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Hallucination? No, this Cambrian period creature was really weird

When Hallucigenia was first discovered in the Burgess shale of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, its fossilized skeleton showed two rows of spines on one side of the animal and one row of tentacles on the other. New studies show us how weird it really was.

Tanzania Research Chairs named Special

Dar Es Salaam - Interdisciplinary collaboration has been at watchword in post secondary institutions for years, but no-one's been taking notes on why - or if - it works, says Muhimbili university researcher Dr. Anne Mkama.

Dark chocolate increases calmness, reveals research

Is there a way to become more calm and contented? A research study conducted by a Swinburne University team has revealed that the answer to this question is dark chocolate. Eating more dark chocolate can make you calmer and more contented.

Who advertises on top news websites? New research study from Pew

Washington - New research on digital advertising content in the news business shows that top news websites have had little success in persuading advertisers to move to online advertising from traditional platforms; the financial industry leads in digital ads.

Inexpensive diabetes drug might help fight cancer

Type 2 diabetes raises the risk of cancer, through molecular pathways that are not completely understood. Researchers have found an inexpensive diabetes drug could also help fight cancers that are associated with Type 2 diabetes, such as breast cancer.

'No more booze ads at Super Bowl' counter group declares

The big boys of beer better look out, as there is a counter movement to get them to withdraw booze ads, especially the sexy type, and to be appropriate for youth.

Want a hug? A hug can improve your mental health

Everyone needs a hug but who knew that it would affect us very much. A new research study shows that hugs can improve your mental health, maybe even more than church.

Adults Often Fail To Detect When Children Falsely Deny Actual Events

A new study out from the University of California, Davis shows that adults are easily fooled when children deny an actual event took place. That's not good when it comes to protecting the young from sexual predators.

Beer Goggles And Sexual Attraction: Does 96/450 Replace 20/20?

Everyone knows that too much alcohol consumption clouds judgment, but do some people find others more attractive when drunk? Read on and learn more about a recent study on this very subject, but don’t be surprised if you have heard it all before.

Researchers From Northeastern Ignore Privacy Issues To Conduct Cell Phone Study

Researchers in the United States secretly tracked the locations of 100,000 people by their cell phones outside of the country. They were able to conclude that most people stayed within miles of their home. But did their study skirt ethical boundaries?

What is a good marriage? Check out these survey results you may be surprised

Times are changing and so are people's views as to just what makes a successful marriage. Does the sharing of housework rate higher than having children in your ideal of a successful marriage? Read on to find out what some Americans thought.

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Hooded rats are just one of a number of different kinds of rats used in laboratory studies.
Hooded rats are just one of a number of different kinds of rats used in laboratory studies.
Jason Snyder
A close-up of methane hydrate observed at a depth of 3 460 feet (1 055 meters) off the U.S. Atlantic...
A close-up of methane hydrate observed at a depth of 3,460 feet (1,055 meters) off the U.S. Atlantic Coast.
Metformin   used to treat Type 2 diabetes  may also help fight cancer.
Metformin, used to treat Type 2 diabetes, may also help fight cancer.
Wikimedia commons

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