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Revenge News

Review: 'The Mercenary' is an electrifying action film about redemption Special

"The Mercenary," starring acclaimed Belgian action superstar Dominiquie Vandenberg, is a gripping and compelling film about redemption and revenge.

Trump calls for end to 'revenge' politics at State of Union

Washington - US President Donald Trump appealed to Congress Tuesday to unite at a moment of deep partisan division as he made the case for a new era of compromise on immigration and security in his State of the Union address.

Kady Z discusses new single 'Revenge,' future plans and James Bay Special

Pop songstress Kady Z chatted with Digital Journal about her latest single "Revenge." She also discussed her future plans and she talks about the digital transformation of the contemporary music scene.

Review: ‘Hamlet’ in Toronto’s High Park scores with strong lead, energy Special

Toronto - How do you scrunch “Hamlet” down to ninety minutes without killing the plot or losing too many of the great soliloquies? Sounds like an impossible task, but Canadian Stage manages to pull it off in a surprisingly solid High Park production.

Reddit sees dramatic reduction in revenge porn victim reports

Reddit's community leader has updated the world on the website's continuing efforts to eradicate revenge porn. The popular discussion board known as the "front page of the Internet" has promised that revenge porn will not be tolerated.

Review: New on DVD for August 26 Special

This week’s releases include some of the best shows television has to offer from crime solving to gang relations to zombie invasions; and a celebrated film chronicling a frightening and disappointing part of history.

Angry residents torch homes of alleged robbers in Spanish town

Estepa - A spate of robberies in the town of Estepa in Seville province, southern Spain, has got the residents angry. After protesting in the streets about the robberies, they took matters into their own hands, torching the homes of the suspected criminals.

Boy, 11, calls cops for 'revenge' on parents

A young boy in eastern Sweden called police and reported that parents assaulted him. Police took his claims seriously and several officers rushed to the scene. It was later discovered the boy was upset with his parents.

Review: 'All Cheerleaders Die' breaks the teen revenge mold Special

In ‘All Cheerleaders Die,’ an outcast signs up for a high school cheerleading squad to humble the school’s reigning couple, but events force her to alter her mission.

Review: New on DVD for August 20 Special

This week’s releases include an excellent family drama from a child’s perspective; a clever comedy about the apocalypse; an immature compilation of pop culture references; a couple of bloody horror flicks; and an environmental awakening.

Review: 'Dead Man Down' was capable of more Special

'Dead Man Down' is about a man with many secrets just trying to keep up the façade long enough to complete his mission and help a friend.

Op-Ed: Some really big names say 'Just Label It' on GMOs (Video)

A whole load of artists, famous actors, chefs and other well-known celebrities got together to voice their support for labeling of genetically engineered foods and your right to know what you are eating.

Review: Now get 'Revenge' on your terms Special

The first season of 'Revenge' is an extended thriller that dangles pieces of the puzzle in front viewers before hitting them with another inconceivable truth. It’s available on DVD August 21.

Review: New on DVD for August 20 Special

This week’s releases include a hilarious undead comedy; a new personality from the English chameleon; new high-def Disney titles; a print and cinematic phenomenon; and a movie that turned a couple of nobodies into somebodies.

Afghan Taliban bombs diplomats & NATO HQ in revenge against US

In retaliation for recent events, including the Kandahar massacre, burning of the Koran and the U.S. marines urinating on dead bodies, the Taliban launched coordinated attacks.

Al Qaeda confirms death of bin Laden, threatens revenge

Al Qaeda confirms the death of Osama bin Laden but has announced it will seek revenge for it, as security experts anticipated might occur following the raid on the bin Laden compound and the killing of the acclaimed leader of the terrorist organization.

Video gamer hunts down rival who killed his character, stabs him Special

Cambrai - Be careful who you kill in the virtual gaming world, it may inspire someone to attack you in real life. That's what happened when a gamer sought revenge on the guy who stabbed his character in a video game. Except revenge was played out in the real world

Rape suspect in coma after victim’s husband retaliates

Issaquah - In what appears to be an example of vigilante justice a man who allegedly raped a woman is now in coma after her husband and his friend took matters into their own hands. When they found him - he was beaten until he was bloody and unable to move.

Op-Ed: The revenge of the bull, Spanish matador gored

Aguascalientes - One of Spain's best matadors, Jose Tomas, almost lost his life in a bullfight staged in Mexico, losing most of his blood after a bull gored him in the upper thigh, a good place to attack if one wants to inflict heavy loss of blood.

Leading judge with high-profile cases shot dead in Moscow

Moscow - Judge Eduard Chuvashov of Moscow's City Court was shot in the stairway of his apartment building by a hitherto unknown assailant who then fled the scene. Police, however, have several suspects in their sight.

Afrikaner movement vows revenge for Eugene Terre’Blanche murder

Pretoria - The Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) or Afrikaner Resistance Movement has vowed to take revenge for the murder of its former leader, Eugene Terre’Blanche.

Women take revenge on unfaithful husband

Four women were accused of luring a 36 year old Wisconsin man to a hotel room, where he was tied up and had his penis Krazy glued to his stomach. It was revenge on the man, and the group of women taking their revenge included the man's wife.

Somali pirates vow revenge on Americans and French over killings

After three of their comrades were killed by Americans and one by the French, Somali Pirates have threatened revenge using future piracy operations.

What Have Religious Leaders Done About War in Gaza?

Guilt on both sides seems to be world opinion related to Gaza, with Americans divided on who is to blame for the war in Gaza and what should be done about it. Where do religious leaders stand?

Mom gave teen son a gun to take revenge

Another candidate for mother of the year helps her son deal with life's pressures

New hannibal lector movie-Hannibal rising

This movie showa the birth and growing up of hannibal lector

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