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Reporting News

Woman in Somalia sentenced for reporting rape

A nineteen-year-old woman in Somalia was sentenced to jail after she said she was raped. The two journalists who reported her story were also sentenced.
In the Media by Owen Weldon

Op-Ed: Posturing or reporting: Reporter attitude shapes public views

Recently many people have become outraged about Edward Snowden and the George Zimmerman trial, but how much of the public’s reaction to news has to do with reporting and how much with reporter posturing?
In the Media by Carol Forsloff - 2 comments

FEMA suggests improving suspicious activity reporting

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has joined several other federal agencies and departments in informing the public about suspicious activity reporting.
In the Media by Alex Allen - 6 comments

Peabody Awards: 'Girls' and 'Dr. Who' among winners

They are prestigious and they often trump other awards in the genre in which they win. They are the Peabody Awards and the winners were announced today (March 27).
In the Media by Tim O'Brien

Symbolia combines art and storytelling Special

Symbolia Magazine combines comics and text in digital form to present a new way of telling real-life stories. Its co-founder says Symbolia may not be the future of journalism, but it reflects where journalism is at right now.
Digital Journal Report by Cate Kustanczy - 1 comment

mesh partners with Digital Journal /newsrooms for event coverage

Toronto - mesh will leverage Digital Journal’s /newsrooms platform to provide real-time content and coverage for mesh '13 attendees and sponsors.
In the Media by Digital Journal Staff - 5 comments

Report highlights the success of citizen science

The findings of a massive five-year citizen science project called the Opal Project have been published. The report contains , more than 25,000 surveys, produced by more than 500,000 people,
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

Digital Journal's 'Reporting 101' liveblog

Starting at noon today, Digital Journal is hosting a Reporting 101 liveblog. Join our liveblog to take part in a discussion on journalistic issues such as balanced reporting, finding sources for articles, using social media to promote content and more.
In the Media by David Silverberg

The Online News Association announces awards finalists

The Online News Association released its award finalists on Wednesday, a list that spanned the spectrum of innovation in digital storytelling.
In the Media by Michael Krebs

Police: Sexual assault reporting important to stop criminals Special

Toronto - In Toronto the numbers are down for reported sexual assault cases overall but for each and every victim the statistics mean little. The crime is one of the most difficult ones to get over with cultural and personal stigma attached.
Digital Journal Report by KJ Mullins - 3 comments

Op-Ed: The Sociology of School Bus Violence

Students and geeks in the front trouble makers and instigators in the back a typical arrangement for mayhem of a verbal and physical kind on a school bus.
In the Media by William Charles Baker - 4 comments

Online news start-up lets Americans report errors in media

MediaBugs, a company that allows Internet users to report errors in stories they read in the media, has announced it’s expanding its service nationally to handle error reports about media coverage across the United States.
In the Media by Chris Hogg - 3 comments

The rise of citizen journalism during Toronto G20 summit

Toronto - Citizen journalism was on full display during the G20 protests and riots in Toronto.'s Andrew Moran and KJ Mullins published exemplary articles, photos and video reports on the ground during the chaos swarming the city.
In the Media by David Silverberg - 6 comments

Study: Citizen Journalism sites complement newspapers

According to a study in the Newspaper Research Journal, citizen journalism sites, including both news sites and blogs, differ significantly from newspaper websites. The report says citizen journalism complements rather than replaces commercial news sites.
In the Media by Chris Hogg

mesh 2010: How social media are transforming newsrooms Special

Toronto - Are blogs and Twitter positively influencing journalism? How can niche reporters take advantage of social media? These are some of the questions answered by a panel of media experts at Toronto's mesh conference.
Digital Journal Report by David Silverberg - 1 comment

Incidents with TTC drivers ground one-on-one incident reporting Special

Toronto - On Saturday incidents with Toronto Transit Commission drivers have made an impact when it comes to reporting with the TTC.
Digital Journal Report by KJ Mullins - 3 comments

