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Renewable energy News

Green Thumbs Up: Portugal reaches zero emissions milestone

Portugal has set a milestone in its efforts to move to renewable energy, running the entire country for four straight days using only solar, wind and hydro-electric power.

New type of bacteria-powered energy source

As part of the hunt for new types of energy, especially those that are renewable, microbiologists have been examining the properties of marine bacteria. One species, called Cyanothece 51142, is of particular interest.

Op-Ed: Obama’s bold carbon plan is in fact, a work of fiction

President Obama’s plan to reduce CO2 power plant emissions by 32 percent, in fact, only cuts emissions by 16 percent, and cuts total emissions by 7 percent.

New Alberta plant will produce renewable diesel and jet fuel

Edmonton - Edmonton-based SBI BioEnergy, Inc. broke ground on Monday for a $10 million mini-refinery in Edmonton Industrial Park that would turn fats and grease into renewable diesel and jet fuel.

Obama administration launches inner city solar energy initiative

Baltimore - The Obama administration on Tuesday unveiled a plan to install solar panels atop buildings in impoverished inner city neighborhoods in a bid to boost local economies, lower electricity bills and combat climate change.

Solar power to supply record of 15% of UK’s power Special

Today sees solar power potentially provide a record 15 percent of all UK power as one of 2015’s sunniest days. As U.K. temperatures rise, so do solar panel installations it seems.

Costa Rica powered up with 100% clean energy for 75 days straight

Tiny Costa Rica has done something really big: It's managed to meet 100 percent of its power needs with renewable energy for 75 consecutive days, and it's doing this by using hydropower and geothermal energy, the state-owned Electricity Institute said.

German phaseout of nuclear power plants triggers lawsuits

After the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011, Germany made the decision to shut down the country's oldest nuclear plants and phaseout remaining plants by 2022. At the same time, renewable energy sources, like wind, solar and biomass would be encouraged.

Vermont's largest city gets 100% of energy from renewable sources

Burlington - Burlington, Vermont's largest city, has announced it now generates 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources.

Sponge developed by scientists can turn light into steam energy

Cambridge - Mechanical engineering department head Gang Chen worked with a team to produce a spongy structure which can convert sunlight into steam. Readers who understand how useful steam energy is can understand why this is important.

Stockholm’s electric ferry is set to make waves around the world Special

Stockholm - In a capital city built across 14 islands, ferries provide a crucial service. In August, this year, one of Stockholm’s ferries - in the space of just ten minutes - will create the world’s first zero-emission waves in maritime public transport.

China smashes world record for solar installation in 2013

Beijing - China installed a record 12 gigawatts of solar panels in 2013, making the nation home to more photovoltaic panels than anywhere else on earth.

Renewable energy bicycles power Times Square ball drop Special

It's true, not just some snow job--stationary bikes have helped power 32,000 LED lights on New York City's six-ton New Year’s Eve Ball this year.

Japan plans to turn the Moon into a giant power plant

The Moon will soon be more than just a pretty sight in the night sky if Japan-based Shimizu Corp has its way. The company plans to use Earth's moon as a hub for solar energy production.

Energy Bits Challenge — Cans: Spanish winning entry (video)

A Spanish entry in the Energy Bits Video Challenge on the subject of recycling has won one of three awards, for the category Audience Award. A cleverly-made short film about our throwaway society made by pupils at a school in Spain.

Renewables now provide Scotland with 40% of its power

Renewable energy sources now provide Scotland with 40 percent of its electricity. Despite the fact much of Scotland is closer to the Arctic Circle than London, wind, solar and tidal energies are utilized to best effect and have slashed carbon emissions.

Super catalyst could make a hydrogen fuel cell

Bionic leaves might one day be developed to produce energy-dense fuels from sunlight, water and atmosphere-warming carbon dioxide, with no byproducts other than oxygen. The development of a new catalyst could represent a step towards this goal.

