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Mixing energy drinks and alcohol is like taking cocaine

Mixing energy drinks with alcoholic drinks can be dangerous, according to a new study. Mixing large quantities mimics the effects in the brain experienced by cocaine users.

Video: Watch wingsuit athletes fly over French Alps like birds

A Facebook video surging online shows four wingsuited athletes soaring like birds across the French sky. Halfway through the video, footage of their maneuvers through a forest resemble a frighteningly realistic video game.

Woman going blind after drinking 28 Red Bulls every single day

Newtownabbey - Lena Lupari, 26, from Northern Ireland, is slowly going blind after she consumed an average of 28 cans of Red Bull every single day.

Energy drinks are like 'legal highs' says expert

London - Health experts have warned that energy drinks make children hyperactive in class. This has led some teachers to demand that restrictions are placed on the drinks.

Video: Google VP smashes Baumgartner's stratosphere jump record

Roswell - A Google vice president, Alan Eustace, 57, broke Felix Baumgartner's 2012 parachute jump world record Friday when he dived from a balloon near the top of the stratosphere, breaking the sound barrier during a freefall that lasted four-and-a-half minutes.

Soccer, ice hockey fans able to interact with live games

If you’re a loyal soccer or hockey fan, you are now be able to interact with games live on-screen thanks to a partnership between iPoWow and Red Bull Media House.

James Murphy on current dance music: 'It makes me want to vomit'

James Murphy, the former lead singer and producer of indie dance group LCD Soundsystem, takes a jab at current commercial dance music.

New POV footage of Felix Baumgartner's jump from space

Red Bull has released new footage of Felix Baumgartner's jump from space last Oct. 14, 2012. The video was released on YouTube to mark the one-year anniversary of the historic record-breaking skydive.

Link between energy drinks and heart issues

A compound abundant added as a supplement to popular energy drinks has been found to promote atherosclerosis, according to a new research report.

The Dream Team: Mark Webber with Porsche for Le Mans 2014?

Porsche last week unveiled two 911 GT3 RSR as the next step in the German manufacturer’s return to Le Mans 24 Hours in 2014. Now, there is speculation that Australian Formula 1 driver Mark Webber may be in talks with the Stuttgart based manufacturer.

Formula 1’s old man Mark Webber hopes to end career with Red Bull

Melbourne - Australian Mark Webber is on his home grid this weekend, starting his 12th season in Formula 1. Aged 36, Webber is the oldest driver racing in Formula 1 and has expressed hopes of seeing out the rest of his career with the Red Bull team.

Motorsports: The future of F1 takes a positive turn

Kuala Lumpur - The future of Formula 1 racing beyond 2012 is looking good, according to Bernie Ecclestone. The statement was heralded as “great news” by one team owner.

Op-Ed: Do energy drinks have dangerous levels of caffeine, or not?

Sydney - Popular high caffeine energy drinks like Red Bull and V are in the firing line in Australia from the Australian Medical Association. A study from the Poison Hotline in New South Wales is being cited, indicating a spike in cases of toxicity.

Red Bull rocks The Rock with first ever sporting event

San Francisco - When you think of Alcatraz movies or criminals may come to mind but sporting events? That may change after Red Bull rocked The Rock last night with a one-on-one basketball game held in The Yard.

World Class Blade Bending at Red Bull Crashed Ice

Quebec - There’s something mystical that happens when a half-kilometre long ice slope is constructed in the centre of an urban centre, and individuals race downward in an attempt to win it all.

Traces of Cocaine Found in Red Bull in Germany

German authorities have found a trace amount of cocaine in the Red Bull Cola energy drinks sold in the country. Retailers have stopped selling Red Bull Cola until further testing is done.

Op-Ed: Does Red Bull really give you wings?

A study on the world's most popular energy drink showed that drinking just one 250-ml sugar-free can of the caffeinated energy drink may increase the "stickiness" of the blood and raise the risk of blood clots forming.

Man's Heart Stops After Drinking Too Much Red Bull

28-year-old Matthew Penbross gulped down eight Red Bull drinks over a five hour period last weekend while competing in a motocross event in Australia. He then says that he unexpectedly collapsed when his heart stopped. Would you really be wondering why?

'Art' made from Empty Red Bull Cans

Cool contest to make art with Red Bull! I love this drink.

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A group of energy drinks
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An array of energy drinks on a shelf
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Red Bull
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A shelf of various energy drinks
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Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix Qualifying 2012 - Mark Webber driving for Red Bull
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Screenshot from Red Bull "Plage nudiste" commercial
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Mark Webber pictured at the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain
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