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Going digital aids lead-generation for real estate firms Special

Dealbot, a business-to-business company that specializes in lead-generation for real estate firm, has implemented CallRail, a system for analyzing and qualifying the large volume of leads. The president of Dealbot explains how.

Crowdfunding is growing beyond tech, but is it really the future?

Crowdfunding sites are all the rage right now. Kickstarter and Indiegogo have given start-ups a new way to gain exposure and lift their brand off the ground. The approach is also revolutionising established industries though, from real estate to banking.

Op-Ed: Salesman shares his wisdom of 'authentic selling' in new book Special

Brooklyn - With over 40 years of experience in sales and banking, top sales rep turned-author and keynote public speaker, David Stern shares important insights in his new book, "Are You For Real?!"

Op-Ed: Real Estate enters digital age with crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has shown how technology can help investors and operators to raise capital, but its adaptation in real estate could significantly shakeup how investments are made in empty lots, houses, and commercial buildings.

Calgary developers adapt to changing conditions Special

Calgary - Alberta, a province that is arguably Canada’s equivalent to Texas, has faced some very difficult financial pressures over the last 12 months.

Drone photography is upping the real estate game dramatically Special

San Francisco - Aerial photos and video shot by drones are adding a cutting edge element to the luxury real estate market, giving a field that is already highly competitive a touch of Hollywood style production.

Johnny Depp selling his French village for $26 million

Plan-de-la-tour - Johnny Depp is selling his massive French compound for $26 million. The property is more than a single home, but rather Depp owned an entire village.

Why brokers are making it tough for startups to find office space

As you search for new office space, remember that brokers are on the lookout for certain behaviors that tell them you may not actually be interested.

Nextdoor app: A game changer for real estate

Have you looked at your neighborhood's Nextdoor posts? If not, you could be missing out on some very important classifieds, crime and safety announcements, lost and found posts, and recommendations that are relevant to your community.

Canada’s housing market continues to strengthen

As concern grows over the amount of capital that banks are holding to use for mortgage lending, Canadian financial officials want to monitor the situation to watch for signs of a real estate bubble occurring.

Metro Detroit real estate prices surge as many residents move to suburbs Commissioned

Detroit - The city of Detroit, Michigan, and its nearby and even far-flung suburbs share a unique real estate relationship. For many years, there has been a tremendous give-and-take relationship between the city and suburbs.

Interview with former Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing Special

Widely believed to have retired when he left the legendary pioneers of heavy metal in 2011, the archetypal rock guitarist is actually busier than ever. Digital Journal found out more.

Buffett and Berkshire subsidiary to cash in on legal pot industry

Billionaire Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. has never shied away from a good investment opportunity, which is why their latest foray into the legal pot business shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The state of real estate in California

While the housing market is healing nationwide, there is a particular growth spurt occurring in the state of California, specifically in Southern California.

Canada’s immigration laws shaking up the real estate market Commissioned

Find out how the scrapping of the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program is fuelling foreign investment in other countries, such as the U.S.

Singapore-based companies sell at record pace to investors

Singapore-based companies are seeing a huge surge in purchases of public businesses as take-private transactions have hit a record $7.94 billion in the four months to April 2014.

How the 'Internet of Things' is revolutionizing real estate Commissioned

The Internet of Things (IoT) appears to be revolutionizing connectivity, and if successful in implementation, it’s poised to change how we experience the Internet completely. Expect sectors such as real estate to feel the IoT ripples.

Real estate brokers using drones to show homes

Naperville - Legal or not, real estate brokers are using small drones to sell multi-million dollar homes, according to several media reports. In some cases, tiny drones fly inside the mansions to film the interiors.

Lafourche voters keep library funds intact

Lafourche Parish voters spoke out at the ballot box on Saturday, rejecting a measure to rededicate real estate tax monies toward the construction of a much needed new detention center. The hotly-debated issue was contentious and nasty at times.

U.S. wealthy benefit from cheaper mortgage rates

With the U.S. economy still in recovery mode and most prospective homeowners exercising caution, the rich are on a property buying spree, thanks to lower mortgage rates.

Profile: Jessie Rodriguez – American real estate extraordinaire

Los Angeles - Jessie Rodriguez has been working in the real estate and mortgage industry for more than seven years. Since then, Rodriguez has worked exclusively with banks with the disposition of their foreclosures.

Worlds Tallest Thermometer in Baker, Calif. goes on the market

Baker - The "World’s Tallest Thermometer," a landmark for drivers headed to Las Vegas for the weekend since 1991, is up for sale.

Greece and Spain to offer residency to foreign property buyers

Foreign investors that purchase property in austerity struck Greece and Spain are to be offered residency permits in plans to attract investment. Greek property prices continue to plummet while Spain is stuck with a glut of unsold properties.

Canadian housing market may be unattainable for young adults

According to a new study by RBC Bank, the Canadian housing market could be facing some major challenges in 2013 if interest rates begin to rise. For young adults these rates and the overall costs may be a factor for living with mom and dad.

Are Rent-to-Own home programs here for the long run?

Rent-to-own home programs; the phenom emerged onto the scene roughly a decade ago. The question is: Are these programs a bubble trend or have they become a mainstay?

Florida HOA collects rent from home it doesn't own

Wesley Chapel - A Pasco County homeowners' association takes possession of couples' home, evicts the existing tenant, changes the locks and moves in its own tenant, all over a $2,565 dispute.

San Francisco realtor likes the idea of Tiny Homes Special

San Francisco - When inner-Sunset District resident John Barry of San Francisco wanted to convert the old shed in his backyard into some living space, he contacted Tumbleweed Tiny Homes Company to draw up the plans.

Manhattan apartment price soars by 80% in 10 years

If you plan on buying an apartment in sexy Manhattan, you better do it quick. According to new figures, the price for city apartments has dramatacially increased by 80 percent or more over the last ten years.

White House replica offered for sale for $4.6 million

Mclean - The White House has been listed for sale for $4.6 million by a Fairfax Realtor, but not the famous one located in the nation's capital at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This exact replica of the President's home sits in Virginia and is nearly one-of-a-kind.

Unabomber's secluded Montana property offered for sale

Lincoln - A western Montana property that was once owned by Unabomber Ted Kaczynski is being offered for sale to a potential buyer who may be looking for an opportunity to purchase an infamous piece of American history.
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Douglas Thron gets his drone ready to film a home in San Francisco.
Douglas Thron gets his drone ready to film a home in San Francisco.
Douglas Thron
Saratoga home shot from above by drone.
Saratoga home shot from above by drone.
Douglas Thron
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For Sale signs
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D. Sidney Potter
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A real estate sign with a QR code
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For sale sign
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