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Denmark's Rasmussen takes power after right-wing surge

Copenhage - Danish opposition leader Lars Lokke Rasmussen's right-wing bloc emerged victorious in the country's general election but his Venstre party suffered a crushing blow, losing a quarter of its seats in parliament.

Denmark election: Rasmussen banks on experience to win back voters

Copenhage - Denmark's opposition leader may be more experienced than his opponent Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, but expenses scandals and an improving economy have damaged his prospects in Thursday's hard-fought general election.

Polls: More than 60% of Americans want spending cuts

As Democratic and Republican congressional legislators head toward a possible government shutdown over their federal budget and debt ceiling differences, more than 60 percent of Americans want spending cuts.

Poll: Bachmann leading in Iowa over Romney and Paul

According to the latest Rasmussen poll of likely Iowa Caucus participants, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann leads against Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Rasmussen: Obama slipping in national security issues

As President Obama officially filed for reelection, and with Libyan intervention still fresh, a poll released by Rasmussen on Sunday reflects Obama's poor marks in national security issues among American voters.

Poll: American confidence in war on terror declines

According to the latest poll from Rasmussen Reports, just 37 percent of Americans believe the United States and its allies are winning the war on terror.

New polls predict GOP tidal wave, show broad discontent

New polls released by Gallup and by Rasmussen Reports project sweeping Republican victories and widespread unhappiness with incumbent candidates.

Op-Ed: When Pundits Go Poll-Dancing

A recent poll cited by New York Times columnist Charles Blow brought home to me just how meaningless some polls can be, and the Daily Caller's Jon Ward shows how all too easy it is to cherry-pick a poll to paint a picture opposite of the poll itself.

Poll: Republicans could win North Dakota Senate Seat

Incumbent Democratic Senator Byron Dorgan may have a problem on his hands if RepublicanGovernor John Hoeven decides to run for the U.S. Senate in North Dakota next year.

Rasmussen: President Obama hits a low of 44 percent approval

A new daily tracking poll released by Rasmussen Reports shows President Obama at his lowest job approval percentage yet - just 44 percent of Americans approve of the work he is doing for the country.

Poll: Most Americans opposed to Democrats' health care bills

As the Senate moves the health care bill forward, the latest poll from Rasmussen Reports reflects a significant disconnect with American voters.

Poll: 57% of Americans Would Vote to Replace Entire Congress

In a new Rasmussen poll now linked at Drudge, 57% of Americans polled would vote to replace every member of Congress currently serving. Independents, the critical swing vote upon which both parties depend for election victory, concur by a staggering 70%.

Obama approval ratings sinks to lowest ever

A new poll released on Thursday shows that United States President Barack Obama's approval rating is continuing to decline.

53% oppose congressional health care plans, income a factor

A survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports and released on Wednesday shows that the majority of Americans oppose the congressional health care plan and that support or opposition may be determined by annual income.

Obama's approval ratings hit new low

After a disappointing report on jobs data in the wake of record stimulus spending, President Obama's approval ratings hit a new low.

Gallup Shows Convention Bounce For Obama After Day Three

There has been much concern expressed from liberal political blogs, pundits and on forums about the lack of Convention "bounce" for Obama in the polling for the last few days. Today Gallup allays some of that concern by showing the long awaited "bounce"

Rasmussen: McCain Trusted More Than Obama On 9 Out of 14 Electoral Issues

John McCain has expanded his lead in all areas previous reports showed him ahead while Barack Obama’s leads have diminished over the past two weeks.

Rasmussen: 53 Percent Of Nation's Voters Saw Obama's 'Dollar Bill' Comment As Racist

Rasmussen released it's report today which states 22 percent of the nation's voters saw McCain's Paris Hilton/Britney Spears/Barack Obama ad as racist, while 53 percent perceived Obama's "dollar bill" comment as racist.

Rasmussen: Less Than A Third Of Voters Think Obama Will Learn From His Iraq Trip

Rasmussen questioned American voters about Barack Obama's trip overseas and 32 percent believe that he will not learn anything in Iraq with 40 percent believing that despite this being a "fact finding" trip, he went there with his mind already made up.

Plurality Of Americans Believe Journalists Are Trying To Help Barack Obama Win

Around half of American voters believe that reporters are trying to help Barack Obama win the November elections. That is 5 percentage points higher than the data from the month before. *Update added below*.

Op-Ed: John McCain Ties Barack Obama in Latest Rasmussen Report and Gathering Momentum

For the second day in a row, Barack Obama and John McCain are tied in the latest Rasmussen daily poll, with Obama showing slightly more negatives than John McCain.

Op-Ed: Did The New York Times Article Help McCain?

Rasmussen says opinion of the New York Times has only a 24 per cent favorable rating. Even more interestingly, they point out McCain moved ahead of Obama in general election match-ups, only after the controversial New York Times article.

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