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Review: Trumpism not the only target in ʻEverything Is Great Again’ Special

Toronto - Given a title like “Everything Is Great Again”, you know Donald Trump’s presidency is taking some shots in the new Toronto Second City show, which opened last night. But as easy a target as he is, the Orange One is surprisingly absent.

Op-Ed: Trump has succeeded in destroying our relationship with the world

With the presidential inauguration only four days away, Donald Trump has not only succeeded in creating a polarizing and violent divisiveness in this country, but he has also jeopardized out relationships with the rest of the world.

Review: ‘Constellations’ tries to find string theory in relationships Special

Toronto - Not everybody finds quantum physics romantic or sexy. British playwright Nick Payne evidently does, as his acclaimed 2012 stage hit “Constellations” tries to examine different incarnations of a relationship between two scientists.

Review: Married Toronto comics Baram & Sneickus keep the laughs going Special

Toronto - Naomi Snieckus and Matt Baram are two of the funniest comedians in Toronto, if not all of Canada. And if their new sketch revue, “Still Figuring It Out”, seems a tad uneven in spots, there’s still plenty there to keep your funny bone occupied.

Indonesian district: Couples who date after 9p.m. will be forced to marry

A district government in Indonesia has come up with a rather heavy handed approach to dealing with hookups outside of wedlock. The government has imposed a ban on “dating” after 9 p.m., and anyone who violates the ban will be forced to marry.

Breakups more painful for women than men, but men never recover

Research led by an evolutionary psychologist claims that women feel the pain of a breakup, emotionally and physically, more then men. But men's wounds never fully heal.

Kazakh man attempts to sit exam dressed as his girlfriend

A male student in Kazakhstan tried to help his girlfriend pass an important exam - by wearing a dress, wig and blouse, and trying to take the test for her.

Marry your best friend for the happiest marriage, new study says

According to new research, couples who were also best friends experienced the most happiness in life, while married people were in general happier than unmarried ones.

'A Reason' — indie sleeper film of the year Special

A Reason is an independent film written and directed by Dominique Schilling and produced by Caroline Risberg (Risberg Schilling Productions).

Scientists find surprising key to happy relationships

Sharing good news with someone else is a process psychologists call "capitalization," and it turns out that studying exactly what capitalization looks like in a relationship offers a frighteningly accurate picture of whether or not things are going well.

Inventor of the pill says that sex will only be for fun

A man who played a major role in the invention of the birth control pill said last week that sex will become redundant in the not too distant future. Professor Carl Djerassi believes that a woman will turn to in vitro fertilization (IVF) to get pregnant.

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger expertly analyzes female behaviour Special

Few comedians have so precisely captured the cultural and societal zeitgest of the modern woman as Iliza Shlesinger does regularly on stage. In an interview, she discussed finding her comedic voice, defining what's funny and her upcoming USO Tour.

After almost 62 years a married couple passes away together

Bakersfield - Don and Maxine Simpson had what anyone would call a lasting relationship. After 61 years and a few months of marriage both passed away together, within four hours of each other.

Study: 'Good girls' and 'bad boys' have a dating advantage

According to new findings, men are more responsive to women who are attentive and seem caring on dates. Some common sense conclusions are now being backed up by science.

Is there a genetics of 'friendship'?

A new study suggests that people tend to choose friends who share their genes. The inference is that humans tend to associate with other people who are very similar to themselves. Not all biologists agree.

Op-Ed: Shot through the heart - my wife finds another on Valentine's Day

Trenton - I am weeping my heart out – my wife has broken it. On Valentine's Day, no less. Oh fates, you are cruel. What have I done to deserve this?

Inspiring memoir on the social impact of a heart attack

In an interesting new book, Thomas Larson provides an intimate and moving view of how heart disease affects a relationship. In the book he discusses the impact of his illness on his wife and how she has helped him on the path to recovery.

