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Rice News

Iraq's treasured amber rice crop devastated by drought

Diwaniyah - Standing on his farm in southern Iraq, Amjad al-Kazaali gazed sorrowfully over fields where rice has been sown for centuries -- but which now lie bare for lack of water.

Can a new rice variety address world hunger?

CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing has been used to create new rice variety, which the developers say could address world hunger. Opponents, however, raise the ethical issue of the crop not being owned by the farmers but by the technologists behind it.

Gluten-free bread could revolutionize food production

Food technologists have developed a new bread-baking recipe. This is a method for making gluten-free bread based on rice-flour. The outcome is bread with a similar volume and consistency to wheat-flour loaves.

Nigeria's 'plastic rice' real but inedible

Lagos - Around 100 bags of "plastic rice" seized in Lagos have turned out to contain real but contaminated rice, authorities said Friday in Nigeria, where prices for the staple have rocketed.Tests on the rice have shown that the product is "not plastic but ......

EXCLUSIVE: White House expects Trump to uphold US treaties

Washington - The United States can be relied upon to uphold mutual defense treaties with its allies but a trans-Pacific trade deal now looks unlikely, National Security Advisor Susan Rice said Monday.

DNA rice breakthrough raises 'green revolution' hopes

Batong Malake - Rice-growing techniques learned through thousands of years of trial and error are about to be turbocharged with DNA technology in a breakthrough hailed by scientists as a potential second "green revolution".

Tackling invasive rice-killing fungi

Tokyo - Scientists have a clue as to how to stop fungi that kills a variety of fruits, vegetables, rice. Researchers have identified the enzyme used by the fungus to make tenuazonic acid, which is the toxin that kills the crops.

Scientists reduce calories in rice by half with simple method

Scientists in Sri Lanka have found an easy way to reduce calories in rice by half. The breakthrough could help in the fight against rising obesity rates by cutting the amount of carbohydrates absorbed into the body.

Netanyahu speech to U.S. congress will harm ties with U.S.: Rice

Washington - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's acceptance of an invitation to address the U.S. Congress, without the blessing of the White House, is destructive to US-Israeli ties, a senior official said.

Rice growers have new resource to battle rice water weevil

The rice water weevil is the most harmful insect pest of rice around the world. Hope is at hand for rice farmers in the form of new aquatic traps, which have been developed from a new research strategy.

Keeping rice arsenic free

Scientists have identified a transporter protein in rice that shifts arsenic in to vacuoles. This mechanism helps to prevent the toxic element from traveling into grains.

Introducing the Rice Bucket Challenge

A woman from India had an answer for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Her challenge has been dubbed the Rice Bucket Challenge.

Residents of Japanese town band together to create rice art

Aomori - Around 8,000 residents of the town Inakadate in Aomori Prefecture banded together to create some incredible art using simple arrangementsof rice.

Controversy drives Condoleeza Rice from speaking at Rutgers

New Brunswick - Bush-era Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has decided not to present this month's commencement address at New Jersey's largest university in the face of student protests.

U.S. national security adviser headed to Israel in May

Washington - US National Security Adviser Susan Rice will travel to Israel in May to head an American delegation for wide-ranging bilateral talks, the White House said Wednesday.The announcement came two days after President Barack Obama met with Israeli Prime Mini...

Seahawks release Rice, Bryant for salary cap space

The Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks made two "extremely tough decisions" when they released wide receiver Sidney Rice and defensive end Red Bryant on Friday to create additional salary cap space.

NFL's Rice, anti-bullying advocate, arrested with fiancée after fight

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, known for his anti-bullying advocacy, was arrested over the weekend with his fiancée at a hotel-casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, after a physical al...

GM rice researcher barred from further human trials

Tufts University has released a report citing ethics violations in genetically modified food research. This has led to the lead investigator resigning and being barred from any future GMO work with humans.

Op-Ed: Is GM rice a good idea?

A genetically modified strain of rice produces an antibody that helps mice fight off diarrhea causing rotaviruses. Does the development of such strains offset concerns about GM crops?

