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Op-Ed: Subreddit on beating women shut down

Most of our readers and Digital Journalists would not stomach a site that advocates violence against women. Unfortunately one sub-sector of the site Reddit approved of and applauded violence against women until a recent shutdown.
In the Media by Walter McDaniel

Op-Ed: For young guys on mobile, Twitter & Reddit erupt as leaders

New research coming out of Consumer Sharing Trends Report 2014 reveals that Twitter’s back and stronger than ever. And what social channel saw the second most dynamic growth, you ask? Reddit.
In the Media by Bob Hutchins

Reddit posts list of games affected by GameSpy shutdown updated

Reddit users have updated the list of games affected by the GameSpy shutdown to include games that will be still be available and games that will lose its multiplayer feature.
In the Media by Stan Rezaee

'Crysis' will not be saved from GameSpy shutdown

Crytek has officially confirmed that it has no plans to transfer the multiplayer features of 'Crysis' and 'Crysis 2' in response to the shutdown of GameSpy.
In the Media by Stan Rezaee

Reddit users generate list of games affected by GameSpy shutdown

In response to GameSpy's shutdown of its multiplayer servers, Reddit users have compiled a list of games that will be impacted.
In the Media by Stan Rezaee - 1 comment

Popular Reddit user, scientists creating children's book

In collaboration with a team of scientists, an ecologist popular on Reddit is raising funds to create a children's book aimed at teaching evolution in a fun and interesting way.
In the Media by Stephanie Medeiros

Op-Ed: Today is 'The Day We Fight Back' — Er, If you know about it

Today, February 11th, 2014, is “The Day We Fight Back against Mass Surveillance”, according to a host of organizations including Mozilla, Reddit, Free Press and Demand Progress.
In the Media by George Arthur - 5 comments

Op-Ed: Bill Gates hosts AMA on Reddit

Beginning at roughly 1 p.m. EST and lasting for about two hours, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Microsoft founder Bill Gates was available via Reddit for an AMA (Ask Me Anything).
In the Media by George Arthur - 1 comment

George Clooney opens up with Reddit Q&A

Normally one to shy away from the paparazzi, actor George Clooney was surprisingly candid as he answered questions during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session.
In the Media by Michael Thomas - 2 comments

Man with two penises answers questions on Reddit

A man who claims to have two penises took to the website/forum Reddit two days ago to answer questions during an Ask Me Anything Session. So far more the post has gathered more than 11,000 comments.
In the Media by Owen Weldon

Former Snow White dishes about portraying a Disney Princess

Little girls all around the world dream of someday getting to meet their favorite Disney Princess. Many of them actually get that chance by visiting one of the Disney Parks. It may not be all that it seems, though, for the women behind the crowns.
In the Media by Natty Walker - 3 comments

Brothel worker in Australia answers questions on Reddit

A woman going by the name 'Rosie' took to Reddit to answer questions about her new line of work, which is a prostitute working in a brothel.
In the Media by Owen Weldon - 4 comments

Op-Ed: What do The New York Times' losses tell us about good journalism?

The New York Times just posted its 12th consecutive quarterly advertising revenue decline, claiming a "complex and fragmented" market is to blame — but is it something else?
In the Media by Michael Krebs - 6 comments

Image of kid at closed zoo goes viral

Quickly spreading across the Web, via sites such as reddit, is a photo of a child holding onto the bars of The National Zoo gate, the "temporarily closed" sign hovering above him. Does this photo best define the fallout of the U.S. government shutdown?
In the Media by David Silverberg - 6 comments

Did the PostSecret website publish a Chicago murder confession?

