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Money for Thailand's victims of political strife

Bangkok - The cabinet has approved a compensation package for victims of all the political violence which took place between 2005 and 2010.

Ex-Thai Prime Minister resigns as Cambodia's economic adviser

Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has tendered his resignation as Cambodia';s economic adviser "because of personal difficulties in fulfilling his role completely".

Thailand to lift emergency rule in selected areas of the country

Thailand is lifting emergency rule it has imposed after a bloody confrontation between government troops and the "Red Shirts" protesters which lasted for more than two months.

Thailand lifts curfew after months of violent uprising

Bangkok - Thailand's Prime Minister Abhisit Vejajjiva has lifted Saturday the curfew imposed by the government during the violent dispersal of protesters in the commercial area of Bangkok last May 19.

Thailand PM calls of Nov. elections, cuts off power to Red Shirts

Bangkok - The Thailand Prime Minister has called off the proposed November elections and has ordered the Red Shirt protesters to end demonstrations by Wednesday. The Prime Minister has also considered cutting off electricity and water to the Red Shirts.

Thailand Prime Minister offers protesters Nov. 14 election

Bangkok - The Thailand Prime Minister has offered anti-government Red Shirt demonstrators a November 14 election if they accept his reconciliation plan and peace is restored.

Thai 'Red Shirts' protesters clashed again with security forces

Bangkok - One person was reportedly killed in the clash between 'Red Shirt' protesters and Thai police while at least 10 others were wounded in the renewed violent confrontation in the Thai capital that has already claimed 27 lives.

Thailand PM rejects Red Shirts offer to dissolve Parliament

Bangkok - The Prime Minister of Thailand has rejected the latest offer from the Red Shirt protesters that would end the demonstrations and violence if he dissolves Parliament and calls an election within thirty days.

Grenade attack in Thailand kills two police officers, 42 injured

Pattani - A grenade attack in southern Thailand has left two police officers dead and at least 42 injured. The blast damaged a police vehicle and broke many windows of the police station.

Thai protesters display dead body, Reuters cameraman dead

Bangkok - Clashes between the Thailand red-shirt protesters and government forces have resulted in the deaths of five people, including a Reuters camera, and nearly 500 have been injured.

Op-Ed: Are the new H1N1 cases in Thailand an attempt at crowd control?

News makes the rounds that a journalist and a member of Bangkok's Red Shirt demonstrators have come down with A (H1N1). As the so-called protester turns out to be employed by the government, this can look like a convenient way to end to the protests.

Protesters in Thailand collect blood to topple government

Although there has been no violence, the protester's blood has begun to flow freely in Bangkok. Volunteers are collecting blood they may use tomorrow in order to lay a curse on the government if it does not dissolve itself.

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Red shirts Image

Red-shirted protesters in Bangkok  Thailand on April 3  2010
Red-shirted protesters in Bangkok, Thailand on April 3, 2010
by pittaya
Redshirt protesters rolling a burning tire into Rama IV in downtown Bangkok on Saturday.
Redshirt protesters rolling a burning tire into Rama IV in downtown Bangkok on Saturday.
by Cengiz Yar Jr/HFWH
Thailand protesters  known as red shirts  march through Bangkok and vow to topple the Thai governmen...
Thailand protesters, known as red shirts, march through Bangkok and vow to topple the Thai government
YouTube screenshot/AssociatedPress
A motorcycle taxi driver stands in the live fire zone on Rama IV in Bangkok on Saturday. Tires burnt...
A motorcycle taxi driver stands in the live fire zone on Rama IV in Bangkok on Saturday. Tires burnt throughout the afternoon accompanied by occasional gunfire, grenade blasts, rocket fire, and detonations of homemade explosives.
by Cengiz Yar Jr/HFWH

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