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Walmart shows strong earnings and will speed up digital services

Walmart has increased its full-year guidance after notifying the stock market of second-quarter earnings which exceeded market analysts’ expectations. Much of this was driven by a growth in online sales, signalling further transformation to come.

Q&A: Chatbots need to create a 'personalized customer experience' Special

Retailers are increasingly reliant upon chatbots. But the bots have not advanced sufficiently to always meet customer expectations, according to Rasmus Skjoldan, Chief Marketing Officer at Magnolia CMS.

Q&A: Retailers need to invest in simpler authentication processes Special

To ensure that customers are protected online while minimizing the impact to the customer experience, retailers must leverage customer identity and access management. To discover what this involves, Digital Journal spoke with Ben Goodman of ForgeRock.

EU launches in-depth probe on Amazon over data use

Apo - The EU's powerful antitrust authority launched an in-depth investigation into Amazon on Wednesday, amid suspicions the US-based online behemoth misuses merchant data hosted on its website.

Q&A: Digital transformation and chatbots for customer services Special

Chatbots are becoming increasingly common for customer services. This means standing out important. With so much of the Internet’s content produced by bots, how can retailers ensure they are sharing content that will create individualized experiences?

Chatbots are revolutionizing retail: Interview Special

The rise in chatbot use is just one example of the AI revolution online retailers are facing. A key consideration that retailers face is using the technology to create individualized experiences to retain customers and drive sales.

Going digital: How Toys ‘R’ Us is rising from the grave

At one time Toys ‘R’ Us were everywhere, as the physical store dominated shopping malls. Then things went wrong, as specialist stores were hit by e-commerce. Now the retailer itself is finding a second lease of life online.

Word of mouth drives new customers: Report

New findings indicate that word-of-mouth recommendations are still crucial for retailers in building initial trust and credibility with new customers. Understanding this is important for developing a retail strategy.

Q&A: Online retailers make digital identity a competitive edge Special

Online retailers can leverage consumers’ digital identities to augment the user experience and increase the company’s competitive edge, according to Ben Goodman of ForgeRock.

Walmart to pay $282 mn to settle US bribery probes: agency

New York - Global retail chain Walmart agreed on Thursday to pay $282 million to settle long-running US probes over charges it did too little to prevent bribery of foreign officials as it aggressively expanded its overseas operations.

Some Walmart employees are not happy working with robots

Some workers at Walmart are uncomfortable working alongside robots, due to the types of work tasks that the robots have taken away from the humans and the monotonous work environment the deployment of robots has created.

Amazon says drone deliveries coming 'within months'

Las Vegas - Amazon said Wednesday it expects to begin large-scale deliveries by drone in the coming months as it unveiled its newest design for its "Prime Air" fleet.

Battered Athens turnaround a tall order for new mayor

Athens - Battered by the crisis that ravaged the rest of Greece, Athens will have a new mayor on Sunday and a challenge to reverse the fallout from the country's long recession.

'.Amazon' gives e-commerce giant its own internet domain

San Francisco - E-commerce giant Amazon was on its way to running its own online neighborhood Monday after the internet's address keeper granted the ".amazon" domain to the company.

Q&A: Leveraging predictive analytics to improve the CX Special

Retailers need to focus more on leveraging predictive analytics as so to customize a customer’s journey path and improve their experience. Doing so will increase sales and revenue, according to expert Sean Kendall.

How seriously are retailers taking new data privacy laws? Special

When GDPR first hit, many retailers rolled out changes to comply with the new regulations, but many smaller companies appear to have reverted back to cookies and data collection, plus other activities that fought data privacy requirements.

Sizeable number of consumers feel unsafe using sharing services

One in five U.S. adults feel unsafe using online sharing services, like Uber, Lyft or TaskRabbit, according to data released from Jumio’s Global Trust and Safety survey.

Walmart unveils its 'store of the future' to test out new tech

New York - Walmart has presented its vision for the retail store of the future, a space where the major commerce giant can test out various emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence and new displays.

Amazon to pull plug on China retail operations: report

Shanghai - Amazon plans to close down its online retail operations that cater to consumers in China in an apparent admission of defeat to local e-commerce rivals such as Alibaba and, a report said on Thursday.

