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Resolution News

New attribution and dispute resolution service for rights holders

Pex has announced a potentially game-changing update to their Attribution Engine tool. Pex Dispute Resolution is a neutral dispute resolution mechanism that motivates creators to defend their content when they believe it has been unjustly used.

Researchers find the key to tripling display resolutions

Researchers have discovered a new method of tuning the sub-pixels used on modern computer monitors that could enable immediate dramatic improvements in the resolutions of displays. It's claimed the development could double or triple quoted pixel counts.

Samsung wants to make 11K smartphone displays reality by 2019

Samsung is reportedly investing millions into developing an 11K display designed to be fitted to smartphones, despite most people never having owned a 4K or 8K device. The stunningly high-definition screen would apparently create a "3D effect".

Does decreasing a smartphone’s brightness increase battery life?

A physicist has conducted a number of experiments on his mobile phone to see how the battery life can be extended. He came up with some interesting results.

Review: ‘Resolution’ doesn't really have one Special

In ‘Resolution,’ two estranged guys put their friendship to the test when they're forced to face their demons, both internal and physical.

Take a peek into Toronto's Keyhole Sessions

Toronto - Have you ever peeked through a keyhole to see what’s happening on the other side? For those who have, and for those that want to, Toronto’s Keyhole Sessions may just be what you’ve been looking for.

Texas state school board votes no to ‘pro-Islamic distortions'

Austin - In a 7-6 vote, the Texas State Board of Education once again flexed its conservative muscles by approving a resolution rejecting school textbooks with a pro-Islamic slant.

Some U.S. House members withhold unconditional support to Israel

While the U.S. Senate gave unanimous approval to a resolution expressing solidarity with Israel last week, a small group of House members refused to give Israel their unconditional support and warned of growing enmity against the United States.

U.S Vetoes U.N Gaza Resolution

The United States has used its power of veto to block a United Nations resolution aimed at ending Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Op-Ed: If Bush Hates State Run Health Care, Why Does He Use It?

George Bush vetoed the bi-partisan S-Chip bill yesterday, largely because it cost too much, and he felt it covered people who could afford to buy insurance on their own. Mr. Bush is a multi-millionaire, on Federal Healthcare

Op-Ed: Republican Resolution to Condemn MoveOn Ad

Republican lawmakers have penned a resolution to condemn the full-page ad by, which attacked General David Petraeus before beginning his testimony on Iraq. The MoveOn ad incited controversy, but was a Congressional resolution necessary?

Rice, Gates oppose proposed resolution

The US secretaries of state and defence contend that the security of the United States is at risk from a proposed legislation that would declare up to 1.5 million Armenians victims of genocide on Turkish soil almost a century ago.

Having trouble keeping your New Years Resolution?

This device was made to help you keep your New Year's Resolutions. You stay set on your goal until you reach it.

Major powers to meet on new Iran resolution

Major powers to meet on new Iran resolution, plan on saying they really, really mean it this time

Iraq resolution gridlocks U.S. Senate

"Republicans in the U.S. Senate, for the second time in two weeks, have blocked a Democratic bid to vote on a non-binding rebuke of the escalation of the Iraq war by President George W. Bush. Meeting in an unusual Saturday session, the Senate voted 56...

House passes Iraq resolution

The House of Representatives adopted a resolution today denouncing President Bush’s plan to send more American troops to Iraq.

US Rejects Timeout Between Iran and West

The United States has rejected a proposal brought forth by the UN nuclear watchdog to implement a 'timeout' in America's confrontation with Iran.

Amazing High Resolution Zoom & Pan Space Photos

This page contains high-resolution images from the Spitzer Space Telescope which you can interactively zoom into and pan around.

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