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Amazon to introduce two-factor authentication for Ring Special

Amazon has announced that it will require two-factor authentication for Ring devices. The move follows several viral Ring hacks in 2019, and represents a further advance for two-factor authentication.

Pope resisted ring-kissing for fear of germs

Vatican City - Pope Francis tries to stop people kissing his ring because he fears it could spread germs, the Vatican said Thursday in response to a viral video showing the Argentinian repeatedly withdrawing his hand from worshippers.

Amazon offering five different smart home security packages

Seattle - Amazon now is offering home security services through a new portal. There are an array of smart security packages, including items such as entryway sensors, sirens, and a video doorbell all installed by Amazon workers and with no monthly contract.

Amazon acquires Ring in latest move into smart home market

Amazon has acquired Ring, the popular digital doorbell maker, for a figure believed to be in excess of $1 billion. Amazon is expanding into smart home products as it seeks to find ways to increase adoption of consumer AI and grow its hardware business.

A French treasure, Joan of Arc's ring is back in France

Paris - A ring believed to have belonged to Joan of Arc, the young French heroine who led the armies of France to victory against the English and their allies at the Battle of Orléans, has been returned to France after 600 years.

Tampa family finds severed hand, 'pirate treasure' in attic [Vid]

Tampa - A family in Tampa was cleaning out the attic when they found an old box containing items collected by their great-grandfather thought to have belonged to the legendary eighteenth-nineteenth century buccaneer José Gaspar.

Fourth grader suspended for using magic from the Hobbit

A parent of a fourth-grade student at the Kermit Independent School has said that his son was pulled out of lessons for making a terroristic threat when he was actually repeating magic from the Hobbit.

Male sex slave ring busted

An alleged male sex slave ring that has been operating since 2012 was busted. Authorities said that Hungarian pimps forced young gay men to work as sex slaves in Miami and New York City.

SmartWatches are so yesterday — Introducing the SmartRing

As Samsung, Apple and Co. are all launching their own takes on the SmartWatches, MOTA, a US company based in the Silicon Valley with its award-winning design team, has designed the next step in the high-tech consumer electronics: the SmartRing!

Paul Walker bought ring anonymously for Iraq veteran's fiancée

Once again actor Paul Walker, who died over the weekend, is being remembered for his generosity, compassion and big heart.

Husband accidentally sells wife's expensive wedding ring for $10

Laguna Niguel - As this California wife is sent to the hospital to give birth to her fifth child, her husband accidentally sells her $23,000 wedding ring.

Mystery ring of radiation briefly encircled Earth

Last September most people did not know that a previously unseen ring of radiation encircled the planet for almost an entire month.

Photo essay: Canada's only synchrotron particle accelerator Special

Saskatoon - One of the world's few particle accelerators, the synchrotron at Canadian Light Source in Saskatoon creates incredibly strong beams of light to help researchers with medical and environmental science experiments.

Anti-cheating ring snitches on your cheating spouse

A wedding ring has been created for people intent on cheating on their spouses. The band of the ring has an engraving on the inside that reads " I'm Married." The message is imprinted on the finger of spouses when they slip off their ring for a fling.

Man gets ring back 72 years after losing it

When 18-year-old Jesse Mattos lost his high school ring down a drain he didn't expect to see it again, but the California man was reunited with the item 72 years later.

Mayweather Risks Losing Ring's No.2 Pound- for-Pound Ranking

Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has only until May 1 to sign up for a fight or he risks losing his No.2 spot in the Ring's pound for pound rankings.

Prince William will not wear a wedding ring

Prince William will not wear a wedding ring, but Kate Middleton will wear a band made from Welsh gold after they are married on April 29.

Woman gets back ring she flushed down toilet two years ago

A woman in the UK got her diamond ring back, two years after she accidentally flushed it down a toilet and had a company conduct a search.

Russian spy ring busted

Four couples in the U.S. have lived under assumed false identities while secretly working as undercover Russian spies on a long-term basis, also known as deep cover. Their objective was to obtain information on nuclear weapons.

Man coughs up stolen ring at jewelry store as police watch

In a gem of a story, a Missouri man accused of stealing a ring coughed up the evidence in front of police after a jewelry store owner stalled him during the transaction until police arrived.

Alleged call girl ring broken up in upscale Pasadena, California

Think of Pasadena, California, and the Rose parade and game, quaint shopping areas and vintage, old-money homes usually come to mind, not prostitution rings operating out of upscale luxury apartments.

Fourth person charged in UK pedophile ring

A pregnant mother of eight is the latest person to be charged in connection with a nursery pedophile ring in Britain. The ring leader refuses to tell parents which children she abused.

New Moon Found In Saturn's G Ring

Saturn's G ring has one more moon Scientific American announced on Tuesday. Recent images from NASA's Cassini spacecraft have shown a moonlet in the G ring.

Morning Ring Around the Sun

Yesterday morning's ring was pinkish in hue and was also, it turns out, entertaining the eyes of some early morning Florida Keys sunbathers, and it remained visible for about four hours into midday.

UK children rescued from sex abuse ring

Eight British children between six and fourteen years old have been rescued and arrests were made in the UK, Australia and the US. detectives believe that they broken up one of the sophisticated paedophile rings ever.

Love Will Keep Us Alive

A man's life was possibly saved by his wedding ring after it deflected a bullet during a robbery at his Antique Store. His wife says God is owed all the credit for the miracle.

Dark Matter "seen" in galaxy collision

A halo detected around a distant cluster of galaxies is the strongest evidence yet for dark matter...The discovery is a milestone in a 70-year search for a substance that has never been seen yet accounts for nearly all of the mass in the universe.

Shotguns still used to euthanize unwanted pets in northern Ontario town

A local woman founded Chapleau Rescue Ring to stop town's practice of shooting unwanted dogs.

Dad Tosses Son's Wrestling Foe From Ring

A father was watching his sons wrestling match and decided to give his kid a helping hand when he was losing, by throwing the other kid off his son and into the air all caught on video.

Prostitution bust involves girls as young as 12

After a yearlong investigation, a man was arrested for suspicion of child prostitution and sexual conduct with a minor
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St. Joan of Arc is the patroness of soldiers and of France.
St. Joan of Arc is the patroness of soldiers and of France.
Catholic Online
Ring Indoor Cam.
Ring Indoor Cam.
© Amazon
The Joan of Arc ring was bought by the Puy du Fou foundation  which runs a historical theme park  fo...
The Joan of Arc ring was bought by the Puy du Fou foundation, which runs a historical theme park, for nearly £300,000 (€386,000), and was handed over to French representatives in London.
Sebastian Wärmländer of Stockholm University
Koshy Koshy
Joan of Arc s ring is back in France after 600 years.
Joan of Arc's ring is back in France after 600 years.
Bella Rebel
File photo: Diamond engagement ring
File photo: Diamond engagement ring
Jim Harper
Police busted a cocaine ring in Benidorm  Spain including the notorious UK drug dealer Brian Carring...
Police busted a cocaine ring in Benidorm, Spain including the notorious UK drug dealer Brian Carrington.
National Police
Lee J Haywood
Joan gave the ring to an English cardinal before she was burned at the stake in 1431.
Joan gave the ring to an English cardinal before she was burned at the stake in 1431.
Bella Rebel

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