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Richard Branson leads effort to create 'Caribbean Marshall Plan'

The multi-billionaire founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson, plans to lead the post-hurricane rebuilding effort in the Caribbean islands, possibly including debt relief negotiation efforts led by the International Monetary Fund.

Richard Branson announces new space venture

Richard Banson's claims about Virgin Galatic and space missions seem as far away as ever. This hasn't stopped the British billionaire from launching a new project.

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceshipTwo makes its public debut

Mojave - Virgin Galactic the world’s first commercial spaceline, part owned by the Virgin Group and Aabar Investments PJS, unveiled its recently completed SpaceShipTwo, Feb.19.

UN denies 'world drug decriminalization' claim by Richard Branson

Kuala Lumpur - Sir Richard Branson caused a stir when he shared an unpublished draft document on drug policy from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) that purports decriminalizing drugs would be in agreement with international law.

Can space tourism survive 2 explosions in one week?

The crash of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShip Two left a pilot dead and another critically injured on October 31. The accident also created a long list of questions about the future of space tourism -- the main one being if it will even survive the fallout?

Crash has Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic, searching for answers

Richard Branson, billionaire founder of the Virgin Galactic space program, has vowed to push on after a crash that killed one pilot and seriously injured another. He added they would not "push on blindly" but first find out what went wrong.

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo crashes in Mojave Desert, one dead

While testing the SpaceShipTwo plane early Friday, the craft experienced an in-flight anomaly and has crashed in the Mojave Desert killing one pilot and injuring the other. UPDATED with raw video of the crash site.

New 2 Heads dyslexia app - Game changer for millions of people Special

San Diego - A new app created by a California organisation called 2Heads by 2Dual is coming on the market which is designed to provide direct frontline support for people with dyslexia.

Justin Bieber is going into space

Thanks to the Virgin Galactic programme, Justin Bieber will be going into space some time in the near future. Just for a ride, not to move there though.

Virgin Trains in 'bra war' over flimsy uniform blouses

Female staff with Virgin Trains are refusing to wear the flimsy, see-through blouses which are part of their new uniform.

Private submarines surge in popularity as millionaires playthings

Millionaires and billionaires have long enjoyed the pleasures of their private jets and luxury yachts. The latest plaything to surge in popularity among the super rich is the private submarine.

Op-Ed: Virgin Media programme guide censorship goes into overdrive Special

While surfing for something decent to watch or listen to on UK cable giant Virgin Media's programme listings, I came across a show on BBC4 called "The Golden Age of Ca**ls".

Spaceport America launched by Sir Richard Branson

Looking skyward, more than 800 guests marveled at Virgin Galactic’s commercial space vehicles as they soared through the skies of southern New Mexico during the dedication ceremonies of Virgin Galactic’s new home at Spaceport America.

Op-Ed: Commission Finds War on Drugs has Failed and That Sky is Blue

New York - A commission reported countless lives were lost and over a trillion dollars spent on a drug war that is no closer to being won than when Richard Nixon declared war in 1971. It’s speculated that several panel members observed that the sky was also blue.

British tycoon Branson to plumb furthest depths of the oceans

Richard Branson has unveiled plans today to pilot a mini-submarine to the bottom of the Mariana trench in the western Pacific. The billionaire entrepreneur who founded the Virgin Group of companies will pilot a single-seater Virgin Oceanic craft.

The plan to save the world from climate change: Plan B

Plan B. It doesn't sound dangerous or insidious. It sounds more like being prepared for the unexpected, for contingencies. But a Canadian organization, Etc. Group has issued a warning about the Plan B conspiracy.

Mr. Media Radio: Darren Hardy, publisher, 'Success' magazine Special

It’s a tough time to be in the business of publishing newspapers and magazines. But there are some subject areas that thrive in hard economic times. Like success.

Holly Branson Gives Up Medicine To Work With Father Richard

Holly Branson has given up a career in medicine for the near future to work with her father, Sir Richard Branson. The 26-year-old has just completed five years of study in medical school and one year of hospital training.

New Space Jet, White Knight Two, Debuts for Virgin Galactic

Space is becoming less and less the final frontier for the common man, thanks to Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic. His latest, ship, White Knight Two, debuted today.

Virgin Atlantic Tows Not Taxis to Reduce Carbon Emissions

With the aviation sector as one of the most rapidly growing contributors to carbon dioxide emissions, Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic is testing out a plan to both reduce emissions and economize on fuel.

Branson Pledges $3 Billion to Fight Global Warming

Sir Richard Branson has pledged three billion dollars (£1.6 billion) towards renewable energy initiatives, saying business had a duty to future generations.

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Branson writes   I was honoured to be invited to Washington by the Global Facility for Disaster Redu...
Branson writes, "I was honoured to be invited to Washington by the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery and the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, to talk about how the BVI and Caribbean can recover from Hurricanes Irma and Maria."
Richard Branson
 Screw it  Let s Do It - Lessons in Business and Life  is one of Richard Branson s many books. Publi...
"Screw it, Let's Do It - Lessons in Business and Life" is one of Richard Branson's many books. Published (2009) Virgin Books.