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Redheads News

World's largest sperm bank turns down redheads due to low demand

Aarhus - Citing a lack of demand for the sperm from redheaded donors, and a long waiting list of willing candidates, the world's largest sperm bank is no longer accepting donations from anyone with red hair.

Op-Ed: Virgin redhead ad KO’d by UK Advertising Standards Authority

How hard up for copy could anyone be to use redheads as a target for negative stereotype imagery? What, there’s no other type of human schematic to use? What about brain dead copywriters, and the people who pay them to produce slop?

Facebook group 'National Kick a Ginger Day' campaign prompts attacks on redheads

Some members of the Facebook group “National Kick a Ginger Day” prompt them to attack redhead children. The group is currently being investigated by the police.

Some Neanderthals were redheads, fair and with freckles

Studies of Neanderthals bones find that they may have had pale skin, with red hair similar to modern humans and some had freckles in their hair. They also speculate they may have had a spectrum of red hair, from auburn to red to strawberry blonde.

Update: Redheads NOT going extinct

There was news last month from National Geographic article that redheads will become extinct soon, which became quite a bit of controversy and concern. But today researchers say redheads are here to stay and they will be around well beyond 2060.

National Geographic says red-heads set for extinction

Genetic scientists warn that redheads are a dying breed; soon they will become extinct in the next 100 years. National Geographic magazine reports that less than two percent of the world’s population has the natural red hair.

Redheaded Stepchildren, Rejoice! Revolutionary Tan-in-a-Can Discovered

A real-life scientician has discovered a way to give anyone — even those wacky redheads — a healthy tan, without resorting to going out into the scary, scary daylight.

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Redheads Image

You see what I mean. This is a hybrid scan/pencil drawing  with some digital touch ups. Took ages  a...
You see what I mean. This is a hybrid scan/pencil drawing, with some digital touch ups. Took ages, and still not as accurate as I need it to be.
This is my The Little Nurse  in her very first picture. She later gave herself a makeover  and start...
This is my The Little Nurse, in her very first picture. She later gave herself a makeover, and started my 7 year search for some decent graphics software. The Adobe stuff can deliver the quality I need.

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