PostSecret, the community art project where people share their secrets by anonymously mailing them on homemade postcards, published on their site this week an alleged murder confession. Social media is buzzing to decry this morbid post.
In the Media by David Silverberg - 3 comments

High school remembers student's cancer battle at graduation

A heartbreaking photo of a reserved seat at a high school graduation goes viral. The seat was reserved for a young man that had lost his battle four years previous.
In the Media by Ashley Woods - 1 comment

Op-Ed: Processed chicken free of human body parts says factory worker

The confessions of a chicken processing plant worker caused much clucking on a Reddit thread but when it comes to chicken nuggets, the insider gave re-assurance that processed chicken products contain nothing in the way of human body parts.
In the Media by Robert Myles - 10 comments

US programmer outsourced own work to China, played on Internet

A rather ingenious programmer, working for a critical infrastructure company in the US, outsourced his work to a Chinese contractor for a fraction of his salary. He then sat and played on Facebook, ebay and reddit and watched cat videos all day.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 12 comments

W.H. set to respond to petition to fire Attorney in Swartz case

Aaron Swartz is dead, but a petition to have the U.S. Attorney in his hacking case fired, is very much alive. With the necessary signatures, the White House must respond.
In the Media by Eric Morales - 2 comments

Reddit pioneer Aaron Swartz wrote 'suicide note' blog in 2007

New York - Reddit co-founder and internet activist Aaron Swartz, who committed suicide in New York City on Friday, posted a chilling story about his own suicide in 2007 on his blog, titled "A Moment Before Dying."
In the Media by Yukio Strachan

Computer activist & reddit co-owner Aaron Swartz commits suicide

New York - Twenty-six-year-old computer activist, co-owner of reddit and co-author of the widely-used RSS 1.0 specification, Aaron H. Swartz, committed suicide in New York City on Friday. The method of suicide has been released in the media (Update).
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 21 comments

Photo of black iceberg goes viral on Reddit

A photo of a black iceberg is attracting global attention after it was posted to online aggregator Reddit. The iceberg stands in sharp contrast to other whitish icebergs in the photo.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 4 comments

Image of airline passenger restrained with duct tape goes viral

A passenger alleged to have been drunk and disorderly was reportedly restrained with duct tape on a recent flight originating in Iceland and en route to New York. A photo of the incident, posted on social media, has gone viral.
In the Media by Leigh Goessl - 7 comments

Video: Samantha Busch's Grand Canyon photo prank goes viral

Samantha Busch, 22, played a prank on her mother while she was visiting the Grand Canyon. She sent her a photo that appeared to show her clinging to the edge of a cliff overlooking a yawning gorge, with a wide-mouthed look of horror and panic on her face.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 3 comments

Rep. Zoe Lofgren lobbies Reddit for ideas on legislation

Washington - U.S. Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) lobbied Reddit users Monday for their ideas about new legislation that will affect the domain seizure process.
In the Media by Brian LaSorsa

Gary Johnson: Writing Ron Paul in would be 'meaningless'

Santa Fe - Former New Mexico Governor and Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson held his second Reddit "Ask Me Anything" Q&A. In one of his answers, he noted that writing in Ron Paul's name in November would be "meaningless."
In the Media by Andrew Moran - 2 comments

Photos of Tom Hanks and 'drunk' fan go viral

Everyone knows Tom Hanks is a great actor and a nice guy. He's always stopping to pose for photos with fans and sign their autographs. Now a couple of photos of Hanks and a fan, pretending to be drunk, have made him a star on the Internet.
In the Media by Darren Weir - 6 comments

Barack Obama answers user questions on Reddit

President Obama took questions from the community today for a half hour, this post chronicles the questions and answers the POTUS gave to user questions.
In the Media by Paul Iddon - 5 comments

Father's letter disowning gay son goes viral online

"This is what hate looks like." That was a man's introduction to a letter his father wrote when the dad learned his son was gay. "Don’t expect any further conversations with me. No communications at all," the father wrote.
In the Media by David Silverberg - 6 comments

Saturday's extra second crashes major websites

Perth - It seems that additional second that took place Saturday was much more serious than the world thought. Major websites, like Reddit and LinkedIn, crashed and 400 Qantas planes experienced delays due to electronic clock glitches.
In the Media by Andrew Moran
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Screenshot of theonlybeat s IAmA Reddit page on 7/4/2011
Screenshot of theonlybeat's IAmA Reddit page on 7/4/2011
Aaron Swartz  who downloaded 4.8 millions files from JSTOR and fought against keeping scholarly mate...
Twitter via Think Progress
Aaron Swartz, who downloaded 4.8 millions files from JSTOR and fought against keeping scholarly material behind pay walls, committed suicide on January 11, 2013. He was 26 years old.
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Monster lamprey goes viral on Reddit
Monster lamprey goes viral on Reddit
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