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Review: TIFF 2019: ‘Kuessipan’ is about the strength of female friendship Special

‘Kuessipan’ is the story of two young women whose lifelong friendship is tested by new relationships and diverging futures.

Review: TIFF 2019: ‘Crazy World’ makes its own rules Special

‘Crazy World’ is a one-of-a-kind movie experience from Uganda, featuring child kung-fu masters, lots of gunfire and an important message.

Review: TIFF 2019: ‘Judy’ is a tale of joy and tears on- and off-screen Special

‘Judy’ is an intimate portrayal of Judy Garland’s final year as she experiences both success and disaster on stage in London.

Review: TIFF 2019: ‘How to Build a Girl’ has fun finding her way Special

‘How to Build a Girl’ is an amusing coming-of-age story in which a teenage girl finds her voice via scathing music reviews.

Review: TIFF 2019: ‘The Platform’ is a feast of deprivation Special

‘The Platform’ unfolds in a vertically-stacked prison in which food only reaches the top tiers, creating a vicious atmosphere that infects its inmates.

Review: TIFF 2019: ‘The Obituary of Tunde Johnson’ is a unique commentary Special

‘The Obituary of Tunde Johnson’ is a powerful exploration of the deaths of unarmed black people at the hands of American police officers.

Review: TIFF 2019: ‘Synchronic’ features a drug that redefines escape Special

‘Synchronic’ is a bizarre sci fi picture about a designer drug that’s main side effects include time travel and possible historical death.

Review: TIFF 2019: ‘Jungleland’ is neither road trip nor boxing movie Special

‘Jungleland’ is a story about two brothers bound by loyalty, even though they’ve both be better off if they spent some time apart.

Review: People’s true selves are revealed in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a superhero horror story; a buddy comedy about two girls making up for lost time; a new chapter in defending Earth against aliens; a courtroom dramedy; and a documentary that sheds light on a historical injustice.

Review: The tides are changing in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a classic study of familial relationships; a new motorcycle narrative; a musical story for a music man; the king of giants; a fresh pet adventure; and a princess determined to realize her dreams.

Review: ‘Ready or Not’ is a bloody good time Special

‘Ready or Not’ demonstrates why playing games with weapons is dangerous, while amusing audiences with its unexpected sense of humour.

Review: This week’s releases begin by making a claim Special

This week’s releases include a tale of growing up; the second chapter of a divine TV series; the last season for an original cast member; a classic romcom based on a classic book; and the real story behind a woman’s claim to the throne.

Review: ‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette’ rides on a stellar performance Special

‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette’ features a standout performance by Cate Blanchett as she plays a woman with a unique and sometimes contrary view of the world, answering what turns out to be a metaphorical question.

Review: Even the best laid plans go awry in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include the culmination of more than a decade of movies; a one-of-a-kind look inside the ISS; a story of forbidden love punishable by angry mobs; a Toho classic; and a drama featuring comedic actors.

Review: ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ is limited by age, not scares Special

‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ integrates tales from the young adult book into a chilling, overarching ghost story that is still aimed at adolescent audiences.

Review: ‘Luce’ defies expectations, but what’s going on behind that smile Special

‘Luce’ is a thought-provoking psychological drama that follows a young man whose found creative and potentially destructive ways to manage his stress.

Review: No one can outrun their pasts in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include an amusing new Laika picture; a new take on Big Red; a German trilogy questioning its post-war recovery; and a raw portrayal of a profound singer.

Review: The West is fading in ‘Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood’ Special

‘Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood’ is Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film, though it is also the most unlike his previous pictures.

Review: Not everyone’s dreams can become reality in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a lighthearted superhero movie; a miniseries about a man who can’t escape himself; a standard coming-of-age escalated by its soundtrack; a special release of a classic adaptation; and an unexpectedly hilarious animation.

Review: It’s difficult to let go in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include the complete BFF antics of a couple of young New Yorkers; a new take on a suburban horror story; a unique approach to refugee life; a giallo mystery; and the anniversary of fictional baseball legends.

Review: Hardships lead to new beginnings in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a new picture from out-of-the-box thinkers; a mother who will stop at nothing to save her daughter; a beautiful relationship that transcends species; an animated ghost story; and a friendship that can survive anything.

Review: ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ spins a web of action-packed fun Special

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ picks up several months after Thanos’ defeat, bringing new, highly destructive villains and a twist ending with major consequences.

Review: ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ is a practised source of dread Special

‘Annabelle Comes Home’ carries on the tradition of scary dolls and gives her some playmates for a screaming game of terrorize the kids.

Review: Love comes in many forms in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include an unlikely romance; a little elephant that could; three generations of exceptional women; a wild imagination; and the ultimate edition of a unique and memorable picture.

Review: This week’s releases consist of various lifechanging events Special

This week’s releases include a tale of horrific doppelgangers; a culinary master spreading his wings; a trio of animated shorts; a recreation of a terrorist attack; and the latest chapter in an intriguing battle of wills.

Review: ‘The Secret Life of Pets 2’ finds fun in hairy situations Special

‘The Secret Life of Pets 2’ delivers new, adorable adventures that take the pets to the farm, circus and into a den of miscreant felines.

Review: ‘Dark Phoenix’ goes up in flames Special

‘Dark Phoenix’ could’ve been a great movie about a powerful woman, but it fails by relying on clichés and misunderstood stereotypes.

Review: This week’s releases feature good and bad role models Special

This week’s releases include more music from a great soundtrack; an unbelievably bizarre true story; TV’s favourite blended family; a fresh take on a Western legend; a confident woman others can aspire to; and a hero goes from book to film to TV.

Review: Secrets are dragged into the light in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a family filled with suspicion; an incredibly bad acid trip; a return to episodic narratives; a throwback to detective movies; a classic flop; a fun romp; and a rare sequel to a thriller.

Review: ‘Aladdin’ is a magical ride through a familiar world Special

‘Aladdin’ is an enjoyable adaptation of the classic animated feature that makes minor improvements while remaining faithful to the original material.
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A picture of a speed challenge which helps you learn the game in Transistor.
A picture of a speed challenge which helps you learn the game in Transistor.
Peter (Garfield) contemplates his life as Spider-Man
Peter (Garfield) contemplates his life as Spider-Man
Peter (Garfield) and Gwen (Stone) falling in love
Peter (Garfield) and Gwen (Stone) falling in love
Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man in  The Amazing Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man in 'The Amazing Spider-Man'
Will Self s ninth novel   Umbrella .
Will Self's ninth novel, "Umbrella".
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A scene from  Gabrielle
A scene from 'Gabrielle'
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Still from ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot
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