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Red planet News

NASA prepares tiny chopper for Mars flight

A future mission to Mars will require more than just rovers, according to NASA's assessment. A Mars mission will require craft that are capable of flying so that wider surface imaging can be conducted.

China joins Mars probe race

China is joining the race to explore Mars as it prepares to launch a probe in 2020, according to an official of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

NASA forced to scrub plan to land unmanned ship on Mars

Lompoc - NASA has called off a planned mission to Mars early next year after scientists were unable to repair a leak in a key piece of science equipment.

Speculation grows about NASA's big Mars announcement today

Washington - Wild speculation continues online over what NASA plans to announce today concerning what has been discovered about Mars, the fourth planet from the sun.

Martian meteorites provide intriguing hints of life on Mars

Aberdeen - A further clue in the search for life on Mars has emerged after a team of scientists discovered traces of methane in Martian meteorites.

A 'new' crater on Mars as never seen before

Tucson - NASA has released a spectacular hi-res image of a “new” crater in the Sirenum Fossae region of Mars taken by the HiRise instrument on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO).

Sounding out Mars: NASA starts trials for next lander mission

Pasadena - Trials have now started on NASA’s next piece of Mars wizardry, a stationary lander scheduled to head off to the Red Planet, March 2016.

NASA's Mars 2020 rover to unlock more Martian secrets

Washington - NASA’s successor to the Mars Curiosity rover will head to the red planet in 2020 carrying a payload of scientific instruments that will explore Mars as never before.

Op-Ed: To live and die on Mars — 1,058 people on short-list

Imagine if you will, being one of the lucky few chosen to make a one-way manned mission to the red planet. It will take a special kind of person, one with strength of character and ambition, and with a willingness to see the future in a new frontier.

India's Mars Orbiter leaves Earth orbit heading for Red Planet

Bangalore - India’s Mangalyaan Mars Orbiter spacecraft left Earth orbit early Sunday, at the start of a 300-day trek, covering 680 million kilometers (425 million miles), to Mars.

NASA's MAVEN Mars atmospheric mission set for lift-off, Monday

Cape Canaveral - NASA makes final checks this weekend ahead of the launch of its MAVEN mission to Mars, scheduled for liftoff from Cape Canaveral, Fla., at 1:28 p.m. EST tomorrow, Monday, Nov. 18.

India launches spacecraft to Mars

In an attempt to become the fourth country to reach the Red Planet, India has successfully launched a spaceship to Mars. The spaceship left at 9:08 GMT Tuesday.

Remarkable footage of Red Planet marks 10 years of Mars Express

Cologne - As the European Space Agency’s Mars Express orbiter approaches the tenth anniversary of arrival in orbit at the Red Planet, the ESA has assembled a fascinating topographical ‘fly-by’ of Mars.

Interactive gigapixel Mars Curiosity panorama shows planet in HD

This interactive 4-gigapixel panorama of Mars allows you to explore the surface of the Red Planet as if you were there. It was compiled by Estonian photographer Andrew Bodrov using images captured by two mast cameras on NASA's Curiosity rover.

NASA's Curiosity rover drills first rock samples on Mars

NASA announced yesterday that its Mars rover Curiosity had drilled its first rock sample on the Red Planet, the first time any robotic explorer had successfully drilled for rock samples on another planet.

American Geophysical Union: Update on Mars Curiosity’s analyses

The science community has been abuzz with rumours recently that Mars Curiosity rover had found something big on Mars but in a briefing at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union, NASA scientists played down the hype.

NASA to send new rover to Mars in 2020

The US space agency (NASA) has announced plans to launch a new robotic rover on Mars in 2020. The new vehicle will be based on the Curiosity Rover, which landed on the Red Planet back in August.

Mars Curiosity Rover: NASA hints at historic discovery

NASA talked tantalisingly about a discovery made by its Mars Curiosity Rover this week that could "get in the history books" but finding out what exactly that discovery may be will have to wait a few weeks until NASA has checked results.

Mars rover Curiosity digs deep and finds something like Hawaii

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has continued its solitary mission to the Red Planet, this week making a start on analysing soil samples scooped up from the Martian surface. Initial results show similarities between Martian soil and soil found on Hawaii.

Human colonization of Mars likely in 2023

If things go as planned by a Dutch venture, there’s a strong likelihood of human settlements on the Red Planet by 2023. The Dutch company has just received its first funding from the sponsors.

Boldly go to Mars on a one way ticket

It’s always cheaper to fly one way, even to Mars. But are scientists proposing a suicide mission? An article in the latest issue of the Journal of Cosmology finds out.

NASA's trapped rover finds evidence of water on Mars

Pasadena - NASA has announced the ground where the Mars Exploration Rover named Spirit became stuck last year shows evidence of water in it's subsurface, maybe resulting from melting of snow.

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Red planet Image

Planet Mars
Planet Mars
NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)
Mars rovers.
Mars rovers.
Photo by Idaho National Laboratory
The NASA Mars rover Curiosity used its left navigation camera to record this view of the step down i...
The NASA Mars rover Curiosity used its left navigation camera to record this view of the step down into a shallow depression called Yellowknife Bay in Gale Crater on the red planet. The distinctive mudstone formation of the surrounding terrain can be seen in the background.
NASA JPL Caltech
NASA's Mars Insight spacecraft launched nearly seven months ago with the goal of listening for ...
NASA's Mars Insight spacecraft launched nearly seven months ago with the goal of listening for quakes and tremors to see how the Red Planet formed billions of years ago
Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/UA
Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/UA
University of Arizona
Curiosity s First Sample Drilling: At the center of this image from NASA s Curiosity rover is the ho...
Curiosity's First Sample Drilling: At the center of this image from NASA's Curiosity rover is the hole in a rock called "John Klein" where the rover conducted its first sample drilling on Mars. The drilling took place on Feb. 8, 2013

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