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Ransomware News

Op-Ed: Reinventing the Internet— Regulate, modernize, or both?

Sydney - People are fed up with an internet which is as much a risk as an asset. Nor is online business so great for revenue or risks. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the guy who invented the internet, wants regulation. That may not be enough.

Nokia: Android smartphones biggest malware target in 2017

Android smartphones accounted for the majority of malware attacks over the past year, behind devices running Windows. The figures come from Nokia's Threat Intelligence Lab which warned more needs to be done to keep mobile users secure.

Report: U.K. NHS could have prevented WannaCry

London - The U.K. National Health Service (NHS) 'could have prevented' WannaCry ransomware attack, according to a review of the incident issued by the British government.

Bad Rabbit ransomware spreads around globe as Adobe flash update

A new ransomware campaign that began on Tuesday in Russia and Ukraine is now on the move, spreading through a number of countries. Dubbed "Bad Rabbit," it poses as an Adobe Flash update.

Ransomware-spreading botnet takes desktop screenshots

The Necurs botnet has been inactive for much of the first half of 2017, but it is now back, with a vengeance. Recently, Millions of malicious emails have been distributed, with most of them spreading Locky ransomware.

Dark web ransomware economy growing at 2,500 percent annually

San Francisco - A new report was released Wednesday at the Cb Connect a conference in San Francisco, highlighting the astounding increase in ransomware sales on the dark web. Sales rocketed from about $250,000 last year to over $6.2 million so far in 2017.

Ransomware cybercrime soars globally - Has become an 'epidemic'

A Europol report warns of the increasingly professional nature of cybercrime and how the likes of WannaCry demonstrates how ransomware is eclipsing most other online crimes.

Small businesses suffer as ransomware epidemic grows

Small businesses are suffering from a ransomware epidemic. Firms have paid out a total of over $300 million in the past year, leaving them unable to make investments to develop their business. Recovering from the data loss can be an even greater struggle.

Shipping industry at risk of cyberattacks by hackers and pirates

Hackers are increasingly targeting shipping firms to extract business information, attempt audacious frauds and steal goods from vessels. Members of the security industry warned shipping firms are often unaware of the dangers.

Global ransomware attack 'came from North Korea'

London - May 2017's global ransomware attack, which struck over 200,000 computer systems across 150 countries, was 'launched from North Korea' according to British security officials.

Windows XP updated to defend against 'nation-state' cyberattacks

Microsoft has taken the highly unusual step of releasing a new set of Windows security updates for unsupported operating system versions. The company said the patches come in the wake of WannaCrypt and provide protection against "nation-state actors."

Researchers warn Mac computer users to watch for new ransomware

Security researchers have warned that two dangerous new strains of malware have been spotted online, including a ransomware attack. It specifically targets Apple Mac computers, making it one of very few campaigns to stray away from Windows.

Pirated Windows copies helped to spread the WannaCry ransomware

The WannaCry ransomware that made its way around the globe last week may have been aided by the use of pirated Windows versions. According to security researchers, the widespread use of illegal copies gave it a foothold in some regions.

Most people are ill-equipped to deal with ransomware

Last week’s global ransomware attack struck over 200,000 computer systems across 150 countries. It remains that most people are ill equipped to deal with ransomware, based on a new global survey.

After massive cyberattacks, Microsoft criticizes U.S. government

Microsoft has criticised the US government following a massive ransomware cyberattack that hit computers around the world Friday, after it emerged that the malware made use of a software exploited developed by the NSA.

Op-Ed: Ransomware — Why so helpless? Why is security so useless?

Sydney - Ransomware is a plague. It’s everywhere, and it’s not new. Security industries have been aware of it for many years, and yet it’s still viable? Why is a well-known method of hijacking computers still possible?

Ransomware, the weapon wielded in cyber attacks

Paris - A software that demands a ransom was the weapon of choice used in a wave of unprecedented global cyber attacks Friday that affected 130,000 systems in more than 100 countries.

What you need to know about ransomware

A spate of fast-moving wave of cyber attacks have swept the globe, using a form of ransomware. This malicious software has infiltrated a number of IT systems, including that of the English National health Service We take a look at the virus.

