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Religious News

Religious faith in Canada is changing

While Canadians are increasingly rejecting organized religion, certain religious faiths are getting boosted by an influx of immigration.

Stonehenge slabs were stilts for an overhead religious temple

A new theory about the role played by Stonehenge in ancient times says that its huge slabs could have been used as stilts for holding up a large, circular, wooden temple designed for religious ceremonies.

Mississippi signs religious freedom bill

On Thursday, April 3, 2014, the Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, signed into law a measure that allows individuals and organizations to sue the government over laws that they feel obstruct their ability to practice religion.

U.S. Protestants in minority for first time in history

A new poll released today shows that fewer Americans consider themselves to be Protestant, making those that do a religious minority for the first time in history.

Pineapple named Mohammed causes row at university freshers’ fair

Students at a UK university have responded to claims that they “offended” the Muslim prophet Mohammed by naming a pineapple after him at a freshers’ fair.

Op-Ed: Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen — A special event in Fuengirola Special

Fuengirola - Monday is a public holiday on the south coast of Spain, for a very good reason. The annual Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen is on the agenda.

Report says religious sites are riskier than porn for malware

Over time porn websites gained the notorious reputation for infecting computers with viruses. According to a new report, these are not the most common sites where nasty bugs can infiltrate a computer.

Ricky Gervais sparks more fury after posing for New Humanist mag

English comedian Ricky Gervais has caused more upset amongst Christians following his appearance on the front cover of New Humanist magazine. The mastermind of The Office is seen in a Jesus-style pose with the word “atheist” written across his chest.

Study: Can religion lead to brain shrinkage?

Does being 'born again' lead to atrophy in the hippocampus where learning and memory take place? That's a conclusion that has come from a recent study.

Study: Religious people may be more obese

A research study has found that people who attend religious services regularly are more likely to become obese by the time they reach middle age.

Study finds sexual misconduct by religious leaders is prevalent

Baylor University released the results of a study that found sexual misconduct by religious leaders is prevalent. Two-thirds of offenders were married, and the problem is not confined to any one faith.

Parents Agree to Chemo, Keep Custody of Daniel Hauser

In court today both parents agreed to chemotherapy in exchange for the custody of 13-year old Daniel Hauser, just a day after he returned with his mother after being missing for one week.

Religious people do more to stop themselves from dying

A new US study appears to indicate that people with a strong faith want doctors to do whatever they can to keep them living as they near death.

Obama’s Private Memorial Service for Madelyn Dunham

President-elect, Barack Obama, and a small group of friends and family attended a private memorial service last Tuesday in Hawaii for his maternal grandmother, Madelyn Dunham. The service was held in the First Unitarian Church in Honolulu.

Gay People Should Be Tattooed Says Church Of England Clergyman

The writer of a blog has got himself into hot water this week when his comments about gay people were deemed to be highly offensive. The writer of that blog was a clergyman of the Church of England

Wisconsin Community Freaks Out In Response To Elementary School Dress-up Day

Radio stations give angry reactionary air time on nine stations in response to local elementary school closing out their annual celebratory "Wacky Week" with students being given the option to dress up as the opposite gender or a senior citizen.

Veiled Voting Debate Heats Up in Canada

Canadian electoral agency Elections Canada, addressed this morning concerns raised by PM Harper and opposition parties regarding their decision to allow religiously veiled individuals to vote without showing their face.

U.S. Physicians Who Are Religious No More Likely to Treat The Poor

Doctors who are religious in the United States are no more likely to treat the poor than doctors who ar secular. Dr. Farr Curlin, of the University of Chicago, did a study and was somewhat surprised by the results.

Timeline for a Religious War

We could choose to ignore or get rid of these Radicals. The terror has not stopped and will continue until Radical Islamic followers take over the world. Only just recently have we retaliated, 9/11 being the fuel.

Canada's Bill C-250

The hate laws of Canada's state that being it is illegal to incite hatred against an identifiable group based on colour, race, religion or ethnicity, but not sexual orientation. That was before Bill C-250.

The Pre-Caliphate Purge Has Begun in Iran

Ahmadinejad has begun clearing Iran's universities of "secular, progressive" professors. For what can we suppose he is preparing the way?

Mother of beheaded Indonesian forgives killers

The mother of one of three Christian girls beheaded last year on an Indonesian island wracked by religious violence said Wednesday that she has forgiven her daughter’s killers.

Religious 'Crusader' Takes on EBay

How the ancient trade in the most wanted religious relics has moved into the global world of online bidding.

****Religious Woman Goes Ape$hit!!!******

Woman is insane. By the way, after the show, she did take the money. Guess god wanted her to take it, huh. What a nutbag.

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AFTERMATH: New Brunswick  N.J.  firefighters do mop-up work Friday after a three-alarm fire gutted t...
AFTERMATH: New Brunswick, N.J., firefighters do mop-up work Friday after a three-alarm fire gutted the historic Poile Zedek synagogue on Neilson Street. No injuries were reported.
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