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Tax the rich? Post-pandemic recovery idea finds favour in UK

London - In billionaire-friendly Britain, where the global coronavirus outbreak has hit hard, the idea of making the wealthiest pay more tax to help economic recovery is gaining ground.

Yachts, wine cellars, private jets: isolating with the super-rich

London - Stranded on superyachts or confined to their sprawling mansions worrying about their wine cellars, the world's super rich have invited ridicule throughout the coronavirus pandemic with their apparent insensitivity to the plight of ordinary people.

UK super-rich got richer despite Brexit: rich list

London - Britain's super-rich "kept calm and carried on making billions" despite worries about Brexit, according to The Sunday Times newspaper's Rich List for 2017, with more billionaires living in the country than ever before.

'Rich Kids' social network site costs $1,100 to join

A day ago, Rich Kids launched. It's an exclusive social network site that offers people to use it, but for a price of $1,100.

Super-rich elite of semi-human cyborgs will rule the human race

The human race is set for a giant evolutionary leap. Techno-humans will walk the Earth, but bionic super powers will be in the hands of a rich elite, who will use them to rule the masses.

Husband ordered out of house by wife finds huge gold nugget

An Australian man who was ordered to "get out of the house" by his wife after becoming grumpy and stroppy has found a large nugget of gold hidden a few centimetres into the earth.

New reports suggest that the rich are getting richer

According to recent data and news reports, it’s true that the rich are getting richer. While that revelation may not surprise many, the reason why could.

iPhones are for rich people, while Android is for the poor

New maps showing the locations of iPhone and android phones visually highlight how iPhones are used by rich people, while android phones are used by those who live in poor areas.

Wealthy Australian suburbs have low vaccination rates

New research shows that wealthier Sydney, Australia suburbs are where parents are more often found to object to vaccinations for their children.

Bill Gates sees fortune grow

The world's richest man, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, increased his fortune by $15.8 billion, to $78.5 billion over 2013.

Did a wealthy Brazilian bury his Bentley in his garden?

A rich Brazilian entrepreneur pretended to bury his Bentley, valued at 300,000 pounds in his garden, so he could continue enjoying the vehicle in the afterlife. The pretend "burial," however, was actually a stunt to promote organ donation.

Goldman Sachs executive Obama's pick for amabassador to Canada

Washington - A mega fundraiser for the Obama campaign is said to be the president's top pick for ambassador to Canada. Obama's top choice would replace current Ambassador David Jacobson. Heyman manages a private wealth fund that includes regions in Canada.

Poll: Most Americans believe people get rich by working hard

New York - Is the American Dream still attainable through the virtue of hard work? A new Rasmussen Reports survey found that a majority of Americans believe individuals can become affluent by working hard.

Francois Hollande unveils 75% super-tax in 2013 budget proposal

Paris - French President Francois Hollande's Socialist government unveiled its 2013 budget proposal to tackle the growing deficit. One of the key measures includes a 75 percent temporary super-tax on those making one million euros ($1.28 million).

Op-Ed: Less well-off give larger percentage of their income to charity

Washington - Several studies show that those with very high incomes give a smaller percentage of their income to charity than those with lower incomes.

'Wealth equals health': Doctors say rich healthier than the poor

Toronto - Doctors say the old adage of "wealth equals health" is quite accurate. The 2012 National Report Card on Health Care was released by the Canadian Medical Association and it highlights that the rich maintain better health than the poor.

Warren Buffett's debt plan: Apply tax increases to the mega-rich

In an opinion piece published in The New York Times, billionaire Warren Buffett offered his perspectives on tackling America's fiscal woes, focusing on individuals who earn more than $1 million annually.

NBA: Spurs start strong against Detroit, hang on for win

San Antonio - After an embarrassing effort on Sunday against Los Angeles, the San Antonio Spurs hosted the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday, built a huge first-half lead and then watched the Pistons make a game of it before hanging on for a 111-104 win.

US politician criticized for wearing Nazi uniform

An American politician has been criticized for dressing in a Nazi uniform, but he says he is simply a history buff who takes part in re-enactments.

Developed countries accused of 'carbon cheating'

Some developed countries, including Russia, Australia, and Canada, are seeking new rules under the UN Climate Convention that some say would allow them to gain credit for "business as usual."

Audience of 10,000 listens to Dalai Lama speaking in Zürich

Zurich's largest hall, known as the Hallenstadion, was packed yesterday with 10,000 people who heard the Dalai Lama speak about the situation and suffering in Tibet, while he also thanked Switzerland for harboring a large number of Tibetan refugees.

China's rich get even richer

The number of super-rich Chinese exploded this past year despite the global financial crisis, giving China the second largest number of billionaires in the world, measured in US dollars.

How to make money off the weather

Of all the investments in the world, did you know the weather was one of them? You can make money by speculating things such as the inches of snowfall next winter in Boston to hurricane strength in the Gulf of Mexico. Welcome to weather futures.

Canadian billionaire to stage 'live concert in space'

A Canadian billionaire who made vast riches by means of circus revealed Wednesday that he will host a live event from orbit on October 9 to promote the importance of clean water globally.

Wealthy Arabs vacationing on yachts off the French Riviera

Most people take a vacation in the summer, and fabulously wealthy Sheikhs, Omars and businessmen from Gulf countries are no different. One of their favourite hang-outs is the French Riviera. But what do they get up to on those sumptuous yachts of theirs?

Brooke Astor's Son On Trial, Accused of Stealing from His Mom

A story out of New York's upper crust gossip columns. The son of Brooke Astor, a fabulously wealthy philanthropist is on trial for allegedly redirecting and stealing his mother's millions.

Group of Rich Americans Sue UBS to Keep Names Secret in Tax Case

A group of wealthy clients are suing UBS to block the disclosure of their identities to the Internal Revenue Service in the midst of a tax-evasion investigation. The lawsuit claims it violates Swiss bank secrecy laws.

Barack Obama to hit rich with tax and slash war spending

Barack Obama has unveiled plans to reduce America’s national debt by raising taxes on rich Americans and slashing Iraq war spending to half the country’s projected $1.3 trillion budget deficit this year, a report said.

Rep. Bachmann: 'We're Running Out Of Rich People In This Country'

U.S. Republicans are filling up radio airwaves with heavy criticism of Obama’s stimulus bill that was signed Monday by the President. One Republican says she opposes it because “we're running out of rich people in this country.”

Bloomberg: 400 richest Americans’ incomes doubled under Bush

New IRS data shows the average tax rate paid by the richest 400 Americans fell by a third to 17.2 per cent, and their average income doubled to $263.3 million under the Bush administration.
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