New technique to reduce arsenic levels in rice

Delaware - Levels of arsenic in rice presents a major toxicity risk to millions of people. Scientists are experimenting with a new bacterium to see if the organism can reduce arsenic deposits down to a safe level.

TopFinds: Why text-messaging kills, how rice may contain lead

Driving and texting proves deadly for one man. Rice imports to the US contain high levels of lead. Wildfires in California blaze out of control. These are the top stories on Digital Journal.

US rice imports contain dangerous amounts of lead

West Long Branch - Analysis of imported rice sold in the United States has discovered alarmingly high amounts of lead in the food that is a staple for millions of Americans.

Price of rice drastically increases in North Korea

Due to a Chinese crackdown on black market smuggling into the North Korean state the price of rice has risen enormously there.

Op-Ed: Indian farmers smash crop yield records without GMOs or chemicals

In a village in Bihar, India's poorest state, farmers are growing world record amounts of rice. This without any GMOs or artificial chemical fertilizers or herbicides of any kind.

Scientists behind GM rice study sacked

A study, carried out in China, where Chinese schoolchildren were fed genetically modified rice, has been condemned as 'unethical' and the Chinese scientists behind the study have been sacked.

High levels of arsenic found in rice brands

Houston - Rice can be found in a lot of food we consume: pasta, syrup, flour and beverages. A new investigation found that the little grain you eat actually contains different levels of arsenic and inorganic arsenic.

Op-Ed: Maps released of GMO crop experiments in Spain

Maps have been released, showing various locations in Spain, where permission was requested in 2010 and 2011 to experiment with genetically modified crops.

Japan testing rice for radiation

Preliminary pre-harvest tests in the Fukushima Prefecture of Japan found rice contaminated with radioactive cesium beyond a government-set limit, and in response the farm ministry will expand inspections to 300 areas, officials said Friday.

China flooding kills 52, forces 100,000 to evacuate

Beijing - Following a months-long drought, China now finds itself reeling from continuous downpours in recent days which have caused massive flooding, killed at least 52 and forced almost 100,000 people to evacuate its central and southern regions.

Philippine imported rice rotting in warehouses due to oversupply

Tons of imported rice are rotting in Philippine warehouses across the country due to an oversupply of the nation's staple food, according to the newly designated head of the National Food Authority (NFA)
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Rice Image

A side of rice  corn and green onions
A side of rice, corn and green onions
Cooked up breaded rice meatballs.
Cooked up breaded rice meatballs.
Honghe Hani rice terraces
Honghe Hani rice terraces
Fried rice
Fried rice
Fraser Lewry
Rice harvesting in Japan
Rice harvesting in Japan
Chris Oostyen (StyenDesyens)/
This rice crop is almost ready for harvesting.
This rice crop is almost ready for harvesting.
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice answers questions on the Middle East crisis with President ...
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice answers questions on the Middle East crisis with President George W. Bush at the White House in 2006.
Eric Draper-US Government/Wikimedia Commons
Residents created their own rendition of Mt. Fuji.
Residents created their own rendition of Mt. Fuji.
YouTube MrKu427
US rice imports have been found to contain unsafe levels of lead.
US rice imports have been found to contain unsafe levels of lead.
Japan has many variations of the Hagoromo legend. Some involve gods  others magical beings but all o...
Japan has many variations of the Hagoromo legend. Some involve gods, others magical beings but all of them are central to Japanese culture.
YouTube MrKu427
Breaded Rice Meatballs!
Breaded Rice Meatballs!
Rice cultivation in Bihar state  India
Rice cultivation in Bihar state, India
Rice meatballs
Rice meatballs
Chicken and rice dish  prepared Latin-style
Chicken and rice dish, prepared Latin-style
Cooking up some rice.
Cooking up some rice.
Suspended Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is seen in a photo from 2009.
Suspended Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is seen in a photo from 2009.
Wallstreethotrod / Wikimedia Commons

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