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Ransomware News

Beware cold calling, the follow-up to ransomware Special

As more companies seek out backup and disaster recovery solutions due to the rise in cyber-attacks, hackers have moved on to cold-calling victims directly. This new kind of threat requires new business tactics, explains Russell Reeder.

Ransomware forces provider Netgain to take down data centers Special

While not reported at the time, it has been revealed that cloud hosting and IT services provider Netgain was forced to take some of their data centers offline after suffering a ransomware attack in late November 2020.

Get ready for 2021: Ransomware, healthcare, nation-state hacks Special

Recovered from the traumas of the biological virus restrictions of 2020? Get ready for digital codes of a malicious nature, where cybersecurity issues will increase across 2021, according to a leading expert.

REvil: Looking behind the new ransomware threat Special

Managed web hosting provider has taken their servers and web hosting systems offline as they struggle to recover from a weekend REvil ransomware attack. We take a look at the form of the attack.

Ransomware targets several U.S. hospitals Special

Ransomware is a large and growing problem with attacks occurring once every 11 seconds. The latest target by hackers using this form of attack is the U.S. healthcare system. This is according to warnings issued by several government agencies and the FBI.

Ransomware strikes Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, Brooklyn Special

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn and the University of Vermont Health Network are the latest victims of the Ryuk ransomware attack spree covering the healthcare industry across the U.S.

Barnes & Noble in recent ransomware attack Special

Barnes & Noble may have suffered a recent ransomware attack. This news comes after it was revealed that the U.S. government took direct action to disrupt a botnet which has generally been used in ransomware attacks.

Springfield caught out in ransomware attack Special

The Springfield Public Schools district in Massachusetts has become the victim of a ransomware attack that has caused the closure of schools while authorities investigate the cyberattack.

Lessons for the Universal Health Services ransomware attack Special

Following news that a major U.S. healthcare provider was hit by a crippling ransomware attack, there are lessons to be learned in terms of preventative actions to safeguard systems from ransomware.

Universal Health Services hit by ransomware attack

Universal Health Services, one of the largest healthcare providers in the U.S., has been hit by a ransomware attack. Mark Bagley, VP of Product, AttackIQ looks at what this means for businesses.

UK NCSC warns against ransomware attacks on schools Special

The U.K. has seen an increase in education-targeted ransomware attacks, where hackers have demanded a significant bitcoin ransom from victims of attacks. A new warning comes ahead for the next few weeks.

Ransomware attack strikes University Hospital New Jersey Special

Ransomware is becoming a growing threat to many sectors, and this includes healthcare where data can prove of particular value to miscreant actors. Attacks normally occur by the inadvertent opening of a seemingly innocuous email.

Uber exec covered-up ransom payment for millions of drivers Special

The U.S. Department of Justice issued a release disclosing the charges of Former Uber CISO Joseph Sullivan. The charges result from Sullivan’s attempt to cover up paying out a ransom in relation to a cyberattack.

Caught out: U.S. Court in ransomware attack Special

A U.S. criminal court has been hit by ransomware, striking at the heart of the administrative infrastructure. This led to Fourth District Court of Louisiana’s website being breached and documents being published online.

Top tips for staying ahead of the ransomware threat curve

Businesses face increased threats from ransomware. Standard measures may no longer be effective as attacks become more sophisticated. Security experts offer some tips and techniques for the business community.

Schools forced to postpone after ransomware attacks Special

For many the school year has just begun. Not so in Hartford, Connecticut, where officials were forced to postpone the first day of the new school calendar year after a ransomware infection impacted the city's IT network.

Carnival ransomware attack exposes guest and employee information Special

Cruise operator Carnival Corp has detailed a cyber-crime incident. The company has said it has launched an investigation into a ransomware attack on one of its brand's information technology systems.

University of Utah caught out in ransomware incident Special

University of Utah revealed it paid $457,059 to a ransomware gang, despite successfully restoring the school's information technology systems following the attack.

