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Chatting with Chad Rogers of 'Million Dollar Listing' Special

Acclaimed realtor Chad Rogers of the Bravo TV series "Million Dollar Listing" chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his career and being a real estate agent in the digital age.

2 companies from Vaughan, ON set to distribute Covid-19 tech

With the spread of Covid-19 becoming worse and with no signs of stopping, these two companies located in Vaughan, Ontario are preparing to deploy innovative technology to help mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus.

Robotic process automation is disrupting mortgage lending

Mortgage lenders, especially fintech startups, are turning to robotic process automation in order to stop the time-wasting habit of “stare and compare” that comes with mortgage loan processing.

Q&A: AR and digital twins’ impact on real estate Special

Worldwide spending on AR and VR is expected to reach $18 billion in 2020. As AR becomes an invaluable tool for all facets of real estate , intelligent digital twins can change the way buildings are maintained. How are firms capturing this potential?

Why many Canadians would switch mortgage advice for a lower rate Special

Despite 72 per cent of Canadians getting mortgage advice in person, a majority would opt for an online experience to save money, according to a new survey. Rob McLister, mortgage expert at explains the background.

Q&A: Digital transformation of real estate is all about data Special

Real estate software solutions and technology integration into practices are beginning to influence the way that property transactions are handled. Central to these processes is data and analytics.

Report: CRE industry at tipping point in technology adoption

Altus Group has released its annual CRE Innovation Report which surveys global commercial real estate executives to provide an outlook on technology trends and highlight the current digital transformation impacting the industry.

Q&A: What is digital real estate? Special

Digital real estate is virtual property and it comes in many different forms and with interest from both sides of the market - buyers and sellers. The sector is going to even bigger in 2020, as an industry expert explains.

Startup measures the risk climate change poses to real estate

Investors are turning to a new breed of high-tech start-ups that can measure the risk climate change poses to real estate — from an hour to decades into the future.

Q&A: FlatRate launches world’s first all-in-one moving app Special

FlatRate Moving, one of New York City's largest moving companies, has launched the “My FlatRate” app, which enables customers to book and manage the entire process of residential moving and storage through the convenience of their smartphone.

Q&A: How technology can help with affordable housing Special

Affordable housing is an enormous challenge in high income countries. However, there are several startups offering technologies designed to help address the affordable housing challenge, as Nate Loewentheil from Camber Creek reveals.

Q&A: How blockchain is disrupting real estate Special

Blockchain is changing the way transactions happen, and one area where the use of digital ledger technology is being taken up is real estate. Jeffrey Berman from Camber Creek provides some insights.

Climate change is behind sinking coastal property values

Salisbury - Coastal properties have long been in high demand, offering stunning views of the ocean at a premium price tag. With rising sea levels and increased coastal flooding, how concerned should property owners be about property values?

Q&A: Making commercial real estate investing accessible Special

A new wave of crowdfunding platforms have popped up to make investing in commercial real estate more accessible to the people. One CEO who is leading this is Eran Roth, CEO of iintoo, who explains how technology is opening up investment.

PropTech adoption is disrupting the real estate sector

Every sector of the economy is undergoing digital disruption, and commercial real estate is not exception. A new report from Altus Group Limited shows significant acceleration in adoption of property technology (“PropTech”), which will trigger changes

Q&A: New blockchain solutions for real estate Special

Blockchain is set to disrupt real; estate in 2019. Jointer’s CEO & Founder, Jude Regev offers insight on blockchain solutions for real estate property owners and investors and what the future holds for tokenization solutions.

Proptech set to disrupt real estate in 2019

The emergence of innovations such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and the Internet of Things is changing the way we do business, and it has caught up with the real estate industry.

Sears prepares to liquidate as ESL bid fails to impress bankers

Tens of thousands of jobs are at risk after Sears Chairman Eddie Lampert’s bid to buy several hundred stores out of bankruptcy fell short of bankers’ qualifications, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

LoseTheAgent assists independent home seller to capitalize Special

To start 2019, a new home for the new year is likely topping many revelers’ resolutions. This is a complex process. However, the company LoseTheAgent - a free peer to peer real estate platform - offers some solutions.

Alate Partners seeks to change how real estate is managed

Venture capitalists Relay Ventures and Canadian real estate firm Dream have come together to launch Alate Partners, a business focused on accelerating the development of technologies that enhance or augment how real estate is designed, built, and managed.

Q&A: Blockchain makes waves in real-estate Special

Camber Creek is aiming to help start-up companies that have created technology that can improve the real estate industry by investing in them and helping them into the space. This includes innovations in blockchain.

Bringing blockchain to real estate: Q&A Special

Imbrex is an Ethereum blockchain based real estate marketplace. The aim is to open communication channels between the world’s real estate networks creating an environment akin to a global Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Real estate turning to technological solutions: Interview Special

New York - The real estate company Ideal was founded in 2007 by Aleksandra Scepanovic and partner Erik Serras. The duo identified a need to build a technologically innovative infrastructure for sales and rentals in key neighborhoods.

In Canada, cannabis has huge impact on commercial real estate

Alberta - Back in November 2017, Alberta made the decision to allow private cannabis outlets to spring up across the province. This decision has proved to be a boon for the commercial real estate industry.

Blockchain starting to reshape real estate

Real estate has been slow to adopt blockchain technology. However, the key benefits of reduced central authority, increased speed, and, perhaps most importantly for property transactions, trust, can each be realized through the development of blockchains.

Going digital aids lead-generation for real estate firms Special

Dealbot, a business-to-business company that specializes in lead-generation for real estate firm, has implemented CallRail, a system for analyzing and qualifying the large volume of leads. The president of Dealbot explains how.

Crowdfunding is growing beyond tech, but is it really the future?

Crowdfunding sites are all the rage right now. Kickstarter and Indiegogo have given start-ups a new way to gain exposure and lift their brand off the ground. The approach is also revolutionising established industries though, from real estate to banking.

Op-Ed: Salesman shares his wisdom of 'authentic selling' in new book Special

Brooklyn - With over 40 years of experience in sales and banking, top sales rep turned-author and keynote public speaker, David Stern shares important insights in his new book, "Are You For Real?!"

Op-Ed: Real Estate enters digital age with crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has shown how technology can help investors and operators to raise capital, but its adaptation in real estate could significantly shakeup how investments are made in empty lots, houses, and commercial buildings.

Calgary developers adapt to changing conditions Special

Calgary - Alberta, a province that is arguably Canada’s equivalent to Texas, has faced some very difficult financial pressures over the last 12 months.
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it would be good to know if the property you planned on buying lies in a flood plain.
it would be good to know if the property you planned on buying lies in a flood plain.
For sale sign
For sale sign
Diana Parkhouse (CC BY 2.0)
Real Estate billboard in the town of St. Marys in southwestern Ontario  Canada. Image taken Septembe...
Real Estate billboard in the town of St. Marys in southwestern Ontario, Canada. Image taken September 28, 2015.
Ken Lund (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Donald Trump  a real estate tycoon
Donald Trump, a real estate tycoon
Gage Skidmore
Saratoga home shot from above by drone.
Saratoga home shot from above by drone.
Douglas Thron
D. Sidney Potter
D. Sidney Potter
Douglas Thron gets his drone ready to film a home in San Francisco.
Douglas Thron gets his drone ready to film a home in San Francisco.
Douglas Thron
Housing development in New York.
Housing development in New York.
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