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Op-Ed: Debunking the Republican War on Women

There is no Republican “war on women.” There are many in America's GOP that clearly have some very serious, troubling issues with women, but that is a far cry from a party-wide war on women.

Trash talk trumps civility on 2016 campaign trail

Washington - Five months before early primary voting, America's presidential race has devolved into mudslinging, with Republican Donald Trump leading the charge to the bottom by lambasting his many rivals, some of whom are taking the bait and responding in kind.

Trump boots renowned Spanish-language anchor from news conference

Washington - Republican White House frontrunner Donald Trump booted a journalist from a leading Spanish-language channel out of a news conference, telling him to "go back to Univision.

A rambling Trump rallies faithful, jabs rivals

Mobile - The extraordinary Donald-Trump-for-president roadshow careened into America's deep South Friday, as the abrasive tycoon railed once more against the political establishment but offered little policy substance in a rambling speech at an Alabama rally.

Trump reports for jury duty in New York

New York - Flamboyant billionaire White House candidate Donald Trump reported for jury duty in New York on Monday, stepping out of a sleek black limo to be mobbed by media and supporters.

Trump says illegal immigrants 'have to go'

Washington - The millions of undocumented immigrants living in the United States must leave, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said Sunday, as he unveiled his immigration platform.

In departure from Republicans, Trump wouldn't 'rip up' Iran deal

Washington - US Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump took a strong departure from his party's rejection of the Iran nuclear deal, saying he would not necessarily "rip up" the accord, in an interview aired Sunday.

Trump to report to jury duty in NY on Monday

Washington - Even trash-talking billionaire candidate Donald Trump, who has upended the US Republican presidential campaign with one controversial comment after another, cannot escape jury duty.

Kasich suddenly a real contender in White House race

Washington - As many Americans engage in a summer flirtation with outsider Republican presidential hopefuls, one of the most battle-hardened politicians in the 2016 race, Ohio Governor John Kasich, is rapidly gaining ground.

Op-Ed: GOP platform — Still ‘anything but Obama’

As much as GOP hopefuls tried to distinguish themselves in the first debate of the 2016 presidential election, they sounded a lot of the same notes.

A gaffe too far? Trump campaign suffers blowback

Washington - Donald Trump, the defiant, mercurial celebrity leading the Republican presidential nomination race, is facing a backlash over his crude comments and fears he could mount an independent White House run.

Trump refuses to apologize for 'blood' remark

Washington - Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on Sunday refused to apologize for a crude attack on a female Fox News journalist that sparked widespread outrage, insisting he was misunderstood.

Trump's sexist remark turns Republican party against him

Washington - Donald Trump was scratched from a Republican Party event Saturday after suggesting that a presidential debate moderator was tough on him because she was menstruating.

Trump grabs center stage as Republicans open 2016 debates

Cleveland - Bombastic, comical, provocative: Donald Trump, the billionaire leading the Republican primary race, offered the best and worst of himself as opponents strained to offer more gravitas in the first major debate of the 2016 campaign.

Republicans bash Trump, Clinton in opening debate

Cleveland - Republican White House hopefuls lambasted party frontrunner Donald Trump as a flip-flopper in the opening round of Thursday's double debate, and warned that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be disastrous for America.

Republican debate will be first test for brash Trump

Cleveland - All eyes were on brash billionaire Donald Trump as the Republican Party's White House hopefuls -- all 17 of them -- prepared to do battle Thursday in the first debates of the 2016 race.

Trump, an unknown quantity in first Republican debate

Washington - As nine candidates prepare to take their place Thursday alongside Donald Trump for the first Republican presidential debate, a question looms: how does one deal with a rival whose bombast is part of his DNA?

And Kasich makes 16... Republicans on U.S. campaign trail

Washington - The US presidential election in November 2016 has attracted a record number of candidates, with Ohio governor John Kasich to become the 16th Republican to enter the race for the White House on Tuesday.

