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49 journalists murdered in 2019

Paris - Forty-nine journalists were killed across the world in 2019, Reporters Without Borders said Tuesday, the lowest death toll in 16 years.

Samsung paid 500 people to pose as fans at China Galaxy S6 launch

Samsung is alleged to have paid 500 people to pose as fake fans at the Chinese launch of its Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Android flagship smartphones on Friday. This means that over half the attending crowd of 1,000 were paid to be there.

Chinese police at lunch allegedly eat endangered giant salamander

Shenzhen - A banquet for Chinese officials turned violent last week when journalists photographed them eating a critically endangered giant salamander, media reports say. The diners included senior police officials who appeared to flout Beijing's austerity campaign.

Op-Ed: The media and journalists should boycott killers Special

Denver - No story is worth a journalist’s life. We are not Navy Seals who can burst into a room and stop a massacre. Writing about genocide has won many awards, but rarely stopped killings.

Ferguson police storm McDonald's, arrest reporters

Ferguson - Police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, stormed a McDonald's and arrested two journalists who were recharging their phones and working on stories about the protests over the shooting deaths of two young black men.

CNN reporter apologizes for allegedly biting two EMTs while drunk

Baghdad - Arwa Damon bit two emergency workers while in a drunken state. Shortly after that the media coverage exploded and Damon is now facing a massive lawsuit.

Op-Ed: Journalism thrives off the Internet

Ask anyone today whether they think journalism is dead and their answer will depend on what medium they prefer to find their news. Most people today likely get much of their news online.

Op-Ed: Obama to attack freedom of religion by grilling newsroom editors

United States President Barack Obama has plans to directly attack the First Amendment in America by placing government monitors in newsrooms across America. The monitors would be used to pressure media organizations into covering certain stories.

News corps ask Syrian rebels to halt kidnap of journalists

New York - The Syrian war has dragged on for more than two years with both sides, the rebels and the Assad regime, blaming each other. Journalists reporting from the area face an increasingly hostile environment and kidnappings by rebel forces are on the increase.

Iranian journalists arrested for 'consorting with hostile media'

Tehran - Fourteen Iranian journalists have been placed under arrest by government officials for reportedly "consorting with hostile foreign news media".

Op-Ed: Are we a zombie culture?

Are the ones in charge of the world wanting a zombie culture? Not being able to think is the key to being a zombie along with having no voice. How far from our society is that a reality?

Mitt Romney Press Secretary to reporters: ‘Kiss my ass, shove it’

Warsaw - Presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney is in Poland Tuesday to deliver a speech in Warsaw. During his trip, he made a stop at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where reporters tried to ask questions. One press aide lost his cool and cursed at reporters.

Op-Ed: Mitt inadvertently tips his hand to sharp-eared journalists

Palm Beach - Whoops a daisy! Reporters weren't supposed to hear this part. That's why it was a "closed door" fundraiser. No reporters invited. That means Mitt Romney felt comfortable to speak whatever the current version of "the truth" is these days.

Did you watch any of these reporters in 2011?

As far as the network news broadcasts are concerned, who do you tune in to see? Did you ever wonder how many minutes they log in a year?

Op-Ed: Tokyo OK, foreign media’s sensational coverage shameful

Tokyo - Foreign news reports bring preconceived notions to the forefront of the stories. Combined with on-camera theatrics and selective video and photos, the parachute journalists present a distorted version of the Fukushima effects on Tokyo.

French reporters smuggle handgun onto airplane

Paris - An investigation is underway at Charles de Gaulle and Marseille airports after journalists filming a special for French TV were able to smuggle the parts of a 9mm handgun on-board a plane in their carry-on luggage and reassemble it during the flight.

Reporter deaths decreases to 57 this year

Being a reporter can still be a very deadly job. According to polls, 57 reporters died this year and the highest rate was found in Pakistan.

Op-Ed: In defense of Helen Thomas

By now it is old news that veteran journalist and White House correspondent Helen Thomas was forced into retirement over comments she made ridiculing Jews in Israel.

US soldier detained in Iraq for leaking classified combat video

Baghdad - The US soldier who leaked the video of the Reuters journalists and civilians who were shot and killed has been identified and detained. Wikileaks released the classified combat video of the killing of reporters and unarmed civilians in Baghadad in April.

77 journalists died in line of duty in 2009

Giving a voice to the masses is a dangerous job, reports the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO). In 2009, 77 journalists were murdered, and 30 of those reporters in November alone.

Philippines: Death toll reaches 47 in Mindanao massacre

The death toll from the Mindanao election-related massacre has risen to 47 as more bodies of victims were unearthed from the massacre site Tuesday. News reporters were among the victims.

Citizen journalism and the uncertain future of news Special

Will citizen journalism replace traditional media? Are these reporters credible? What's the business model for citizen media? These are some of the questions addressed at the mesh 2009 conference on the future of news.

Names of Lay-Off Released

Major Kansas City, Missouri newspaper lays off more reporters than any other lay off in the history of the Kansas City Star.

President-elect Holds First Press Conference

On Friday President-elect Barack Obama held his first news conference since winning the election on Tuesday. The news conference was held in the Chicago Hilton, across from Grant Park, in a room set with a stage that had American flags as the backdrop.

Redistribute This: Reporters Tossed Off Obama Plane

Is the Obama '08 campaign beginning to tip its hand and show the world how an Obama presidency might run the Oval Office? If so, it would appear that the spirit of cooperation and bi-partisanship is going to be left on the tarmac, like road kill.

Op-Ed: Reporters Arrested During RNC Have Charges Dropped

St. Paul officials are saying that they are dropping criminal charges against the slew of journalists that were arrested during the Republican National Convention's protests Friday.

Op-Ed: Where Do you Stand?

An interesting comment by a reader at Digital Journal about the lack of voices concerning a reporter who could be executed got me to thinking. Where do we stand as citizen journalists?

Kenya Journalists Receive Death Threats

Five journalists working in Nairobi have received death threats, apparently from the Mungiki, an underground Kikuyu sect in Kenya. One of the five had received prior threats.

Montel Williams Threatens Reporters

Montel Williams tells high school student and newspaper intern, Courtney Scott “Don't look at me like that. Do you know who I am? I'm a big star, and I can look you up, find where you live and blow you up.”

Journalists Suing Hewlett-Packard Over Surveillance

Three CNET journalists are suing HP for millions for invasion of privacy. Pretexting investigators working for HP allegedly scrutinized the records of the reporters and their family members. HP has offered each reporter $10K, but reporters say no way.
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WDBJ cameraman Adam Ward and reporter Alison Parker were killed during a live broadcast  according t...
WDBJ cameraman Adam Ward and reporter Alison Parker were killed during a live broadcast, according to television footage and their network.
President Obama speaking to reporters during a briefing
President Obama speaking to reporters during a briefing
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Huffington Post reporters Ryan Reilly arrested by police
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