Atom Egoyan schools opera audiences on love and fidelity Special

Toronto - Mozart's 1790 opera Cosi fan tutte revolves around a deceptively simple premise of altered identities. Dig deeper, however, and it's a thought-provoking work about relationships and the trust and deceit that color our romantic connections and illusions.

New study says Facebook friends speak volumes about love life

A new study from Facebook social scientist Lars Backstrom and Cornell University's Jon Kleinberg shows that a Facebook friends list can usually predict whether a user is in a romantic relationship.

Latest data released on Internet dating, digital relationships Special

New study findings released about online dating and relationships show that not only are social networking sites the place to find your next date, check up on past partners and but also that attitudes towards internet dating are becoming more positive.

Matching apparel takes the place of wedding rings in China

You can usually recognize identical twins by their exacting features, and often, they are dressed identically — at least when they are young. And occasionally you will see non-identical twins showing their connection through their matching outfits.

U.K. study finds more sex may lead to more money - or vice versa

A study from Anglia Ruskin Univ. in the U.K. finds that people who have the most sex make the most money. The study, which didn't include people having sex for a living, found those who have sex more than 4 times weekly earn, on average, higher wages.

Op-Ed: Social media: friend or foe?

The popularity of social media is on the up and up: Facebook alone boasts over one billion active users. But is this a good thing? Is the social shift towards virtual communication a socially beneficial choice? Kyle Smith investigates.

No Sex Please, We're Happy! Two U.K. couples no longer have sex

We often hear of couples, once kids come along in particular, who don't have time for the sex life they once enjoyed. Couples who find it hard to do it 3 times a week amidst parenting and work and household duties. But zero times per week?

TV romance may affect real-life marriage

A new study that was published in the Journal Mass Communication and Society found that television may play a role in how people feel about marriage and their spouses.

Study says happily married couples healthier than single people

According to a new study, couples who are happily married are more healthy than people who are singles. The study reveals aging adults with declining health can benefit from improving their marriages.

Stressful relationships could affect the immune system

A psychology research project suggests that those involved in a stressful relationship, or who have high levels of anxiety about a relationship, may have weaker immune systems.

Video: Man loses 'secret' fishing spots to jilted ex-GF

In the case of a breakup, a jilted woman ended up going online and auctioned off the coordinates to her ex-boyfriend's secret fishing spot. It became a popular auction which got her $3,000.

Hormone oxytocin may keep men from straying

Researchers have found that the hormone oxytocin may have a role to play in assisting partnered men to avoid extramarital affairs.

Op-Ed: Older childless women having abortions: 'not ready' for kids yet

Vancouver - A new study reveals that one-third of women having abortion are over age 33 and one-fifth of those have no children. However, half of these women plan to have kids in the future. Their main reason for abortion was 'not being ready.'
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Jonathon Narducci s  Love Me  screens as part of 2014 Hot Docs festival.
Jonathon Narducci's "Love Me" screens as part of 2014 Hot Docs festival.
Jonathon Narducci
Facebook data scientists performed an analysis of how relationship changes vary seasonally.
Facebook data scientists performed an analysis of how relationship changes vary seasonally.
Facebook s data scientists took a look at age groups and days of the week people tended to enter or ...
Facebook's data scientists took a look at age groups and days of the week people tended to enter or end relationships
Don and Maxine passed on together.
Don and Maxine passed on together.
YouTube, 23ABC News
Yeison Varón Velásquez
 Goodbye darling   England 250km   Broken Dreams  a montage showing British men leaving their wives ...
"Goodbye darling" "England 250km" "Broken Dreams" a montage showing British men leaving their wives behind in France
Courtesy of Maria-Louise Sawyer
Ashley Madison  launched in 2001  is known for its slogan: "Life is short. Have an affair"
Ashley Madison, launched in 2001, is known for its slogan: "Life is short. Have an affair"
Eva Hambach, AFP/File
Light in a Hospital  Star in the Sky  Light in the Sky and a Star in the Hospital..
Light in a Hospital, Star in the Sky, Light in the Sky and a Star in the Hospital..

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