear that kids in the UK just aren't getting the message as numbers of new cases of sexually transmitted infections rises to an all time high. The campaign for safe sex targeted at young people is failing to hit the spot

Soldiers Drug Use on the Rise

The statistics are in. The use of drugs among soldiers is rising and is not tolerated because the misuse of drugs is incompatible with life in the Armed Forces according to an Army spokesman.

The Mighty Canadian Loonie Rises Again

The Loonie will not lose its footing as it ran back up the scale Tuesday morning after a short dive on Monday. Closing at Monday at $1.02(US) the mighty Canadian dollar rose back to $1.0362 by 8:05 a.m.

The Cost Of War Is Rising. When Will it End?

The cost of war is rising every day and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. What about the people affected? Let's not even go there with the cost of human lives. How much is too much?

Cities at Risk of Rising Sea Levels

Most of the big and economically important cities in the world are at risk due to global warming and raising sea level.Lives of millions of people are at risk of being swamped by flooding and intense storm.

Hannibal Rising panned by critics

'Hannibal Rising', the latest installment in the cannibal classic has been panned by critics.

"Hannibal Rising" Fake Head And Genitalia Are Stolen

I guess we all sort of know what's in store for us from this movie? Fake heads and genitalia!

"Hannibal Rising", and Lector Strikes again

Ok, another Hannibal Lector Movie...But I'm Confused, Where is Anthony Hopkins?

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