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Rent News

Malta moves all rental contracts to blockchain

Malta has taken the decision to harness the transparency advantages and tighter security that comes with blockchain to underpin its entire rental sector.

Woman lives on trains because she's sick of paying rent

When passengers exit the train, Leonie Müller stays on it because she lives there. The train is her home and she has no problems with this.

Is generation rent threatening the American dream?

Home-owning is an inalienable part of the American dream, or at least that’s what we've thought for the last 60 years. Since World War II, home ownership has formed the cornerstone of upward mobile aspiration.

Ottawa to end rent subsidies for low-income residents

Many low-income Canadians could be facing the prospect of becoming homeless in the next two years, that is, unless the government steps in and pays attention to the Provinces and Territories request to work with them in maintaining social housing funding.

Op-Ed: Only in America, working just to pay the rent

The number of families renting in the United States is growing, and along with these growing numbers is the decline in affordable places to live. According to government numbers, rent should be about 30 percent of income. But that is far from reality.

Celebrity real estate: Rihanna puts L.A. home up for rent

Los Angeles - Ever wonder how it would feel to live like one of your favorite stars? Since Rihanna’s L.A. home has hit the rental market, now you can find out — for only $65,000 a month.

Working in London? Cheaper to live in Barcelona and commute

London - While he wouldn't actually do it, Londoner Sam Cookney has caused a ruckus by saying that property prices in London are so high, it would be cheaper to live in Barcelona and fly to work each day.

Letter from landlord 'Santa' goes viral

Los Angeles - A letter from a Los Angeles landlord has gone viral, proving he is no scrooge during the holiday season, instead, playing a form of Santa Claus for his residents.

Video: Sexy advert urges Spaniards to rent properties

A Spanish property company has launched a unique advertising campaign, targeting young Spaniards and telling them to "get a room" on their website.

Florida HOA collects rent from home it doesn't own

Wesley Chapel - A Pasco County homeowners' association takes possession of couples' home, evicts the existing tenant, changes the locks and moves in its own tenant, all over a $2,565 dispute.

Company to add an air of suburbia to Manhattan Special

New York - With little green space in New York City outside of Central Park, even the slightest bit of nature immediately catches a New Yorker's eye. For that reason, one Manhattan-based company is adding some curb appeal to the concrete jungle.

Landlord Joe Biden's special tenants

Wilmington - United States Vice President Joe Biden is more than a leader for the nation, he's a landlord. Biden's tenants are the same people hired by the nation to protect him, the Secret Service.

Op-Ed: Toronto's Next To Normal is quite normal Special

Toronto - The current Broadway production of Next To Normal finishes up its North American run in Toronto on July 30th. Although classified as a musical, it doesn’t fit the mould of the typical song and dance format.

Collective consumption - save money and the environment Special

Collective consumption is a new trend for our credit crunch times. According to proponents, it saves money, is good for the environment and brings communities together.

Rent entire five-star Tokyo hotel for $671,800 per night

If you're looking to impress, and have an extra $670,000 burning a hole in your pocket, a luxury hotel in Tokyo has a unique deal for you.

Rent or food? For many Canadians that is a daily choice

On Hunger Awareness Day on June 1, Food Banks Canada is calling on Canadians to think about hunger in Canada and donate funds, food or volunteer time to a local food bank to help those in need.

1 in 5 Ontarians Spend 50 Percent of Wages on Rent

Some tenants in Ontario are having to spend half of their wages for rent. One out of every five Ontarian are forced to spend more than the 30 percent renters should pay above their income according to a recent report.

More people renting DVD, Blu-ray than buying

According to an entertainment research group, Hollywood studios’ revenues dropped off considerably in the last quarter of 2008 by 25 per cent. Most people are renting than buying DVDs and the costlier Blu-ray discs.

French landlords demand sex for rent from cash-strapped students

Landlords in Paris are willing to negotiate with student renters provided they offer sex in exchange. Some cash-strapped students are taking up this offer.

Landlord sues dead man's family for rent

A landlord in Australia takes the dead tenant’s daughter to court and sues for breaking the lease and demands $600 for rent owed. The landlord is unrepentant and says the tenant’s death is not his problem.

Don't Have Time to Own a Dog? How About Renting One Part-Time?

FlexPetz, an innovative company in California, has come up with the idea of taking shelter dogs, training them in good behavior skills, and then renting them to people who are too busy or who live in rule restricted homes to be able to own a dog full-time

Expensive Rental Properties

Got 40k? I hope so for these lavish rental properties

Habitat for Humanity has eviction which was the first in Kingston and the first nationally in at least the last five years.

They spent Tuesday night huddled in their car, parked across the street from the place they once called home.

Judge Postpones Masturbation-for-Rent Case

Sex for rent lawsuit is a sordid tale. The lawyer of the accused effectively argued the sexual allegations tarnished his client and got a delay.

Vienna Offers Free Use Of Bicycles - For The Second Time

VIENNA (dpa) - Cheerful blue and pink bicycles have again become part of the city scene for the second time in three months. The "Viennabikes" are owned by the city and available to the public at streetcorner racks. The principle is like a supermark...

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An apartment for rent on Pacific Street in Southern California  but how many people can afford to pa...
An apartment for rent on Pacific Street in Southern California, but how many people can afford to pay the rent?
New enlisted housing at Fort Belvoir  Virginia. This photo was taken in Oct. 2009  and since that ti...
New enlisted housing at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. This photo was taken in Oct. 2009, and since that time, even though these townhouses have aged, the cost of rent has increased.

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