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Rick perry News

Op-Ed: Perry vs. Paul battle could strengthen GOP position in 2016

Republican titans Rand Paul, outspoken libertarian U.S. senator from Kentucky, and Rick Perry, outspoken longtime governor of Texas, are taking potshots at each other. Democrats should beware of the victor coming out stronger for 2016.
In the Media by Calvin Wolf - 1 comment

Texas Gov. Perry visits SF, compares homosexuality to alcoholism Special

San Francisco - Texas Gov. Rick Perry visited San Francisco on Wednesday and stunned an audience in the famously tolerant city by comparing homosexuality to alcoholism.
Digital Journal Report by Brett Wilkins - 17 comments

Texas Gov. Perry will not comply with law to curb prison rape

Austin - When a federal law designed to reduce prison rape goes into effect next month, Texas won't be participating, said Governor Rick Perry in a recent letter to the U.S. attorney general.
In the Media by Yukio Strachan - 3 comments

Texas planning commercial spaceflight hub

Houston - Houston authorities are planning to reclaim its place in space travel as home of NASA by collaborating with the private sector of the spaceflight industry.
In the Media by Eduardo Arrufat

Governor Rick Perry signs Texas abortion bill into law

Following weeks of heated protests, Texas Governor Rick Perry has signed one of the most restrictive abortion bills ever in the United States.
In the Media by Layne Weiss - 1 comment

Rick Perry will not seek re-election next year

San Antonio - Rick Perry, Texas' longest-serving governor, announced Monday that he will not seek re-election in 2014. He also plans to retire, though he has left open the possibility of running for president again.
In the Media by Michael Thomas - 4 comments

Texas proposing repatriation of gold held at the Federal Reserve

Houston - New legislation is being proposed in Texas that would establish a sort of Texas Bullion Depository. Texas Governor Rick Perry and other lawmakers are proposing that it would get back its gold from the Federal Reserve.
In the Media by Andrew Moran

Texas secession petition to White House reaches 25,000 threshold

Austin - Less than a week after President Barack Obama's reelection, a petition submitted to the White House website calling for secession of Texas from the union has received more than 35,000 signatures, far more than for the other states that petitioned.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 18 comments

Gov. Rick Perry 'proudly' denies health care to 1.2M Texans

Texas's Republican governor announced Monday that he would refuse to implement key portions of the Affordable Care Act, aka 'Obamacare,' a decision with severe medical and financial consequences for his state.
In the Media by Brett Wilkins - 5 comments

Stage collapse in Toronto kills 1, Radiohead concert cancelled Special

Toronto - A stage at Toronto's Downsview Park has collapsed, killing one and seriously injuring another. It was being set up for the big Radiohead concert later tonight, and the venue spokesperson announced the show is cancelled in light of the tragedy.
Digital Journal Report by David Silverberg - 2 comments

Texas Governor Rick Perry eyes 2016 run for the White House

Houston - The 2012 presidential election hasn't even been decided yet, but some Republicans are looking at running for the presidency four years from now. Texas Governor Rick Perry is one of those possible GOP presidential contenders.
In the Media by Andrew Moran - 3 comments

Texas Governor Rick Perry endorses Mitt Romney

Texas Governor and former Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry, who dropped out of the presidential race in January, endorsed former Governor of Massachusetts and presumptive Republican Party nominee Mitt Romney on Wednesday.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus

Op-Ed: Rebranding pink slime as 'Dude, it's beef' to make it appetising

The meat processing industry is fighting back in defense of the reputation of lean, finely textured beef, better known by the less endearing term of "pink slime." State governors have come up with the alternative name of "Dude, it's beef."
In the Media by Katerina Nikolas - 12 comments

Report: Talks of Newt Gingrich-Rick Perry pre-convention ticket

Mobile - Sources close to the Newt Gingrich presidential campaign say that conversations of "what-if" scenarios are transpiring. One of the "what-ifs" is Gingrich asking former rival and Texas Governor Rick Perry to be his running mate.
In the Media by Andrew Moran - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Electing the U.S. president may be all in the name

Supporters of Ron Paul point to a lack of equal coverage as a reason their candidate is not faring better in the 2012 race for the Republican nomination for President. But there may be a more obscure reason Paul, along with Rick Santorum, are behind.
In the Media by Marcus Hondro

Op-Ed: Rick Perry should now plan National Day of Prayer for Rick Perry

Washington - Of all the horrible presidential choices the GOP has presented its followers over the decades, none has been more horrific than Texas Governor Rick Perry, a man who should now lead America toward a National Day of Prayer for Rick Perry.
In the Media by Lynn Herrmann - 2 comments

Rick Perry to drop out of GOP race Thursday

Charleston - Texas governor Rick Perry has decided to end his bid for the Republican nomination for President of the United States, according to several sources.
In the Media by Sean Fraser - 7 comments

Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, to go head-to-head in Virginia primary

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney will be going head-to-head in the Virginia primary, as the appeal court has rejected appeals by unqualified candidates to be placed on the ballot.
In the Media by Katerina Nikolas - 5 comments

Op-Ed: Gingrich's standing ovation for saying U.S. should kill enemies

Myrtle Beach - Whilst Ron Paul was jeered and booed for his anti-war stance during a GOP debate in South Carolina, his rival candidate Newt Gingrich received a standing ovation for his warmongering statement.
In the Media by Katerina Nikolas - 6 comments

Perry defends urinating Marines, adds Patton, Churchill did same

Texas Governor and GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry has spoken in defense of U.S. Marines shown on video urinating on the corpses of fallen Taliban fighters. He said the marines were just "kids," and that "kids make stupid mistakes all too often."
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 4 comments

Did CNN change its own rules to allow Rick Perry in its debate?

Columbia - Media pundits are questioning if CNN bent its debate criteria in order to allow Texas Governor Rick Perry to participate in the upcoming Southern Republican Presidential Debate. According to CNN criteria, Perry does not meet any of the standards.
In the Media by Andrew Moran - 6 comments

New Hampshire restaurant bans all politicians

The owner of "Colby's Breakfast and Lunch" restaurant in Portsmouth, NH., has banned politicians before the Primary. He says "I don’t appreciate Joe Blow coming in here and whoring around the dining room for votes."
In the Media by Katerina Nikolas - 5 comments

Op-Ed: The GOP presidential field and Mitt Romney’s Occupy Stupid moment

Washington - America’s Got Ignorance, the prime time show better known as the field of Republican presidential candidates, or what’s left of them, is turning into an egregious display of hypocrisy as the nation gears up for its first primary in New Hampshire.
In the Media by Lynn Herrmann - 6 comments

Op-Ed: Michele Bachmann whipping shows Tea Party has woken up

The only candidate for the Republican nomination for President to have been born in the state of Iowa was so badly trounced on Jan. 3 that the day following that first test Michele Bachmann dropped out of the race.
In the Media by Marcus Hondro - 4 comments

Op-Ed: Iowa Caucus — History Tells us who the Next President Will Be

It's all over folks. You can stick a fork in it. It's done. The analysis of Iowa Caucus history will tell us who the next president of these "fifty-seven States" will be.
In the Media by Russ J. Alan - 4 comments

Perry changes course again, headed to South Carolina primary

Des Moines - Texas Governor Rick Perry, after suffering the first defeat of his political career Tuesday in Iowa, has changed course yet again, and is now headed for the South Carolina primary which takes place January 21.
In the Media by Lynn Herrmann - 2 comments

Perry challenges disqualification from Virginia ballot in court

Texas governor Rick Perry filed a federal lawsuit on Tuesday challenging his disqualification from Virginia's primary. Perry is challenging the qualification process as unconstitutional. He says it keeps voters from selecting candidates of their choice.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 1 comment

Gingrich and Perry fail to qualify for Virginia primary ballot

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Texas Governor Rick Perry have failed to qualify for Virginia's Republican primary. The two presidential runners failed to meet the requirements to participate in the presidential primary election in Virginia.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus

Rick Perry asks Christians to ignore 'politically correct police'

Charles City - GOP presidential candidate and governor of Texas Rick Perry, has told Christians to ignore the "politically correct police" who use the principle of separation of church and state to prevent people from expressing their faith in the public arena.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 1 comment

Perry video becomes YouTube's 2nd most disliked, spawns parody ad

Rick Perry's controversial new Strong campaign ad is steadily closing in on YouTube's record for most disliked videos uploaded to the video website. The ad continues to spark criticism and has inspired a number of parody ads mocking the governor.
In the Media by Kim I. Hartman
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Texas Governor Rick Perry
Flickr user Ed Schipul
Texas Governor Rick Perry
Texas Governor Rick Perry
Photo by Gage Skidmore
Texas Governor Rick Perry
Even Texas  illustrious governor  Rick Perry  or a reasonable facsimile thereof  made an appearance ...
Even Texas' illustrious governor, Rick Perry, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, made an appearance at the roundup.
Texas governor Rick Perry.
Gage Skidmore/flickr
Texas governor Rick Perry.
Rick Perry visits Old Town Bistro in Rock Hill  SC. Greeted by supporters  he speaks about how to ge...
Rick Perry for President 2012
Rick Perry visits Old Town Bistro in Rock Hill, SC. Greeted by supporters, he speaks about how to get America back on track.
Texan governor Rick Perry
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Texan governor Rick Perry
Rick Perry  the governor of Texas
Gage Skidmore
Rick Perry, the governor of Texas

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