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Republican party News

Facing criticism, Rand Paul starts building campaign network

Stung by criticism from Republican strategists and political observers that he has no national campaign network, backers of presidential hopeful Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) say they’re just getting started, and they’ll continue to build their organization.
In the Media by Martin Laine - 1 comment

Sen Rand Paul to sue Obama and NSA over 4th amendment concerns

Libertarian-leaning and likely 2016 presidential contender Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced plans on Wednesday to sue President Barack Obama and the NSA over Fourth Amendment violations.
In the Media by Michael Krebs - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Obama's minimum wage attempt offers nothing for middle class

Ahead of President Obama's State of the Union address tonight, it might be helpful understand the scope of the mathematics that are being tossed around on the minimum wage question.
In the Media by Michael Krebs - 27 comments

Rand Paul: 'There are always perceptions of what is extreme'

With The New York Times and NBC's "Meet The Press" seeking to tether him to his father's Libertarian positions, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) defended his cause and his father alike.
In the Media by Michael Krebs - 10 comments

Op-Ed: A Republican's anti-Muslim message latest look at GOP's ugly side

When it comes to politics and to parties with members behaving in shameful ways, the GOP leads the way. Recent examples include an attack on Muslims and a congressman freeloading food yet insisting impoverished school kids should work for lunch.
In the Media by Marcus Hondro - 25 comments

Obama's 'promise zones' versus Senator Paul's 'freedom zones'

President Obama's "promise zones" very much resemble Senator Rand Paul's ideas on "economic freedom zones" the Republican introduced in Detroit in December. Is imitation flattery, as Paul insists?
In the Media by Michael Krebs - 2 comments

In Detroit visit, Senator Rand Paul seeks diversity for the GOP

Detroit - Speaking at the opening of the Republican Party office in Detroit, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) stressed the need for the GOP to infiltrate markets the party has largely ignored.
In the Media by Michael Krebs

CNN/IRC poll: It's Clinton and Christie in 2016 White House race

According to the latest CNN / ORC International poll on the possible candidates for the 2016 presidential election, the contest may be between Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie.
In the Media by Michael Krebs - 2 comments

Senator Rand Paul: American voters want 'someone like me' in 2016

In an appearance on FOX News Monday night, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) almost announced his bid for the White House, saying Americans want "someone like myself."
In the Media by Michael Krebs - 2 comments

Senator Paul knocks Obamacare, Gov Christie in latest comments

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) continued to pursue a fiscally conservative position this week, calling national attention to the costs associated with Obamacare and questioning Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) over Hurricane Sandy relief.
In the Media by Michael Krebs - 5 comments
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 The Third-Term Panic   by Thomas Nast  originally published in Harper s Magazine 7 November 1874.
Harper's Magazine 1874
"The Third-Term Panic", by Thomas Nast, originally published in Harper's Magazine 7 November 1874.

Republican party Blogs

The New Brand of Republican

There is talk that a new brand of Republicans has emerged on the political scene. The last time that this happened, the...
Mar 26, 2013 by Chelsea Heaps - 1 comment

Republicans, a "Gand New Party?" authors Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam think so.

Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam's 2008 book "Grand New Party" map out a route to a recovery for the nation. While I...
Nov 14, 2012 by Jonathan Farrell

American Politics Today

The next person who says to me "Both parties are the same" I just might lose it. I am an independent, moderately...
Nov 2, 2012 in  American Politics by Sadiq Green - 3 comments

Campaign 2012: A Libertarian Case for Mitt Romney

It’s been a long and exhausting primary season for the GOP this election cycle, and things are finally winding down...
Jul 12, 2012 by Tracy Daniels

Why I Am Endorsing Mitt Romney For President (And Not Ron Paul)

This article went viral and it's not mine. The original author encourage its reproduction and so here it is... I...
Jun 1, 2012 in  Ron Paul by Paul Bisnar - 4 comments
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