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Brexit: UK fast tracks visas for researchers Special

One thing appears certain in post-Brexit Britain: there will continue to be a shortage of scientists and technologists, meaning that the nation will be dependent upon recruiting overseas talent.

Icebreaker runs aground in Antarctica leaving 68 stranded

At the bottom of the world, it's supposed to be summer, but a blizzard with winds of 105 mph caused Australia's flagship icebreaker Aurora Australis to break its moorings and run aground, stranding 68 expeditioners and crew.

Op-Ed: Scientists discover how camouflage 'trick' helps fish disappear

Scientists have discovered that some fish use a clever mechanism to disguise themselves and avoid hungry predators in the open ocean. These findings may also help the military create more effective ways to use this type of camouflage.

Researchers invent invisibility cloak

Berkeley - Scientists have developed a invisibility cloak that can be folded up, as well as wrapped around microscopic objects of any shape.

Music may help prevent epileptic seizures, researchers find

Researchers studying epilepsy have made an interesting discovery, with a little help from music by John Coltrane and Mozart. For people with epilepsy, listening to music causes a rather unusual side-effect known as musical brainwave synchronization.

Skeleton in Italy contains oldest Neanderthal DNA ever discovered

Altamura - A cave in Italy has given up one particularly fascinating gift: A skeleton containing the oldest Neanderthal DNA ever discovered. Scientists studying the ancient skeleton have dated the molecules found within to about 130,000 to 170,000 years ago.

All four major browsers fail Pwn2Own exploit competition

All four major web browsers have failed to survive exploits at the Pwn2Own hacking contest running alongside the CanSecWest 2015 conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. Security researchers were testing them in exchange for cash.

Researchers achieve 1Tb/sec 5G speeds in lab

Researchers developing the 5G mobile network technology that will eventually replace 4G have managed to transfer data at a massive 1 Tb/sec in experimental lab conditions, blowing away previous estimates of the potential speed of our future mobiles.

Uber executive reportedly advocates smearing woman journalist

Manhattan - Uber, the internet's high-tech ride-sharing company is in damage control mode right now due to statements allegedly made by Emil Michael, the company's senior vice president for business, while in New York at a private dinner last week.

Two scientists die when research boat sinks

Taiwan - Two scientists died, although several dozen researchers and crew-members aboard an oceanographic research vessel survived, after the boat capsized near Taiwan.

Researchers discover key antibiotic power of honey bee bacteria

Lund - A budding discovery courtesy of research teams at Lund University in Sweeden may open the door to defeating deadly, antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The 'King of Beasts' threatened by extinction in Western Africa

Plagued by underfunding, little governmental support, poaching and indiscriminate killing by cattle herders, many of the countries in Western Africa have little control or incentive to save the few remaining western African lions left in the wild.

Hunchback King Richard III infected with worms

London - Researchers have found that King Richard III was likely infected with parasitic worms that grew to be as large as a foot in length.

Researchers: Appetite control could be rewired

A group of brain cells that have the power to control appetite has been identified by scientists. The cells could also be a major cause of eating disorders such as obesity.

Researchers say Facebook 'Likes' can reveal your secrets

Researchers say that clicking "like" buttons across the web may be doing more than simply marking you down as a fan of something. Researchers say it may out you as gay, reveal how you vote or suggest that you have a weakness for nicotine.

Prepare for future of troops with 'mutant powers' Pentagon urged

According to Calif. Polytechnic State Univ. researcher Patrick Lin, the US military is developing technologies that will give troops what he calls "mutant powers." Lin says, however, that the authorities are not yet considering the policy implications.

Stanford researchers create reusable flexible solar cells

Renewable energy is inevitable. It will be relied on sooner or later especially at the current rate of non-renewable energy usage. However, Stanford researchers have come up with a low cost solar panel solution for all your personal needs.

Study says it's safe to Taser teens

Wake Forest - A new US study has found that teenagers who are Tasered, don't appear to be at any higher risk of injury than adults. Researchers examined data from "real life" altercations between youth and police.

Video: Researchers develop cyborg cockroaches to help in rescues

Raleigh - They may creep us out now, but cockroaches could be used to help save lives in collapsed buildings one day soon. Researchers at North Carolina State University have figured out a way to install an electronic system in a living cockroach to steer the bugs.

Bubble Tea may be hazardous to your health

Bubble tea, or Boba tea, that contains large tapioca pearls, may be growing in popularity around the world, but researchers in Germany have found evidence to burst that bubble.

Mind-controlled drones for the handicapped (video)

Chinese researchers at Zhejiang University have developed a system, called FlyingBuddy2 that allows users to control drones with their thoughts. Sound too much like SciFi? Read on.

New research shows chocolate may reduce risk of stroke in men

Stockholm - We already knew chocolate could be good for the heart and good for the brain but now new research suggests it can also reduce the risk of stroke.

Israeli lab close to developing insulin pill for diabetics

The race is on to develop the world's first insulin pill to eliminate the need for daily injections for diabetics. And a small Israeli-based company appears to be leading the pack.

Smallest black hole may have been found

Researchers believe that they may have found the heartbeat of the smallest black hole. They were using NASA’s Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer when they made the discovery.

British researchers discover 'ultra-bad' cholesterol

Warwick - A form of “ultra-bad” cholesterol has been discovered by researchers from the University of Warwick (Warwick Medical School) in England. The study was published in the latest edition of Diabetes - an academic journal.

Researchers develop new blood-detecting camera

Two chemistry researchers from the University of South Carolina have developed a new tool which can detect substances which can't be seen with the naked eye.

Study shows why some women are most comfortable in high heels

Women who usually wear high heels sometimes find flat shoes uncomfortable. Now researchers believe they know why, and they have a suggestion they believe will help.

Postpartum Depression may have a biological answer

Toronto - After childbirth there are greater levels of a brain protein called monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) present. MOA-A may explain why postpartum blues and clinical depression are common says a new study published today.

New Antibody Discovery Could Stop The Flu Dead In It's Tracks

An "antibody cocktail" is being touted by some researchers as a means to stop all flu types. If researchers are correct doctors may have the means to protect their patients from a pandemic flu invasion.

Protein Link Found In Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy

A type of muscular dystrophy has been linked to missing a protein. People suffering from limb-girdle muscular dystrophy are missing the c-FLIP protein.
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