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Rioting News

Op-Ed: Ferguson rioters spit on the memory of Michael Brown

Ferguson - It looked like we were about to see a true groundswell of support for community policing and a de-militarization of law enforcement...but then the Missouri governor had to call the National Guard into Ferguson. Rioters have spat on Michael Brown's memory.

Op-Ed: Evaluating police officer performance may be 2014 political issue

Ferguson - Police in Ferguson, Missouri were originally condemned for being too aggressive and heavy-handed, but are now being accused of dereliction of duty for not cracking down on looters in the aftermath of the tragic Michael Brown shooting. It's a Catch-22.

Rioting in Brussels

Riots took place in Brussels on Friday afternoon. A group of around thirty people were rioting in the streets with some onlookers looking on.

Op-Ed: Rodney King: 21 Years Later

Los Angeles - Today marks the 21st anniversary of the story of Rodney King, a young black man who was so scared of going back to prison, he led police officers on a car chase in Los Angeles. The officers caught up with King, and brutally beat him.

Op-Ed: UK crime round up for October 21

A round up from the UK of crimes in the news: shocking, disgusting and relatively trivial including an ongoing murder trial, and a failed appeal from the recent riots.

Op-Ed: The left and the riots – what they said, and what they didn’t

The extreme left in Britain are never shy about accusing governments of censorship, but by the same token, they are quick to self-censor their own publications.

Op-Ed: Black crime – when crying 'racism' is not enough

In the wake of the recent rioting, the loony left has been spouting statistics that appear to indict the police, but examining one horrific incident is enough to shred this specious rhetoric.

Op-Ed: Luddites, loonies, and the SWP

According to the Socialist Workers Party, a defence campaign is being launched in Tottenham for those arrested in the riots. What next, a Christmas support group for turkeys?

Op-Ed: The civil unrest – who rioted, and who didn’t

An analysis of the racial origins of the rioters leads to some unsurprising conclusions which we must not allow the politically correct left to make taboo.

Op-Ed: ‘Crimewatch’, Clegg, and common sense

Thursday night, BBC1 is screening a 'Crimewatch' Special; tune in to see if you can spot someone who took part in the recent riots.

Op-Ed: The London riots – seeing the bigger picture Special

Behind the wanton destruction, hatred, mindless violence and unbridled criminality of the recent and ongoing outrages lay genuine grievances, but they are directed at the wrong people, says David Pidcock.

Rioting, violence, mar protests of Arizona immigration laws

In some cities around America this past weekend, peaceful protests against Arizona's strict new immigration laws degenerated into rioting and even violence against counter-protesters. Many were also arrested, including Rep. Lius Gutierrez (D-IL).

Nine executed in China for role in ethnic riots

Ethnic riots this past July in Urumqi, China left almost 200 dead. On Monday state-owned China News Service reported that nine of the 12 who had been sentenced to death for their role in the riots have been executed.

Protests Spread to Pakistan Over Reprinting of Muhammed Cartoons

Dozens of Islamist students, chanting "Death to the cartoonist" and burning Danish flag in southern Pakistan on Thursday after the republication of the controversial Muhammed cartoons.

Rioting Continues in Denmark

Seventeen youths have been arrested for setting fire to cars and trash bins overnight in the fourth consecutive night of rioting taking place predominately in the immigrant neighborhoods in Copenhagen.

Food Riots Predicted By Top Experts As World Food Supply Dwindles

Stocks of grain and of rice, wheat and maize are down at levels not seen since the early 1980s. Experts are predicting that the next 12 to 24 months may see violence erupt across the globe as food shortages cause panic. We consume more than we produce.

Rioting in Paris Suburb Continues for Second Night

For a second night, French youths have rioted with police for the second night. This comes as a result of the incident where two teenagers on a motorcycle collided with a police car. Both teenagers had died in the accident.

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Aftermath of the Super Bowl Riots in Oakland  Pittsburgh  PA 2009
Aftermath of the Super Bowl Riots in Oakland, Pittsburgh, PA 2009
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