McCain takes high road as Trump attacks war record

Washington - John McCain said Monday that property mogul and White House hopeful Donald Trump should apologize to veterans after he dismissed the US senator's military record because he was taken prisoner.

Trump heaps scorn on war hero record of 'loser' McCain

Washington - Donald Trump, known for his incendiary rhetoric on the 2016 campaign trail, lobbed his latest verbal grenade, dismissing the military record of Senator John McCain, a former prisoner of war.

Union-busting Republican Walker joins crowded White House race

Washington - Wisconsin's union-busting Governor Scott Walker announced on Monday that he is joining the crowded field of Republicans jostling to be the party's presidential nominee, arguing he can sell his conservative record to mainstream America.

Trump bluster sets provocative tone in 2016 race

Washington - Like a brush fire kicking up in America's southwest, the storm brought on by Donald Trump's political bombast threatens to scorch all it touches as Republicans brace for fallout from their rival's remarks.

Rick Perry says GOP must court black vote to win election 2016

Should black voters give Republicans a second chance in the coming election? Former governor of Texas Rick Perry seems to think so, and he asked fellow Republicans to work harder than ever to court the black vote during a speech Thursday.

Jeb Bush: 'I will run to win'

Miami - Jeb Bush jumped headlong into the presidential race, insisting "America deserves better" after eight years of Barack Obama, as the Republican seeks to win over voters skeptical of his political pedigree.

Jeb Bush ready to jump into presidential campaign

Washington - The campaign logo is ready, so is the big speech, and his message is taking shape: Jeb Bush prepared Sunday to join the crowded Republican field running for president in 2016.

Jeb Bush announces June 15, Rick Perry all in for 2016

Washington - Jeb Bush appeared all but certain Thursday to launch his White House bid on June 15, as fellow Republican and former Texas governor Rick Perry plunged once again into a crowded presidential pool.

Future at stake, Republicans crowd into White House race

Washington - With eight declared Republican presidential hopefuls and eight more expected to run, consensus has been brushed aside for 2016, as GOP rivals battle to shape the future of the party, and America, in the post-Obama era.

Sweet 16: The many Republicans on the White House trail

Washington - In 2008, there were 10 Republicans and eight Democrats competing to succeed George W. Bush in the White House.

Chris Christie spent $82K in taxpayer funds on NFL game snacks

Embattled New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spent more than $82,000 in taxpayer money on booze, snacks and other concessions at National Football League games.

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson announces presidential run

Detroit - Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon turned conservative author known for his anti-LGBT and anti-science statements, has announced he will seek the Republican nomination for president.
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Gage Skidmore
Ron Paul
Ron Paul
Gage Skidmore
Former Florida governor Jeb Bush  right  acknowledged that the bar is likely higher for him in 2016 ...
Former Florida governor Jeb Bush, right, acknowledged that the bar is likely higher for him in 2016, being the son and brother of two presidents
In the Republican debate Thursday night  the former House speaker Newt Gingrich called CNN “despic...
In the Republican debate Thursday night, the former House speaker Newt Gingrich called CNN “despicable” for asking him about the allegations levied against him by ex-wife Marianne Gingrich. For his feisty response Gingrich received a standing ovation.
Screengrab / CNN
Paul Ryan  Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Wisconsin s 1st district
Paul Ryan, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Wisconsin's 1st district
Gage Skidmore
The 10 highest-polling candidates for the GOP nomination. The debate  took  place in Cleveland  Ohio...
The 10 highest-polling candidates for the GOP nomination. The debate, took place in Cleveland, Ohio, and was aired on Fox News on August 6, 2015.
Illustration by Digital Journal
Tim Griffin is the member of the Republican Party  representating Arkansas’s Second Congressional ...
Tim Griffin is the member of the Republican Party, representating Arkansas’s Second Congressional District
PR photo
Gage Skidmore
Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona  who was shot in January in an assassination attempt  a...
Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, who was shot in January in an assassination attempt, appeared without prior notice in the chamber Monday evening to cast the vote to avert economic catastrophe.
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