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And Kasich makes 16... Republicans on U.S. campaign trail

Washington - The US presidential election in November 2016 has attracted a record number of candidates, with Ohio governor John Kasich to become the 16th Republican to enter the race for the White House on Tuesday.

McCain takes high road as Trump attacks war record

Washington - John McCain said Monday that property mogul and White House hopeful Donald Trump should apologize to veterans after he dismissed the US senator's military record because he was taken prisoner.

Trump heaps scorn on war hero record of 'loser' McCain

Washington - Donald Trump, known for his incendiary rhetoric on the 2016 campaign trail, lobbed his latest verbal grenade, dismissing the military record of Senator John McCain, a former prisoner of war.

Union-busting Republican Walker joins crowded White House race

Washington - Wisconsin's union-busting Governor Scott Walker announced on Monday that he is joining the crowded field of Republicans jostling to be the party's presidential nominee, arguing he can sell his conservative record to mainstream America.

Trump bluster sets provocative tone in 2016 race

Washington - Like a brush fire kicking up in America's southwest, the storm brought on by Donald Trump's political bombast threatens to scorch all it touches as Republicans brace for fallout from their rival's remarks.

Rick Perry says GOP must court black vote to win election 2016

Should black voters give Republicans a second chance in the coming election? Former governor of Texas Rick Perry seems to think so, and he asked fellow Republicans to work harder than ever to court the black vote during a speech Thursday.

Jeb Bush: 'I will run to win'

Miami - Jeb Bush jumped headlong into the presidential race, insisting "America deserves better" after eight years of Barack Obama, as the Republican seeks to win over voters skeptical of his political pedigree.

Jeb Bush ready to jump into presidential campaign

Washington - The campaign logo is ready, so is the big speech, and his message is taking shape: Jeb Bush prepared Sunday to join the crowded Republican field running for president in 2016.

Jeb Bush announces June 15, Rick Perry all in for 2016

Washington - Jeb Bush appeared all but certain Thursday to launch his White House bid on June 15, as fellow Republican and former Texas governor Rick Perry plunged once again into a crowded presidential pool.

Future at stake, Republicans crowd into White House race

Washington - With eight declared Republican presidential hopefuls and eight more expected to run, consensus has been brushed aside for 2016, as GOP rivals battle to shape the future of the party, and America, in the post-Obama era.

Sweet 16: The many Republicans on the White House trail

Washington - In 2008, there were 10 Republicans and eight Democrats competing to succeed George W. Bush in the White House.

Chris Christie spent $82K in taxpayer funds on NFL game snacks

Embattled New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spent more than $82,000 in taxpayer money on booze, snacks and other concessions at National Football League games.

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson announces presidential run

Detroit - Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon turned conservative author known for his anti-LGBT and anti-science statements, has announced he will seek the Republican nomination for president.

Anti-gay Republican lawmaker caught sending nude photo on Grindr

Fargo - A North Dakota Republican state lawmaker with a history of voting against LGBT rights has been outed as gay by a man who received an unsolicited photo of the legislator's penis on the gay dating app Grindr.

Reagan still Republicans' reference point for White House seekers

Washington - Barack Obama is weak and Ronald Reagan exuded power, Republicans say. But while conservative White House hopefuls revere the 1980s president as a foreign-policy icon, oversimplifying Reaganism may mask nuances of his diplomacy.

Republican Marco Rubio announces U.S. presidential run

Miami - U.S. Senator Marco Rubio launched his presidential campaign Monday at a rally in Miami, calling for a new era of American leadership that is not "stuck in the 20th century.

Republican Senator Rubio running for president: US media

Washington - Senator Marco Rubio announced to donors Monday that he is launching a US presidential campaign, becoming the latest -- and youngest -- Republican in the race to succeed Barack Obama in the White House.

Op-Ed: Ted Cruz doesn't stand a chance this time around

Washington, D. C. - U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the first official major candidate for president. He won't win the GOP nomination, but winning in 2016 is likely not his game plan. He is playing the long game and will win through 2016 martyrdom.

Ted Cruz: Tea Party agitator aims for White House

Washington - Once reviled by fellow Republicans as a "wacko bird" for leading the US government to a 2013 shutdown, resurgent Senator Ted Cruz has turned his Constitution-above-all conservatism into a Tea Party quest for the White House.

Ted Cruz, heavy on faith, launches White House bid

Ultra-conservative Republican US Senator Ted Cruz launched his White House quest on Monday, invoking his abiding faith in God as he effectively kick-started the 2016 presidential race.

Op-Ed: Ted Cruz is 1st official 2016 prez candidate, but will fade fast

Lynchburg - U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the first official presidential candidate of 2016, with sources confirming that he will announce his candidacy on Monday, March 23. While Cruz will quickly falter, he does have a chance to guide the political conversation.

Eye on 2016, Republicans barnstorm early-voting New Hampshire

Washington - Several Republican presidential hopefuls crowded into New Hampshire including Jeb Bush, who launched his 2016 debut in the early-primary state to court some of America's most influential voters.

Obama lambasts US senators over Iran nuclear letter

Washington - Barack Obama pilloried Republicans over an incendiary letter to Iran's leaders that warned a nuclear deal with the United States could be scrapped by the next president.

Op-Ed: View on homosexuality sinks second GOP presidential candidate

Dr. Ben Carson, the Republican dark horse candidate for president, has been a popular draw for conservatives. Unfortunately, he has just sunk his chances by asserting that homosexuality is a conscious choice...because prisoners "choose" to be gay.

Op-Ed: Despite CPAC win, Rand Paul still trails Jeb Bush in pre-primary

For a third year in a row, likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul, senator from Kentucky and son of three-time GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul, has won the CPAC vote. But this vote does not mean electability, so Jeb Bush still leads.

With 2016 on horizon, U.S. conservatives rally at CPAC

Washington - Thousands of American conservatives will gather just outside Washington beginning Thursday with a thinly-veiled mission: vet the Republican politicians who might soon announce bids for the White House.

Op-Ed: Jeb Bush 2016 campaign begins with strong moves

Detroit - Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has come closer to officially announcing his presidential candidacy. Though 2016 is a ways away, the Republican heavyweight has just given a major speech in Detroit touting his plans for restoring the U.S. economy.

Op-Ed: Calling homosexuality 'lifestyle choice' sinks Huckabee campaign

Little Rock - Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has essentially knocked himself out of his likely 2016 presidential run early by calling homosexuality a "lifestyle choice," revealing that he's too far behind the times to be a viable candidate.

Third time no charm: Romney won't run for president

Washington - Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said Friday he will not run for the White House again in 2016, ending weeks of intense speculation that he would mount a third campaign.

Romney, mulling 2016 run, jabs Clinton and Obama

Washington - Mitt Romney, considering another presidential run, took swipes at potential 2016 rival Hillary Clinton on Wednesday for "cluelessly" conducting foreign policy, and said Barack Obama's brand of economics is hurting Americans.
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Tim Griffin is the member of the Republican Party  representating Arkansas’s Second Congressional ...
Tim Griffin is the member of the Republican Party, representating Arkansas’s Second Congressional District
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Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona  who was shot in January in an assassination attempt  a...
Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, who was shot in January in an assassination attempt, appeared without prior notice in the chamber Monday evening to cast the vote to avert economic catastrophe.
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In the Republican debate Thursday night  the former House speaker Newt Gingrich called CNN “despic...
In the Republican debate Thursday night, the former House speaker Newt Gingrich called CNN “despicable” for asking him about the allegations levied against him by ex-wife Marianne Gingrich. For his feisty response Gingrich received a standing ovation.
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