Controversy over Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant

Energy-related events in Vermont continue to be a disarray of citizen activism, political maneuvering, conversions to the electric power system, and an overall effort on nuclear power.

Two conferences on renewable energy

Cambridge - Next month there are two important conferences on renewable energies in the UK. You're too late to register, but you can catch up with them on the Web.

Pres. Obama announces executive orders to curb greenhouse gases

Washington - President Obama outlined sweeping measures on Tuesday designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants and help local communities better prepare for devastating storms, fires, and drought.

Artificial forest converts sunlight into energy, research claims

Berkeley scientists are developing an artificial forest to convert solar energy into chemical fuels. In a process that mimics photosynthesis, it soaks up light to generate oxygen and hydrogen, two gases that can be used to power fuel cells.

Floating wind turbines — the next generation of wind-farms

Brest - French companies Nass & Wind and naval defence contractor DCNS recently presented details of their next generation floating wind turbine development programme at the Thetis Marine Renewable Energy show held in Brest on April 10 and 11.

Op-Ed: Green energy — Portugal’s 70% from renewables shows how it’s done

Portugal’s national electricity grid concessionaire, Redes Energéticas Nacionais (REN) recently announced that renewable energy made up 70% of total consumption for the first quarter of 2013.

UK approves first new nuclear power station in 18 years

The UK’s Energy and Climate Change Minister yesterday gave the go-ahead for construction of the UK’s first nuclear power station for almost 20 years as planning consent was granted for a new multi-billion pound nuclear plant at Hinkley Point, Somerset

'Lights out' in France as big switch-off becomes law

France yesterday introduced energy conservation laws making it obligatory for shops and commercial premises to switch off internal, window and exterior lighting at night.

UK may explore tidal power

A new report recommends that the UK should be considering utilizing tidal power as a source of electricity. Wave power is recommended over wind power as a renewable energy alternative.

UK on course to hit 2020 green energy targets

London - A report from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) confirms that the UK is on track to meet its 2020 renewable energy targets, thanks principally to new solar and offshore wind projects.

Op-Ed: The wind revolution — Why Congress should extend tax credit Special

The production tax credit for wind energy is set to end in December of this year and whether it should be renewed has been a recent topic of debate. This begs the question; is wind energy a viable and important part of our energy policy?

Energy poverty across the globe

A massive power outage in India, which left millions of people without electricity last week, may have re-opened the debate on energy poverty across the globe.

Google one step closer to wind power

The Google-backed Atlantic Wind Connection passed an initial approval stage this week and will now undergo an environmental review.
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Renewable energy Image

President Barack Obama at the Nellis Solar Power Plant in Nevada in 2009.
President Barack Obama at the Nellis Solar Power Plant in Nevada in 2009.
10 10/Flickr Creative Commons
UK sees rise in installation of solar panels.
UK sees rise in installation of solar panels.
Church Street  Burlington
Church Street, Burlington
Redjar/Flickr Creative Commons
SBI is working toward a commercial production facility to produce renewable jet fuel and diesel fuel...
SBI is working toward a commercial production facility to produce renewable jet fuel and diesel fuel.
SBI Bioenergy Inc.
Portugal is researching wave-power as part of its renewable energy mix - a Pelamis wave energy conve...
Portugal is researching wave-power as part of its renewable energy mix - a Pelamis wave energy converter during the final tests at the port of Peniche
Dipl. Ing. Guido Grassow
A wind farm in Scotland
A wind farm in Scotland
Mike Beltzner
Geothermal steam is one of many ways scientists propose to power the earth. However one team at MIT ...
Geothermal steam is one of many ways scientists propose to power the earth. However one team at MIT has found a new way to turn sunlight into steam.
Ævar Guðmundsson
Artist s impression of a Winflo offshore wind-farm with floating wind-turbines.
Artist's impression of a Winflo offshore wind-farm with floating wind-turbines.
Winflo - DCNS Press Release