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Int. Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses tasked with naming virus

It has infected thousands of people, closed borders and put parts of China into lockdown. But the virus causing the illness does not have a proper name. That will soon change. The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses will come up with a name.

Corporate responsibility goes hand-in-hand with sustainability

Achieving the goals of a circular economy requires partnerships and commitments across a number of sectors. From multinational corporations to the latest tech-savvy start-up, it takes leadership to get the train on the right track.

Norway's Bastoy prison changes lives using human ecology

Norway has an island prison, but it's nothing like California's notorious Alcatraz federal prison. There are no bars, fences or uniforms. Instead, the island's inhabitants live and work together in peace and harmony with their surroundings.

Op-Ed: In the wake of the Ferguson riots, 'white privilege' revisited

While protests against the grand jury decision in Ferguson and elsewhere continued through the Thanksgiving weekend, the concept of "white privilege" has been presented as an acceptable phraseology.

Rudy Gutierrez paints the stories behind the music Special

Hip hop artist K'naan and jazz legend John Coltrane are generations apart, but two new children's books, with work by the acclaimed American artist Rudy Gutierrez, draw them closer together under an umbrella of vibrant visuals.

UN: World Has Collective Responsibility to Eliminate Racism

Racism still hurts too many individuals and communities around the world, Secretary-Ban Ki-moon said today, calling on all countries and civil society groups to play their part in the fight to stamp out both racism and racial discrimination.

A bill to make congress read the legislation before they pass it

We hold this truth to be self-evident, that those in Congress who vote on legislation they have not read, have not represented their constituents. They have misrepresented them.

Update: Ontario deadbeat parents featured on

Deadbeat parents now have their own web site courtesy of the Ontario government.

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