Telecom Argentina hit with $7.5 million ransom Special

It has been reported that REvil (Sodinokibi), the ransomware cyberattack group, have targeted Telecom Argentina, which is one of the South American country’s largest internet service providers.

Pharma giant's data published online after ransomware attack Special

U.S. pharma giant ExecuPharm has confirmed that it was hit by a ransomware attack on March 13. The company stated that key data inked to individuals could be compromised.

Coronavirus testing facility suffers maze ransomware attack

A UK-based medical facility that have plans to test coronavirus vaccines, Hammersmith Medicines Research, has been hit by an attack from one of the ransomware groups that recently pledged to not target medical organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ransomware and Covid-19: Risks grow with increased WFH needs Special

There has been a rise in ransomware attacks that are taking advantage of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Russell P. Reeder, from Infrascale, looks deeper into the risks for people working at home.

Boeing and Tesla manufacturer in ransomware attack Special

Visser Precision, a manufacturing company that makes custom parts for various industries, confirmed it was recently targeted in a ransomware attack. Stephan Chenette, Co-Founder and CTO at AttackIQ looks into the issue.

Ransomware hits U.S. gas pipeline operator Special

A ransomware attack is reported to have impacted the operations of a U.S.-based natural gas compression facility. While the attack hit one control facility, other compression facilities halted operations due to data dependencies.

New Orleans under 'State of Emergency' after cyberattack

New Orleans - The city of New Orleans declared a state of emergency after an attempted cyber-attack on Friday, officials announced on Twitter Friday evening. Just days before this attack, Pensacola, Florida computers were attacked by a ransomware virus.

Q&A: Nyotron discovers undetectable ransomware technique Special

Nyotron has announced its discovery of a major new cybersecurity threat that makes WannaCry look like child’s play, yet has been ignored by the industry (despite Nyotron’s best efforts).

Looking behind the ConnectWise ransomware attacks Special

ConnectWise has announced that hackers have targeted on-premise Automate systems so they can take over servers and then deploy ransomware across a company's entire computer fleet. James Carder of LogRhythm Labs explains more.

Government services in Nunavut caught in ransomware cyberattack Special

A ransomware cyberattack has hit the Canadian territory of Nunavut, impeding an array of government services. Peter Goldstein, CTO and co-founder, Valimail looks into the issue.

Can computer ‘time travel’ thwart ransomware attacks?

Computer scientists are experimenting with a ‘time travel’ feature in order to combat ransomware attacks. The new method makes use of stored copies of files which can then replace compromised files.

State of play: One year on from WannaCry ransomware outbreak

The one year anniversary of the WannaCry ransomware outbreak, which severely impacted global healthcare organizations, edges closer. A new report assess how well hospitals and healthcare facilities have respond in terms of new technology and systems.
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Ransomware Image

The malware authors manipulated search results
The malware authors manipulated search results
Fake Windows 10 activation ransomware prompt
Fake Windows 10 activation ransomware prompt
One of the fake malware recovery sites
One of the fake malware recovery sites
TeslaCrypt encrypts game files on infected systems  demanding a ransom for their release
TeslaCrypt encrypts game files on infected systems, demanding a ransom for their release
Bromium Labs
Britain s National Health Service is one of those organisation often targeted in ransomware attack.
Britain's National Health Service is one of those organisation often targeted in ransomware attack.
No More Ransom helps people recover from ransomware attacks
No More Ransom helps people recover from ransomware attacks
No More Ransom
Fake Windows 10 activation ransomware prompt
Fake Windows 10 activation ransomware prompt
Mamba ransomware infects the MBR to display a custom decryption prompt before Windows starts
Mamba ransomware infects the MBR to display a custom decryption prompt before Windows starts
Renato Marinho
Photo of ransomware payment page courtesy of  Kaspersky Lab.
Photo of ransomware payment page courtesy of Kaspersky Lab.
ZD Net
Brian Beyer  cofounder and CEO of Red Canary Co. discussed the importance of data sharing at CbConne...
Brian Beyer, cofounder and CEO of Red Canary Co. discussed the importance of data sharing at CbConnect.
Carbon Black Inc

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