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Egypt beach resorts fight global scourge of plastic trash

Hurgada - Combing the Red Sea beach at an Egyptian luxury resort, workers find bagfuls of plastic garbage -- but the news isn't all bad, thanks to a new environmental initiative.

Red pandas rescued in Laos stir fears over exotic pet trade

Bangkok - The rescue in Laos of three endangered red pandas trafficked from China has raised fears the rare animals are increasingly being coveted by exotic pet owners.

Review: You can run but you can’t hide from this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include some star-studded high-def action; a couple Netflix favourites; a screwball comedy with a twist; still one of the best genre-bending horror movies; and some intense television.

Camera brand RED surprises with a 'holographic' smartphone

RED has announced its debut smartphone. It features a holographic display that works without glasses. RED has taken the tech industry by surprise having never previously entered the market. It's known for high-end cameras used by professional filmmakers.

London bus driver throttles woman who filmed her driving over red

The female driver of a London tour bus apparently throttled and assaulted a woman who filmed her allegedly driving the bus through a red light. She left her vehicle in the middle of the road, leaping out to throw the victim to the ground, unconscious.

Color red sends out aggressive signals

A new study warns that wearing red can send out the wrong signals. Fine if you want to appear confident and perhaps aggressive, but for many situations red is a "big no."

Op-Ed: Fashion trend: Warming up with red this summer

As winter gave way to spring, and spring will quickly give way to summer, fashion trends are also thawing out with both new and timeless trends returning for warmer months, in the form of the color red.

Fight brewing over teen's ban due to 'Non-Natural hair color'

Irondale - A teenager suspended from high school because of her new hair color is fighting back against her school district, which said her hair color was too "distracting." The student and her mom say the color is natural.

The Marshall Tucker Band's label signs deal with RED Distribution

The Marshall Tucker Band's label, Ramblin' Records, has signed a multi-year deal with RED Distribution, which is affiliated with Sony Music Entertainment.

Op-Ed: 2014 Grammy predictions for 'Best Country Album'

Five country albums are in the running for the 2014 Grammy award for "Best Country Album." It includes three male solo artists and two female solo artists.

Reward for information about endangered wolf killings

Six endangered red wolves have been shot in the last month in North Carolina, prompting the federal government to advertise a reward made up of contributions from conservationist organizations.

Op-Ed: Academy of Country Music Awards Predictions — Album of the Year

In this year's Academy of Country Music (ACM) awards, which will take place on April 7, five albums are in the running for "Album of The Year."

Review: Justin Timberlake Suit and Tie video shot on Red Epic monochrome Special

Justin Timberlake released on Valentine's day, his long awaited music video of his latest single Suit and Tie, featuring Jay Z and directed by Academy award nominee David Fincher, entertaining his fans and filmmakers alike.

Study: Red ink makes students anxious

Two University of Colorado professors claimed they have demonstrated that teachers' customary use of red pens in marking corrections and grading papers often impacts students negatively and erodes teacher-student relationships, decreasing learning.

Justin, Selena, Harry and Taylor let it snow

Park City - Tween pop recording sensations Selena Gomez. her boyfriend Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift and One Direction's Harry Styles all enjoyed skiing the beautiful slopes of The Canyons before the holidays.

Taylor Swift's RED leads 2012's best selling music releases

Nashville - The Swift one's new release RED moved more than 1.2 million sales in its first week of release which makes her the only woman in Soundscan history to release two consecutive LP's that sold more than one million copies in a week.

Big Hollywood names added to the casting line up of Red 2

Red, which starred Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Mary-Louise Parker, Helen Merrin and John Malkovich, became a blockbuster hit in 2010. Following its success, a sequel was announced and is slated for an August 2013 release.

Study: Waitresses wearing red get bigger tips from male patrons

Morbier - Lady in red? A new French study suggests that waitresses who sport the color red receive bigger tips from male customers. Meanwhile, female patrons are quite indifferent to the server's choice of colors.

Video: Girl paints portrait using ring formed under a coffee cup

Shanghai - Red is back. She has put away her basketball and grabbed a coffee cup to create her latest work of art, which features a portrait of singer Jay Chou, created entirely from the rings formed under a cup of hot coffee on an artist's canvas.

Seeing red brings quicker, stronger reaction

Scientists measured stronger, faster reactions in test subjects seeing red, who could not feel the slight differences. But getting a crimson completive edge might be more tricky, for the sight of red also could heighten fright, the researchers cautioned.

Prince Charles speaks up for the red squirrel

The tiny animal may not catch the attention of the public the way some others do but there are people, including Prince Charles, who realise that without assistance the red squirrel may soon disappear from the UK.

Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich go RED Special

Willis, Mirren, Freeman and Malkovich, four of Hollywood's top actors, get "the old band" together to discuss their involvement in the hilarious and action-packed spy comedy RED. Also: Death Race 2, Merlin, Justified, Dallas, Waking The Dead and Nomad.

Rare red panda cubs born at UK zoo

Paignton - Two rare red panda cubs have been born at Paignton Zoo Environmental Park in Devon. They are the first to be born there since 2004.

Motorist won't stop for police but stops for red lights

Cincinnati - A woman refused to pull her car over for police using lights and a siren, but she did stop at red lights, and reduced her speed as she continued on her drive home.

Angelina Jolie returns to Haiti fueling adoption speculation

Port-au-prince - Angelina Jolie returned to Haiti over the weekend to assess the progress of the work that has been accomplished since the earthquake hit this island country. Jolie has recently dispelled rumors that Jolie-Pitt have an adoption in progress in Haiti.

The Red Wings defeat the Coyotes in the Stanley Cup Playoffs

The fifth-seeded Detroit Red Wings defeat the fourth-seeded Phoenix Coyotes in Game 7 of the first round in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Chelsea FC salute Chelsea Pensioners with red tribute

London - Chelsea FC are officially in the red. But no, not financially. Rather, this relates to a new Chelsea shirt launching tomorrow.

Pentagon offers $40,000 prize in red balloon game

Tomorrow morning Americans will take part in a treasure hunt designed to see how well people can coordinate with each other online. The person who first finds ten hidden weather balloons will be awarded the $40,000 prize.

Empire State Building to turn red for Communist China's 60th

Famous New York City landmark the Empire State Building will turn red and yellow on Wednesday to mark Communist China's 60th anniversary.

One of the Red Cross hostages released

One of three Red Cross hostages has been released in Sulu, Philippines. Mary Jean Lacaba is reported "alive and well", said said Sen. Richard Gordon, head of the Philippine Red Cross.
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