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Recruitment News

German military looks to recruit in other EU nations

Berlin - Germany's military chief said Thursday he was considering recruiting in other EU nations to target specialists like IT professionals and medical doctors.

Q&A: How technology is changing recruitment Special

The process of recruitment is being challenged and changed by the use of new technologies. Such technologies are also part of a change of approach where firms need to go out to attract top talent rather than expecting people to seek out the firm.

Q&A: How Gen-Z are influencing recruitment Special

Recruiters have spent hours and resources attempting to turn millennials into loyal customers and also as employees. Now different tools and techniques will be required to attract Generation Z. Kate Devlin of Rymax Marketing Services explains more.

Blockchain is set to reshape recruitment: Interview Special has partnered with to develop blockchain-powered recruitment services. The aim is to take the cost recruiters out of the recruitment process by effectively paying users to handle their own recruitment.

Interview with a robot: AI revolution hits human resources

Paris - You have a telephone interview for your dream job, and you're feeling nervous. You make yourself a cup of tea as you wait for the phone to ring, and you count to three before picking up.Now imagine that your interviewer is a robot named Vera.

Companies must rethink their recruitment strategy: Interview Special

Millennials have become the largest part of the U.S. workforce, and by 2025 will make up three-fourths of a workplace that will be over 40 percent mobile. This means Companies have to rethink their assumptions about what matters most to employees.

Interview: Helping recruiters engage with candidates Special

With 65 percent of Gen Z and Millennials communicating with others more digitally than in person, the use of new technology needs to be considered by recruiters in order to obtain the best talent.

In Syria's Afrin, locals mobilise to defend hometown against Turkey

- Ammunition belts slung over their shoulders, voices cracking from the chanting, dozens of young Syrian Kurds amassed in Afrin's town square to enlist in the "resistance" movement against a Turkish-backed assault.

Interview: Artificial intelligence is disrupting recruitment Special

Human resources is undergoing significant change due to digital technology. One important example is with the use of artificial intelligence in recruitment. Digital Journal finds out more with the CEO of Reflektive.

Automation is disrupting traditional models of recruitment

The recruitment sector, from human resources to outsourced agencies, is undergoing disruption through the use of automation and artificial intelligence. This is leading to new approaches for businesses to recruit staff.

Employers are using workforce analytics to hire the best

Human resources managers are turning to innovative software that allow for detailed workforce analytics to be undertaken. These new tools are helping companies become more inclusive, and create value for all their stakeholders.

Facebook's new job board means you don't have to use LinkedIn

Facebook has taken aim at business-oriented social network LinkedIn by announcing a new feature that lets you find and apply for jobs without leaving its app. It directly connects prospective employers and employees, cutting down the time spent searching.

NASA sees record number of astronaut applications

Washington - NASA has received a record 18,300 resumes from people keen on becoming astronauts, the US space agency said.

Revealed: Google's coder recruiting tool hidden inside search

Google has secretly hidden a tool inside its search results that recruits talented new programmers for the company. Searching for some complex programming terms can lead to access to a series of online puzzles. Solving the puzzles can lead to a job.

Promises of love, jobs for foreign recruits in IS 'utopia'

Birut - It has become known for horrific images of beheadings and torture, but the Islamic State group is trying to lure foreign recruits to its "caliphate" with promises of adventure, homes, jobs -- even love.

NSA recruitment drive got more than they bargained for

This week, staff from the National Security Agency decided to attempt to recruit a few students to their organization. Attending the session was Madiha R. Tahir, a journalist studying a language course, who gave them a lot more than they expected.

Report: Mossad recruiting Algerian youth

According to a report issued on Wednesday by an Algerian newsletter, Mossad, the Israeli spy agency, has begun to recruit Algerian youths to fight alongside the Syrian opposition, in the battle against Bashar al-Assad.

Business gives high school athletes recruitment advantage Special

Albuquerque - Interested in getting a college athletic scholarship? There's a business for that. College Athletic Scholarship is an online athletic recruiting help center designed to give high school students an edge in the recruiting game.

China: Army relaxes physical standards in modernization bid

Beijing - China's top legislature, The National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee has relaxed stringent physical examination standards in the country's Military Service Law with the aim of bringing better educated youth in to the People's Liberation Army.

Nearly 25 percent of US army applicants fail entrance exams

A disturbing new study underscores the state of the US education system - finding that almost 25 percent of army applicants cannot meet standardized test requirements posed by military recruiters.

Obama proposes intelligence officer training program in colleges

With the CIA and NSA facing hardships in recruiting qualified intelligence officers, the Obama administration is proposing that colleges offer spy training courses.

Quality Of American Troops Drops As Army Increases Number of Recruited Felons

The number of United States Army recruits who require a waiver for criminal activity, including felony and serious misdemeanor crimes, has doubled over the past four years. This means 11% of new Army recruits have a criminal record.

Canadian University Student Newspapers Ban Military Recruitment Ads

University of Ottawa students vote to ban military recruitment ads from student newspaper, newspaper staff supports ads but decision went against them ; Student newspapers at McGill and Concordia have also voted to ban military ads

Running out of teachers: a very ugly story

The Blackboard Jungle is turning into a Teacher Desert. Thousands of experienced teachers are retiring, and the new generation of teachers aren’t staying. The Los Angeles district has only signed 500 of the 2500 teachers it needs.

'Back-door' advertizing to expensive Job-boards helps Jobseekers

Recruiters have to pay a massive fee for advertising their vacancies. Most of the time they spend around 150$- 300$ for a single advertisement. A new networking solution lowers that to 9$ with access to Jobhunters worldwide...

French police arrested 11 in AL-Queda recruitment network

French counterterrorism police arrested 11 suspects as part of efforts aimed at dismantling an alleged Al-Queda-linked recruiting network to send radical Islamic fighters to Iraq, police officials said Wednesday.

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