AOL to replace journalism with algorithms, robots to produce edit

In the face of a spin-off from Time Warner next month, AOL's CEO Tim Armstrong shed light on his vision for the future of the company's editorial content - saying that he will largely replace his editorial staff with robots.
In the Media by Michael Krebs - 2 comments

Half of Americans surveyed don't trust the news media

A recent Gallup poll revealed that only 45 percent of Americans are confident about the media's ability to present them with accurate and fair news coverage. Two out of every ten Americans have no faith at all in the media.
In the Media by KJ Mullins - 7 comments

Citizen Journalists Speak About Why They Do What They Do Special

Citizen journalism is the hot new ticket in town, but why would ordinary people spend hours on a story for very little money? Could the citizen journalist be the new man standing on a perch in the city park shouting out his truth?
Digital Journal Report by KJ Mullins - 3 comments

Op-Ed: After Sri Lanka: Questions on media access to war zones

The conflict in Sri Lanka is the latest in a series of modern wars in which the press has found itself increasingly unable to report as it did in the past. In cases where it has had access to combat zones, manipulation and control have been rife.
In the Media by Michael Cosgrove - 2 comments

Is there credibility in citizen journalism? Special

Citizen journalism takes heat for lack of credibility, poor original writing and biased reporting. investigates its failings, its potential and how the future of journalism can blend citizen voices with traditional reporting.
Digital Journal Report by Chris Hogg - 45 comments

Did the Internet kill journalism? Special

Technology continues to have a profound impact on the future of media, and citizen journalism is increasingly becoming the elephant in the newsroom. Online news is crippling mainstream media and giving people the power to report the news as they see it.
Digital Journal Report by Chris Hogg - 20 comments

Op-Ed: News reporting and distribution, from Papyrus to the Internet

News making and breaking underwent various key moments of change during its long voyage to the methods we use today. How do they compare? Is news better reported today?
In the Media by Michael Cosgrove - 1 comment

Op-Ed: The Mainstream Media's Abrogation Of Their Journalistic Duty

It was bad enough the press served as campaign arm for Barack Obama's presidential run. Now they act as Big Brother for Obama, sweeping all of the horrendously dirty stuff under the rug. In doing so, they have betrayed every basic tenet of journalism.
In the Media by Johnny Simpson - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Accuracy In Gaza Reporting Questioned

Some have questioned the accuracy of the reporting in the Operation Cast Lead purported wide spread destruction and death in Gaza, but one freelancer went to look for herself.
In the Media by Gar Swaffar - 8 comments

Op-Ed: Bias in news reporting a worrying trend?

People have differing ideas; that goes without saying. Assemble 50 economists in a room and you’ll end up with at least 50 different economic forecasts.
In the Media by Richard James - 1 comment

Op-Ed: The post-tragedy press conference – Who needs it?

The other day I was watching the news and in-between the lecturing reports on global warming and the troubles in Gaza was a story of a personal, horrible tragedy.
In the Media by Richard James - 6 comments

Op-Ed: Good news in the media – it does happen

I was struck with the way news outlets around the world reported on the emergency landing of the US Airways Airbus on the Hudson River in New York and the miraculous survival of the plane’s crew and each and every passenger.
In the Media by Richard James - 3 comments

Op-Ed: “Norm” or “Normal?” It Makes a Difference

A very short report from New Scientist Magazine reveals that a study of internet usage provided highly unusual statistics. The data on hundreds of millions of connections failed to result in a normal Bell curve distribution.
In the Media by C.S. McClellan

Op-Ed: Think You Got An Exclusive? Some Helpful Hints I Got From DJ Staff And LGF

You know how it is. You scour the 'net for leads, hoping you're first with a great story. But what if you find something really special? Really big? Real breaking news only you have? Some helpful hints I received from LGF and DJ staff may help you, too.
In the Media by Johnny Simpson - 1 comment
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Taking notes at the Oscars.
Taking notes at the Oscars.
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Someone taking a photo of a fire in Helsinki with a cellphone
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Citizen journalism
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MediaBugs is a website that lets users report errors in media reports.
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