Walmart assembling army of thousands of robots to work in stores

Walmart is doubling down on adding robots to its stores. These machines include autonomous floor cleaners, shelf-scanners, conveyor belts, and "pickup towers."

Google drone deliveries cleared for take-off in Australia

Canberra - A Google-linked firm will start delivering takeaways and other small items to Canberra residents after the company received approval from aviation watchdogs in Australia on Tuesday.

Q&A: How motion sensing tech improves retail sales Special

San Francisco based Motionloft has strategically placed sensors allows organizations and cities to take precise measurements of people and vehicle traffic counts, path tracking, and dwell times.

Q&A: How augmented reality and big data are shaking up sales Special

Sales people today need to find new and imaginative strategies to market and sell products. This requires new technology and it requires a new approach to sales. A leading expert shows how AR and big data matters for sales today.

Q&A: How Walmart's workforce is beating Amazon Special

Walmart has recently seen earnings growth, much of this fuelled by online growth and based on investments in its workforce. This means, according to Micah Rowland of Fountain, Walmart starting to challenge Amazon online.

Target announce big growth, boosted by online earnings

Target announced its fourth quarter earnings this morning, with brick-and-mortar sales growth of nearly 3 percent, and online sales growth of 31 percent. The growth in both areas show changing consumer preferences.

Target raises minimum wage as latest barrage in talent war

Target will raise its starting wage to $15 an hour in the near future. During Target's 2018 earnings call, CEO Brian Cornell announced that the starting wage would get a boost by 2020.

Q&A: Brain Corp to provide AI services to Walmart Special

Brain Corp recently announced it will provide AI services to the world’s largest retailer, Walmart, by rolling out over 360 BrainOS-powered floor scrubbers in stores nationwide by the end of its fiscal year. Brain Corp explain more.

Digital strategy is behind Walmart's impressive Q4 earnings Special

Walmart has reported very strong fourth-quarter results. As well as showing sales success, Walmart is investing heavily in e-commerce to compete with Amazon. Digital Journal discusses the digital success behind Walmart's earnings with three experts.

Read Tim Cook's email to Apple retail employees about shakeup

Apple announced on Tuesday that its retail chief, Angela Ahrendts, would leave the company in April. Deirdre O'Brien, who heads up Apple's human-resources department, is taking over retail and will report directly to CEO Tim Cook.

Q&A: Why more 'humble' software will do us all good in 2019 Special

Marketers face many challenges in an ever-growing competitive landscape. One challenge they don't need is with getting different types of software to work together. Rasmus Skjoldan from Magnolia CMS offers some solutions.
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A woman shopping in Manhattan
A woman shopping in Manhattan
Ed Yourdon
Galleria shopping wall  Hatfield  UK.
Galleria shopping wall, Hatfield, UK.
Retailers might one day sell on Facebook like they do on Amazon
Retailers might one day sell on Facebook like they do on Amazon
Pixabay / Pexels
Best Buy
Best Buy
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A Mac s Convenience store
A Mac's Convenience store
A young girl looks up at a toy sales display in a JC Penney store during Black Friday sales in New Y...
A young girl looks up at a toy sales display in a JC Penney store during Black Friday sales in New York
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Most Americans don’t have a travel bucket list  according to a new survey.
Most Americans don’t have a travel bucket list, according to a new survey.
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Galleria shopping centre  Hatfield  UK.
Galleria shopping centre, Hatfield, UK.
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Shoppers shopping at Ikea
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A close-up of an average vending machine
Carnaby street in London for the Holidays.
Carnaby street in London for the Holidays.
The next phase of retail will be defined by individual experiences
The next phase of retail will be defined by individual experiences
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Holland & Barrett  King Street  Hammersmith  London
Holland & Barrett, King Street, Hammersmith, London
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TJ Hughes department store in Liverpool, England
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A Currys store in Northern Ireland.
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Point of sale transaction
People on an escalator at a shoppinbg mall (Hatfield  UK).
People on an escalator at a shoppinbg mall (Hatfield, UK).
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Journalist Caitlin Kelly provides a detailed account of the day to day life of someone working in re...
Journalist Caitlin Kelly provides a detailed account of the day to day life of someone working in retail, in her 2011 book entitled, "Malled - My unintentional career in retail," published by Portfolio - Penguin, New York, NY.

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