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Rhino News

Billionaire’s donation aims to put poachers on the run

Dar Es Salam - Howard G. Buffett, the son of investment guru Warren Buffett, has pledged to provide a helicopter for anti-poaching activities in Tanzania. The aircraft will be deployed initially at the Selous Game Reserve.

Poaching South Africa: 146 Rhinos killed since start of the year

Cape Town - South Africa has lost 146 Rhinos to poachers between 1 January and 26 February this year, equalling 2,6 animals per day. This is substantially more than 7 years ago, when 13 Rhinos were illegally killed in the course of the entire year.

Suspected ivory smuggler in Kenya facing life due to new law

Nairobi - Tang Yong Jian, who was allegedly attempting to smuggle raw ivory out of Kenya to China, may face life imprisonment and a $230,000 fine if convicted. The new punishments are part of Kenya’s new Wildlife Act of 2013.

Illegal rhino killing increases

More white rhinos were illegally killed by poachers in South Africa during 2013 than in any previous year, according to official government figures.

Rhino poaching in Africa reaches all-time high

Pretoria - Two rhinos are killed every day in South Africa alone and if this continues, 1,000 of the magnificent creatures could be killed by the end of the year.

South Africa eyeing one-off sale of part of $1bn rhino stockpile

South Africa's environment minister said Wednesday that the country is seeking permission to sell off part of its rhino horn stockpile, valued at over $1 billion, in order to finance conservation and flood a thriving black market.

The Smuggling Route For South African Rhino Horn

The killing of the world's endangered rhinoceros has increased at a rate of 50% in only 5 years. It takes only 48 hours for smuggling syndicates to get rhino horn from the time of the kill, out of South Africa and into Asian markets.

Op-Ed: Will rhino horn ban be lifted, following increased slaughter?

Bangkok - Rhino poachers have been busy in 2013. It is only early March and already there are reports of 146 animals illegally killed this year. In 2012, 668 Rhinos were illegally killed.

Kenyans look to the use of drones to prevent white rhino poaching

To make up for the lack of manpower to protect the Northern White Rhinos of Africa, the Ol Pageta Conservancy is looking to use surveillance drones.

South Africa takes tougher stance on rhino poachers Special

Pretoria - The acting commander of South Africa’s armed forces, Lieutenant General Themba Matanzima, has warned rhino poachers and other transgressors: “We don’t want any casualties and pulling a gun against a soldier is the last thing they should attempt."

Slaughter of South African rhinos unabated, 21 killed in January

Rhinos are being slaughtered in South Africa at an alarming rate. As many as 21 have been killed this year already, according to South African National Parks (SANParks).

Rhino habitat wants its World Heritage Site status back

Guwahati - A four-member UNESCO-IUCN monitoring team is visiting Manas National Park in Assam for an on-the-spot assessment if the "danger" tag attached to the World Heritage Site should be removed.

20 rhino carcasses recovered from suspect's farm in South Africa

Investigators have recovered 20 rhino carcasses from a poaching syndicate suspect's property in South Africa. Two people were also arrested during the raid, bringing the number of the so-called Groenewald gang to 13.

Vets, safari operators, hunter behind rhino killings

Johannesburg - Two veterinarians, two safari operators, and a professional hunter are among nine people who were arrested Monday during a police raids in South Africa. Over 200 rhinos have been killed in the country this year.

Zookeeper fired for growing pot in rhinoceros habitat

An Austrian zookeeper has been fired after it was discovered that he was secretly growing a cannabis plantation in the rhinoceros enclosure he was managing.

Over 200 rhinos killed this year in South Africa

The upsurge in rhino poaching in southern Africa is leading to a variety of responses to the crisis worldwide. This year around 200 animals have been poached in South Africa for horns, with five killed in a nature reserve alone in the last weekend.

Rhino survives attack by poachers in African killing spree

Pretoria - A surge in rhinoceros poaching to service Asian markets for traditional medicine is underway in Africa. South Africa, previously a refuge for rhinos, has experienced a sudden increase in rhino poaching.

Kenyan Rangers Arrest Poachers After Rare White Rhino Killing

Game rangers in Kenya have arrested 12 suspected rhino poachers after a rare 10-year-old female white rhino was shot its horns hacked off for sale overseas as an aphrodisiac.

Stolen rhino horns could be deadly

Two 19th century rhino horns drenched in poison were stolen from a South African museum. Authorities fear they are being exported to Asia and when used as a popular aphrodisiac, they may become deadly.

You too can get your very own poo, rhino poo that is

Need a unusual Christmas gift? International Rhino Foundation is now auctioning rhino poo on eBay, all proceeds from this auction is to go to benefit their conservation programs in an effort to save these endangered rhinos from becoming extinct.

Rare rhino dies at San Diego Zoo

A rare northern white rhinoceros died Wednesday at the San Diego Zoo, dwindling the critically endangered species' population to as few as 13 worldwide, zoo officials said.

Forest Rangers Kill Two Rhino Poachers in Kaziranga

Wildlife authorities warned poachers that if they came after rhinos in Kaziranga park, they would be killed and that is just what happened, one day after the warning was issued.

6 Rare Rhinos Killed in India

Poachers have killed 6 rare one-horned rhinoceros in India.

World's First Rhino Calf Born From Artificial Insemination Wows Crowds At Budapest Zoo

'Layla', the world's first rhino calf, a result of artificial insemination makes her press debut at a Budapest Zoo today (Thursday).

Sumatran Rhino Arrives in Indonesia

The first Sumatran rhino born in captivity in more than 100 years arrived in Indonesia.....

British Soldiers Investigated for Killing Rare Rhino

Endangered white rhino charges soldiers who shoot it in self defence. Kenyan officials back the soldiers.

UK soldiers kill rare white rhino

This is kind of sad but I guess they didn't have an alternative since this is out of the range of their training...

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Rhino Image

Rhino on private reserve in Mpumalanga  Mpumalanga.
Rhino on private reserve in Mpumalanga, Mpumalanga.
Nick Roux
Two black rhinos (mother and calf) in Lewa  central Kenya.
Two black rhinos (mother and calf) in Lewa, central Kenya.
Harold Zimmer
White rhino
White rhino
Free animal wildlife pictures
Rhino charging safari vehicle
Rhino charging safari vehicle
Rhino charging safari vehicle
Rhino charging safari vehicle
World Resources Institute
Rhino charging safari vehicle
Rhino charging safari vehicle
Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve
Rhino charging safari vehicle
Rhino charging safari vehicle
Black Rhinos in Ngorongoro Crater  Tanzania -  a Red List critically endangered species
Black Rhinos in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania - a Red List critically endangered species
Brocken Inaglory, Wikimedia Commons
South Africa is home to the highest population count of rhinos in the world.
South Africa is home to the highest population count of rhinos in the world.
Black rhino calf
Black rhino calf
Free animal and wildlife pictures
Rhino charging safari vehicle
Rhino charging safari vehicle
Pic taken by me  a single horned Rhino at Guwahati Zoo  Assam  India.
Pic taken by me, a single horned Rhino at Guwahati Zoo, Assam, India.
Rhino charging safari vehicle
Rhino charging safari vehicle
Rhino charging safari vehicle
Rhino charging safari vehicle
A White Rhino
A White Rhino
Rhino mother and calf sleeping in South Africa s Kruger National Park  which is most affected by the...
Rhino mother and calf sleeping in South Africa's Kruger National Park, which is most affected by the poaching problem
Pic taken by me  a Rhino at Guwahati Zoo  Assam  India.
Pic taken by me, a Rhino at Guwahati Zoo, Assam, India.

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