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Turkey central bank surprises markets with big rate hike

Ankara - Turkey's central bank on Thursday surprised markets with a bigger than expected rate hike to battle soaring inflation and boost the lira, prompting the embattled currency to surge in value.

Turkey expected to hike rates in new test for central bank

Ankara - The Turkish central bank is expected to lift interest rates on Thursday to combat the plunge in value of the lira and rampant inflation, with markets seeing the magnitude of the hike as a critical test of the bank's credibility.

Cancer to kill 10 mn in 2018 despite better prevention

Paris - Cancer will kill nearly 10 million people this year, experts said Wednesday, warning the disease's global burden continues to rise in spite of better prevention and earlier diagnosis. An estimated 18.

Erdogan slams interest rates as 'tool of exploitation'

Istanbul - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday branded interest rates a "tool of exploitation" which should be kept as low as possible.

ECB to hold fire on rates despite slow inflation, analysts say

Frankfurt - The European Central Bank is not expected to cut its key interest rates on Thursday, even though inflation in the euro area slowed sharply last month, analysts said.

German finance ministry 'expects ECB rates to rise'

Berlin - Experts at the German finance ministry expect the European Central Bank to raise key interest rates soon due to the economy picking up, a German news weekly said on Sunday, citing an internal document.

ECB to hold fire on rates despite slow inflation

Frankfurt - The European Central Bank is not expected to cut its key interest rates this week, even though inflation in the euro area continues to slow, analysts said. The ECB has held eurozone borrowing costs at their current all-time lows since November.

ECB on defensive over rates status quo

Frankfurt - The European Central Bank appears to be increasingly on the defensive, stepping up efforts this week to counter criticism of complacency after it held interest rates steady again this month.A whole range of top ECB officials -- from president Mario Dra...

Rate rise around mid-2015 a reasonable assumption: Fed's Dudley

It is reasonable for investors to predict that the U.S. Federal Reserve will raise interest rates sometime around mid-2015, New York Fed President William Dudley said on Friday.

ECB did not see enough change to warrant any moves: Draghi

The European Central Bank decided not to take any action at its meeting on Thursday because economic and monetary conditions had not changed enough to warrant it, ECB President Mario Draghi said.

ECB holds rates, hints at all-or-nothing policy stance

The European Central Bank left interest rates on hold and unveiled no other measures to bolster a fragile euro zone recovery on Thursday, despite forecasting low inflation for years to come.

Close call on ECB rate cut, analysts predict

Frankfurt - The European Central Bank is unlikely to cut key interest rates on Thursday, following better-than-expected data in the last few days, but the decision will be a close call, analysts said.

ECB set to act against low inflation, hold fire on bolder steps

The European Central Bank is expected to hold off on cutting interest rates on Thursday, opting instead to loosen lending conditions to fight off the danger of debilitating low inflation.

Bank of Canada holds rates, frets about low inflation

The Bank of Canada continued to express concerns about weak inflation on Wednesday, even after consumer prices picked up markedly in January, and repeated that its next move on interest...

Canada keeps rates steady, says weak inflation still a risk

The Bank of Canada continued to express concerns about weak inflation on Wednesday - even after consumer prices picked up markedly in January - and repeated that its next move on interest rates could be either up or down.

Russia hikes rates amid market carnage over Ukraine

Moscow - Russia's central bank on Monday hiked its main interest rate in an emergency move to limit the economic damage from Russian military intervention in Ukraine, as stocks plunged and the ruble hit historic lows against the dollar and the euro.

Bank of Canada rates seen on hold until third-quarter 2015

The Bank of Canada's next interest-rate move is still expected to be a hike, but forecasters have pushed back their target for a tightening to the third quarter of 2015, a Reuters poll found on Thursday.

No clarity from economists on clarity of BoE's new policy: Reuters poll

The Bank of England's revamped forward guidance has split economists in a Reuters poll as to whether it has improved clarity about where British interest rates are headed.

Calls grow louder for ECB to print money: Reuters poll

The European Central Bank may be forced to print money this year to fight off deflation risks and boost what remains very fragile economic growth, according to a growing minority of economists polled by Reuters. ...

U.S. wealthy benefit from cheaper mortgage rates

With the U.S. economy still in recovery mode and most prospective homeowners exercising caution, the rich are on a property buying spree, thanks to lower mortgage rates.

Student loan rates in US will double

More than 7 million U.S. students will see their student loan rates double, increasing from 3.4 to 6.8 percent. Congress failed to pass legislation to prevent the automatic hike in rates.

Annual rate increase time for Ontario electricity distributors

North Bay - As local electricity distributors throughout Ontario file their annual rate increase applications with the Ontario Energy Board, ratepayers will begin seeing higher hydro bills.

Nova Scotia Power applies to lower power rates

For the first time in anyone's memory the Nova Scotia Power Corporation has applied to lower the power rates in the province.

House bill to enact credit card rules early as banks hike rates

In the interim between the passage of the CARD Act and implementation of some of its provisions, banks hiked credit card rates by 20% and changed terms. Members of US House seek to enact provisions early to thwart “anytime, any reason” changes.

Blockbuster Online Raising Rates Again

Blockbuster Online keeps changing policies every day, only problem they are worse than the previous one. Today they are doing the same; Blockbuster increased the rates to $24.99 for up to 3 movies and unlimited in-store exchange.

First Class Postal Rates set to go Up

The cost of sending letters at the Post Office will increase on May 14.

Chicago Mail is really snail mail

In Chicago mail has reached an all time low. The headline of the Chicago Sun-Times said what Chi-Town folks already knew, that the mail doesn't go through.

Time To Be Alert Again, Murders Are On The Up.

Did you enjoy the lull in murders in America's biggest cities last year? Ten per cent increases in murders, gun crimes and robberies spark the end of a low since 2004.

Syphillis on the rise in China

A leading medical journal has published a report which suggest that China is seeing rising rates of syphillis at an alarming pace.
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