Popcorn Time ransomware encourages you to infect your friends

A nasty new strain of malware is making the rounds. It is spreading by using a devious tactic that hasn't been observed before. If you get infected, you can choose to pass the ransomware onto two of your friends and get your files decrypted for free.

Carleton University computer system infected with ransomware

Ottawa - Carleton University confirmed that its IT network was attacked by ransomware, which is a virus that holds files hostage in exchange for payment.

San Francisco transit system comes under ransomware attack

Transit riders in San Francisco this weekend got a nice surprise: all Muni Metro rides were free. Unfortunately, the reason behind the free fair wasn’t a show of good will on a stressful holiday weekend.

New ransomware prevents Windows from loading until you pay up

A potentially devastating new ransomware discovered in the wild goes to new lengths to convince you to pay up. After encrypting your entire hard drive, Mamba overwrites your PC's master boot record, preventing it from starting Windows.

'World's lamest ransomware' leaves unlock key 'in plain sight'

A ransomware campaign currently doing the rounds in the US has been dubbed the "world's lamest" after researchers discovered it doesn't create unique encryption keys. The single code is hidden "in plain sight," letting anyone recover their files for free.

'No More Ransom' helps you recover data after a malware attack

A new website set up by Europol, Intel and Kaspersky to help resist the threat of ransomware could allow you to recover encrypted data for free. The site is designed to stop people paying ransoms to malware creators as this makes the problem worse.

Latest ransomware permanently deletes files, even if you pay

Ransomware is a rapidly growing form of malware and is proving greatly effective. Not every piece of ransomware is the same though, as one recent discovery proved. A new scam circulating online leaves out the encryption, simply deleting all your files.

PC users given a break from malware as infections slump to a low

A report has found the number of malware infections this year has fallen significantly since 2015. It could suggest that people have become more vigilant about security in the wake of large cyber-attacks, or indicate a larger decline in cyber-crime.

Experts warn of hackers adopting ransomware at 'alarming' rates

The number of ransomware attacks faced by PC users is rising at an "alarming" rate, according to security experts who study the increasingly popular class of malware.

Microsoft warns Windows users of 'worm-like' ransomware

Microsoft has warned Windows users that a new form of ransomware in the wild is dangerous and capable of self-reproducing. It propagates itself across removable and network drives, creating copies to infect as many files and devices as possible.

'Uncrackable' ransomware no more as creator hands over key

The creators of TeslaCrypt, one of the most successful ransomware campaigns to date, have released the encryption key used to lock victims' files, effectively shutting the malware down. There is now a free program available to decrypt affected data.

New Android malware silently installs ransomware from website

A new form of malware using online advertisements to sneak ransomware onto Android devices has been discovered in the wild. The malware loads "Dogspectus" onto phones and doesn’t require any user interaction, operating completely silently.
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No More Ransom helps people recover from ransomware attacks
No More Ransom helps people recover from ransomware attacks
No More Ransom
TeslaCrypt encrypts game files on infected systems  demanding a ransom for their release
TeslaCrypt encrypts game files on infected systems, demanding a ransom for their release
Bromium Labs
The malware authors manipulated search results
The malware authors manipulated search results
One of the fake malware recovery sites
One of the fake malware recovery sites
Photo of ransomware payment page courtesy of  Kaspersky Lab.
Photo of ransomware payment page courtesy of Kaspersky Lab.
ZD Net
Fake Windows 10 activation ransomware prompt
Fake Windows 10 activation ransomware prompt
Brian Beyer  cofounder and CEO of Red Canary Co. discussed the importance of data sharing at CbConne...
Brian Beyer, cofounder and CEO of Red Canary Co. discussed the importance of data sharing at CbConnect.
Carbon Black Inc
Mamba ransomware infects the MBR to display a custom decryption prompt before Windows starts
Mamba ransomware infects the MBR to display a custom decryption prompt before Windows starts
Renato Marinho
Fake Windows 10 activation ransomware prompt
Fake Windows 10 activation ransomware prompt