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Op-Ed: After this government deadline, the deluge begins

Washington - The recent deadline over ObamaCare is only the beginning of the deadlines over deficit spending by the United States government.

House votes by large margin to reopen government

The House of Representatives got more support than expected to pass a resolution reopening the government and raise the debt ceiling on Wednesday night. Every Democrat voted for it, and nearly 90 Republicans.

Nation headed for debt crisis

There was no guarantee the nation would avoid having to default on its debt next week after talks between President Obama and House Republicans stalled.

SNL's Obama shares unhappiness with federal budget compromise

NBC's 'Saturday Night Live' opened with an address by President Obama on the unhappiness that was generated universally by the compromises needed to avert a federal government shutdown.

US government shutdown averted, both parties claim victory

In 11th hour announcements by Democratic and Republican party leaders, the specter of a US federal government shutdown was averted and a record budget cut of nearly $40 billion was heralded.

Rapist who was rugby-tackled by judge sentenced to jail

London - A rapist who was rugby-tackled by a judge when he tried to escape from a London court was sentenced to a minimum term of six years and three months in prison.

Reid: Tea Party will 'disappear' when economy gets better

Appearing on NBC's 'Meet The Press,' Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid asserted that the Tea Party is an economic phenomenon and will 'disappear' when the economy improves.

SNL's Reid seeks distance from Obama in opening skit

NBC's 'Saturday Night Live' opened last night with a portrayal of Nevada's Harry Reid seeking distance from President Obama - poking fun at a classic stance among political candidates.

Group investigates Senator Reid's finances and mafia ties

Harry Reid Votes, Inc is investigating the embattled Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid over questionable financial reporting and ties to organized crime figures.

Op-Ed: Americans Saying Yes to the Party of No

Liberal Democrats believe they have a winning campaign theme with "The Party of No." Unfortunately for them, most Americans agree with Republicans in saying no to higher taxes and spending, ObamaCare, Cap-and-Trade, and more stimulus for bankrupt states.

Senator Reid's Wife, Daughter in Car Accident

Sen. Harry Reid's wife and daughter were involved in a car accident and have been taken to a Washington-area hospital. Landra Reid, wife of Sen. Reid, broke her back, neck and nose.

Op-Ed: The Message From Massachusetts, For Both Parties

The armchair quarterbacking has begun in the wake of Republican Scott Brown's stunning victory in deep blue Massachusetts. Yet in its wake, many in both major parties seem to be seriously misinterpreting the results. Dangers abound for all in November.

Op-Ed: Have Liberal Democrats Reached the Tipping Point?

Just over one year ago, liberal Democrats swept the White House and Congress. Today, liberal Democrat Martha Coakley is fighting for her political life in the bluest of states. Has the political worm turned completely for liberal Democrats in America?

Op-Ed: Racist Reid Should Resign

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has called on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to resign in the wake of revelations that Reid used racially tinged remarks to describe Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign.

CBO: 10 Million Could Lose Employer Coverage Under DemCare Bill

According to the Congressional Budget Office, up to 10 million Americans could lose their employer health coverage under the bill now in the Senate. The greatest losses would be among low-wage workers in small businesses which would opt to pay the fines.

GOP releases television ad depicting maze of Pelosi health care

Citing charts that depict the maze of prospective government bodies that would stand between patients and their doctors under the House health care bill, the GOP has begun an ad campaign that asks the public to contact senators.

Reid compares health care opponents to slavery supporters

On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid drew a comparison between the health care opposition and 19th century supporters of slavery, saying Republicans have done nothing but offered obstacles.

Centrist Democrats not behind Reid and Pelosi on public option

In the wake of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's assertion that Democrats unite behind the public option - and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's confidence that she has the votes - Democratic legislators are vocal in their opposition.

Lieberman Will Side With GOP On Filibuster Of Health Bill

"I've told Sen. Reid that if the bill stays as it is now I will vote against cloture." So says Senator Joseph Lieberman

Harry Reid: Senate health care bill no good for Nevada

Moments after Senator Baucus unveiled his long-awaited health care bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claimed the proposal was no good for his home state of Nevada.

Op-Ed: Health Care Problems People Aren't Talking About

Though the focus today may be on the massive push of the ObamaCare bill by liberal Democrats and the noisy minority opposition, there are solutions to some major headaches in Health Care staring us in the face. Problem is, no one chooses to see them.

Specter 'Promised' Senate Seniority Retention Only To Be Stripped

Further and new revelations are revealed in regards to the defection of Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter from being a Republican to a Democrat. This makes Specter’s political future even more uncertain.

Op-Ed: USA stealing future of next generation

Millions of Americans are rightly questioning whether the country can withstand the heavy deficit spending and subsequent borrowing that the Democrats have approved.

The Economic Stimulus Bill Wrestling Match Continues

The battle wages on between United States President Barack Obama and the Republicans in the United States Senate with the economic stimulus bill. Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid struggles to get GOP support on it.

Op-Ed: I Can’t Stand John McCain

These are the words spoken and vocalized by one Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Sen Reid was speaking about his conversation with a reporter about his conversation with Sen Joe Lieberman. Here is how it went:

Pelosi and Reid Work Together To Bring Democratic Race To An End

In regards to the superdelegates and the Democratic contest, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have weighed in on the issue.

Reid, Pelosi Reaction to Bush Veto of Iraq Withdrawal Plan

Senate Leader Harry Reid, and House Leader Nancy Pelosi deliver a harsh response to President Bush over his use of a veto on the Iraq withdrawal plan.

Paris Hilton Sex is Best

IT'S official: Paris Hilton is better in bed than Kimberley Stewart and Lindsay Lohan – with Tara Reid falling far behind in last place.

Tara Reid Counts down the New Year

She does well until she gets to 20..then she gets a little confused..:p..I wonder how smashed she was.

Abramoff implicated Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.)

According to ABC News, convicted lobbyist Abramoff implicated Sen. Reid as part of his cooperation with federal prosecutors.

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