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Sewol ferry 'remains' are animal bones: S. Korea ministry

Seoul - Bone fragments recovered from the wreck of South Korea's Sewol ferry are from an animal and not human remains, the maritime ministry said Tuesday, dashing hopes of the relatives of missing victims.

Australia war dead repatriated from Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur - Half a century after they died, the bodies of 32 Australian soldiers and their dependents, many of whom were killed in the Vietnam War, were returned home from Malaysia Tuesday.

Florida burglary suspect hides in pond, gets eaten by alligator

Palm Bay - An accused burglar in Florida made the mistake of his life when he decided to evade police by hiding in a pond and wound up being eaten by an 11-foot alligator.

Remains of victims being airlifted from French Alps crash site

France - Helicopters began airlifting the remains of the victims of a Germanwings plane crash from the disaster site in the French Alps Wednesday afternoon, a source close to the investigation told AFP.

In somber homecoming, Malaysia lays MH17 dead to rest

Kuala Lumpur - Millions of black-clad Malaysians fell silent Friday in tribute to their 43 countrymen killed in the MH17 disaster as the first remains were brought home and laid to rest amid deep sorrow and anger.

Malaysia in mourning as MH17 remains return home

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia will drape itself in black for a national day of mourning Friday as it welcomes home the remains of 20 citizens killed on downed Flight MH17.

Skeletal remains of new pharaoh, King Senebkay found in Egypt

According to Egyptologists, the first of the Dynastic periods in ancient Egypt occurred around 3100 B.C. This early dynastic period supposedly started with a king called "Meni," who united the Upper and Lower kingdoms, solidifying his control.

Italian man has son's remains turned into a 'remembrance diamond'

Treviso - A Treviso man's 20-year-old son died in a car accident a few months ago and had already been buried. However, his father came up with a better idea.

Iron age horse found in Norway as glacier recedes

Lillehammer - As global warming melts ice sheets and glaciers in the world, more and more discoveries are being made. In this case the remains of an iron age horse have been found 2,000 meters up in the mountains of Norway.

Evidence of cannibalism found in Spanish archaeological dig

Burgos - Near the northern Spanish city of Burgos, in the Sierra de Atapuerca, can be found the remains of the "oldest Europeans," who lived a million years ago. New discoveries are being made all the time.

Are tests on remains of King Richard III conclusive? Not just yet

Leicester - It appears that the results on whether or not the remains of King Richard III were buried under a Leicester parking lot are not yet ready to be announced, but will be soon. It is strongly believed by many that these remains are of King Richard III.

Dispute over Native American Bones

San Diego - A lawsuit is taking place between representatives of the Kumeyaay Indians and the University of California over some 9,000 year-old bones. The lawsuit is set to be held during May 2012.

Remains of Rudolf Hess exhumed to prevent Nazi pilgrimage

The remains of Rudolf Hess, former deputy to Hitler, have been exhumed in an attempt to deter neo-Nazis gathering at his graveside for an annual pilgrimage.

11,500 year-old child's remains found in Alaska

The preserved remains of a three-year-old child who lived in the era during which the first humans traveled to and populated the Americas have been found

Sonia Varaschin's remains found this weekend

Caledon - A hiker's weekend discovery of remains in Caledon, Ontario have been positively identified as those of missing nurse Sonia Varaschin. Her death has been ruled a homicide.

Ice Age remains found in Britain

Nottingham - Archaeological remains from the Ice Age have been found near Nottinghamshire by workmen widening the A46 to turn it into a dual carriageway.

What happened to Mitrice Richardson?

The remains of a young woman were found yesterday in a remote area of Malibu Canyon in California. Looking for pot fields park rangers stumbled upon the remains of Mitrice Richardson Monday.

Possible remains of John the Baptist found in Bulgaria

Archeologists working in Bulgaria say bone fragments in an alabaster reliquary could be the remains of John the Baptist, the cousin of Jesus Christ who prophesied his birth and baptized him in the Jordan River.

History Channel to visit the Don Jail hangman's remains

Under the cold hard ground of the Don Jail in Toronto the remains of prisoners were discovered in 2007 by Dr. Ron Williamson and his team from Archaeological Services Inc.

Remains of U.S. Navy Pilot Found After 18 Years

The U.S. Department of Defense announced on Sunday that the remains of the first American shot down in Persian Gulf War have been positively identified, finally ending over 18 years of speculation regarding his whereabouts.

Autopsy results from Caylee Anthony opened to public

The results of Caylee Marie Anthony was released to the public on Friday by the medical examiner. At the time of her death the toddler was not under the influence of any drugs.

Funeral held for a 700-year-old corpse

Over 200 people attended a funeral today in north Kent for a teenage girl who is unnamed. The body was found with its head removed some 700 years ago.

British museum to return more Aboriginal remains

Another set of Aboriginal remains that were held at a British museum for nearly a hundred years will be returned to Australia.

Body Discovered In Downtown Toronto

Lakeshore and Cherry Street is fairly desolate for the downtown area. On Wednesday police found human remains in a garbage bin. That find could be the making of a murder mystery.

Aid to Africa Remains Static

in spite of promises made to increase aid.

Scotty's Remains Lost In Mountains After Space Flight

UP Aerospace payload that includes the cremated remains of actor James Doohan, Star Trek's "Scotty" is lost in mountains of New Mexico.

Joan of Arc Found In 1867 Are Finally Prove To Be Fake

Bones found in a jar in 1867 thought to be the remains of Joan of Arc have been found to be fakes and actually came from an Egyptian mummy and a cat.

Not Resting in Peace

John Doe who died more than half a century ago, still not resting in peace.

Valentines gift to Italy's oldest lovers

Scientest's give a Valentines gift to the the 5,000 year-old lovers.


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